Top 10 Dumbest Jubilee Powers

Top 10 Dumbest Jubilee Powers

Greetings nerdy list afficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd today we’re back in the realm of super powers looking at some
that certain fans would deem lack luster our subject today is Jubilee the member of the
x-men known by most for her firework powers which while over the years have received some
major upgrades still tend to get a chuckle out of some. Of course as always when we do these we have
our caveat that any power can be cool if handled correctly and as always like who and what
you like and most importantly have fun. I’m Sasha and these are the Top 10 Dumbest
Super Powers Jubilee Has/Had oh yes I said had. Number 10 – Vampirism – So there was a time
in comics actually a decent chunk of time where Jubilee was a vampire. She was bitten by Xarus son of Dracula and
that transformed her into a full fledged creature of the night what with all the powers that
entails so of course the superhuman speed and strength classic traits like turning into
vapour but we’re dealing with some cop out weaknesses for example she has a medallion
of Xarus that allows her to walk in daylight. No it needs to be a trade off you get all
these cool abilities but you lose something as well if you’re chillin’ off of animal
blood or the blood bank and walking around during the day it really feels far less creature
of the damned then you have a character who yes is a vampire but doesn’t have all that
angsty pathos that comes with it. Quentin Quire would cure Jubilee later on
with a shard of the phoenix force that also restored her mutant powers which Jubilee had
lost. Number 9 – Gymnast/in line skater now are
these powers no they’re innate abilities she trained to be able to do these things
but they’ve actually been largely forgotten. Jubilee being a gymnast was at one point a
huge part of her backstory but over the years it has faded a bit into the background. The in line skating in particular was used
as a way to make her hip and cool with the kids cause her function was largely to be
relatable in that fashion she was often lumped into side kick territory even with her power
set for example she was fused with Robin in the amalgam universe to create a character
named sparrow and she would also fall head over heels for him in their versus series. Hip and relatable let’s go to the mall. Number 8 – Stroke Powers – Now Jubilee can
do much more with her powers than just put on a fancy light show even though she was
doing that at the mall at the start early on when she met the x-men no apparently Jubillee
can also cause you to have a stroke by detonating a precision spark of plasmoids in your brain
this can simulate the effects of a stroke firstly absolutely terrifying secondly how
exactly this is kind of tied to Jubilee’s power expansion as the years have gone on
Jubilee has been rendered more and more powerful almost as a direct take that to people who
claim she is a useless member of the team. Number 7 – Energy absorption so Jubilee can
absorb the energy she exerts back into herself why is this on here well it’s cause it’s
very much a no duh, no brainer kind of course her own energy won’t hurt her that would
be awful it’s really only worth noting if she can absorb other people’s energy. Then that’s a whole kinetic energy trade
off. Number 6 – Abcissa so here we’re dealing
with an alternate timeline earth 92352 in this world Jubilee was captured by Mojo and
brought to the big crunch which was to be the collapse of the universe which would be
the lead into another Big Bang. She was a slave to Mojo in trade for him not
disrupting the universes cycle. Her powers here were a little different, she
didn’t seem to have her standard plasmoids and could instead whip the chains of her costume
into loops and bind other people with them. Is that a power or a skill well I mean if
gymnastics is on here so can whipping chains. Number 5 – Team X Vertigo to yet another world
in the multiverse we go this time for a Jubillee who could manifest several light based daggers
putting her abilities in the realm of creating solid constructs she could fight with she
also was wearing a costume that led to her code name vertigo she was part of a resistance
movement against Majestrix Alanna the daughter of charles xavier and shair leader lilandra. Here Jubilee could also turn invisible so
here her powers were much more like Dazzler’s than her standard power set it just goes to
show some mutants have powers that can be interpreted a variety of ways. Number 4 – X-Men Animated – So the 90s x-men
is largely responsible for the perception of Jubilee as ineffectually shooting fireworks
at things especially sentinels her powers here would regularly just bounce off of people
the blob even described them as tickling so she was used more for distraction than anything
and this is the Jubillee that many flash to when they think of the character. Great show and nothing wrong with Jubillee
in it but definitely not a power house and that’s ok your team needs levels. Number 3 – Wondra – So Jubilee was one of
the mutants who was depowered after m day you know no more mutants end of house of m
fallout. Jubilee was devastated at the loss of her
powers and would replace them with a suit that gave her way more powers than she had
before she would join the new warriors and get a tech suit from night thraser she would
get super human strength be nigh invulnerable and be able to fly. So a lot of a lot this was enough to alleviate
her depression over the loss of her powers the things was this set her down a path of
writers not knowing exactly what to do with her hence how she became a vampire. Number 2 – Immunity To Telepathy for a time
a brief time early in her comic history Jubilee had the natural ability to be resistant to
telepathy she just had built in psionic shields however this ability would be abandoned because
it would run into the ok why factor and also it seemed to slant her to having too many
advantages powers and immune to telepathy just cause, not something everyone could swallow. She’s just special that way no stop it. Number 1 – Subatomic nuclear potential let’s
get controversial here at number 1. Emma Frost has revealed that she believes
Jubilee has the most untapped potential of any mutant she has ever met that she is holding
herself back on a subconscious level cause she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Something Jubilee has admitted to a fear of
her powers for example after they got out of control and destroyed a house. Jubillee apparently could affect matter at
a subnuclear level. Now mileage on this varies some love it all
that potential take that she only has fireworks people while others feel it’s too much calm
down it’s ok if not every mutant is approaching omega level that the power scales are sliding
too far in the powerful direction. What do you think? I’m Sasha….

93 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Jubilee Powers

  1. I just has a dramatic thought about the MCU.

    What are the chances that we're going to see an "House of M" event in the MCU? Please discuss.

  2. Sasha—-Without a doubt your looks on this channel and your video content is often unique. And I respect the hell out of it.

  3. Top 10 Nerd—Please dedicate one or two video's a week tot he good video suggestions the people in the comments section is giving you. I get that you want to do your own stuff. But I still think this request is a reasonable one.

  4. Jubilee was my introduction into the X-Men franchise. And I found her very relate-able. Now if she turned into a badass in the X-Men cartoon. I would have loved it even more.

  5. Uh….how is causing a stroke dumb exactly? Also, like a stroke? Uh, no, she threatened to summon and explode her plasmoids in the brains of her parents murderers. So… Very much a real stroke.

  6. As a long time Jubilee fan… i feel it's time for her to join the Omega's and give her just due. She's more than proven herself. I'm hoping MCU will take her and turn her into a top fav. It's the way she was written for so long that has kept her hidden from her potential. It's 2020, time for her CLARITY. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. Tbh i prefer vampire or adopted mother jubilee it kinda makes her unique compared to the rest of the xmen

  8. You guys rule definitely number one favorite channel, great for all super hero nerds ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  9. I want to see Jubilee use her power of subatomic destruction for a dragonball reference.
    Jubilee, holding Morgan Le Fay: Hakai!

  10. Great job as always !๐Ÿ‘๐ŸฝโœŠ๐Ÿฝ… also red was poppin if you choosing colors now … ๐Ÿ˜

  11. I would argue that the version that was Mojo's slave had those powers over the chains given to her by Mojo. I do think that many don't know about that. I had to look it up many years ago for something I was writing.

  12. I am very glad this channel ignores the "reasonable" requests in the suggestions. Most of them are lifeless.

  13. There was a 10 best Jubilee powers on about a week ago and nearly every one of these powers was mentioned there. Don't think any of these qualify as dumb, except maybe rollerblading.

  14. I dunno I like the crazy upgrades. Like so thier mutation mutated and this happened now. I like it's fun. And I love Jubilee. No. 1 was my favorite jubilee powers update.

  15. Johnny disses Jubilee, top ten rectify this by doing a top ten on Jubilee, then Sasha creates a top ten on Jubilee's dumbest powers.
    I think we know which hosts won't hold back

  16. Can you do top 10 facts about Mallus and Neron from DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  17. I like that she has the potential to be powerful but canโ€™t. I also like the immunity to telepathy, if she can cause plasma strokes it make sense. But I think it should only be brought up if she knows sheโ€™s being scanned. Like not a passive ability but more of an active ability. She has to focus to protect her self if a telepath is around. Which would lead to a weakness if she didnโ€™t know a telepath was reading or manipulating her.

  18. Jubilee was my first X-Men fave and still one of the best imo. I hate how she often got shafted aside cuz her powers were deemed crummy. Jfc she wasn't even shown as a mutant in the original X-Men films (I was SO angry ngl), just another kidnapped kid from the Academy that the "real" heroes had to save. Sigh.

    Anyway, I didn't know about a lot of these powers she has had. Number one honestly sounds cool and I would love to see it utilized well for her character development, but I remain doubtful.

  19. You missed the Age of Apocalypse jubilee as she could blow up the molecular level of the clothes people wore and she could still be a vampire as that would be some think of a twist if she became the first energy vampire due to the crystal and the vampiric condition

  20. Honestly there should be 3 types of mutaints, those who out the gate are omega level, those who level up or down the scale and those who are non omega level, the writers need to establish it better though since it just seems like most mutaints are getting upgrades and whatnot

  21. Sasha you're not the least bit of a Jubilee fan are you? LOL I do like that you've been takig the time to point out just how powerful and unique Jubilee as a character is. Jubilee has been over looked more than a few times as 2nd tier, I must thank the writer of Emma Frost for having her point out just how powerful she is.

  22. Great video Sasha. Now Jubilee is a power mutant but Emma Frost needs to calm down. Are we forgetting about Gambit, Rictor, Cyclops, the Richards 's kids, and Magneto. I mean Synch and Rogue maybe the most powerful of all if they learned to keep and master the powers they absorb. Potentially is key when talking about mutant powers. Oh, love the outfit.

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