Top 10 Dumbest Soul Calibur 6 Characters

Top 10 Dumbest Soul Calibur 6 Characters

Soul Calibur 6 has just been released for
the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and players have left no time to hop on the customization
bandwagon that the game offers. There are some dumb, impressive, and just
down right sexy original customizations on this list, and we’ve compiled a list of
some of the standouts. Hey guys, welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m
your host Lucy McPhee. If you’re a Soul Calibur fan make sure to
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you’re down there. Now that’s covered, let’s jump into our
list of the Top 10 Dumbest Soul Calibur 6 Character Customizations. 10 Detective Pikachu
Don’t worry guys, Detective Pikachu is on the case, with his yellow abs and slightly
over-kill blush. This is a slightly concerning take on the
loveable Pokemon character, but I’m oddly ok with it. However the most upsetting to the eyes is
the humanoid face paired with the classic Pikachu characteristics. Take a look. I mean, honestly, there are abs for days,
and this feels wrong on SO many levels. 9 Minion
I hate minions, I fucking hate them. And this customization is enough to make me
want to throw my computer away and live in the deep woods for the rest of my days. First of all, the minions eyes are, well,
a humble. Yep, this character has a rack of eyes. Minion eyes. Creepy, haunting, disturbing, I never wanted
to look at this again, eyes. Also, never has a top hat freaked me out more. 8 Sexy Venom
Well those are two words I never, ever thought I would say together. But here he is in all his curvaceous glory. I mean, look at those hips, that butt, and
those goddamn enviable legs. Not only that, the whip leads us all down
a weird sexual fantasy that we’re all slightly ashamed to be having. Or is that just me? I’m already on chapter 2 of this fanfic
so please let it not just be me. 7 BoJack Horseman
Now this one is quite impressive, I’ll give it there, but as soon as you imagine BoJack
battling to the death in his sunday best you realize, this shit is real dumb. However, Twitter user “TheRoastGrief”
nailed this customization even down to the white diamond on the horse-head nose. What a cutie. 6 Shrek
Oh Shrek, no matter how many years he keeps coming back, infiltrating our lives and the
games we love. And this is exactly what twitter user “DatBoiShew”
did. He created a terrifying version of warrior
shrek, with freakish ears and an obscenely large hammer to boot. Take a look. 5 Lizard On Viagra
I am so, SO sorry about this. To not just you watching, but to the editors
that are going to have to blur the entirety of this number. Let’s set the scene shall we. Have you ever imagined popping 10 viagra and
then battling against foes with your hefty shaft? Yeah, me too. Me. Too. Well, with the new customization elements,
you can fulfill all of your wildest fantasies folks. Pop that viagra, whip out the…shaft, and
wack some enemies with it. I, of course, would not advise this in real
life. It may not end well for you, your foe, and
certainly not your Lizard dick. 4 Marge and Homer Simpson
We have a two-parter here. Let’s start with Marge shall we. Here we have a daring take on the loveable
mum from our favourite cartoon, The Simpsons. Not only does Marge Don her green dress with
a daring leg slit, she also has a smize the penetrates the soul, in all the right ways. Why has this become a sexy list? I feel dirty. Let’s jump over to home to cleanse our souls
please. Oh Homer, Homie, Sexy Home. Wait..No. Stop it Lucy. Here we have the classic Homer stylings paired
with a mirror frame? I’m unsure, but let’s continue. Homer battling to the death in his casual
white-t and blue pants is what dreams are made of honestly, but the facial structure
is haunting me beyond words. His lips are deathly grey and his eyes are
bulging out of his head like there moments away from falling out. Please, let’s move on before I lose my will
to live. 3 Sonic The Hedgehog
I think we can safely say that Sonic, by law, is required to make an appearance on every
and all meme lists we do over here at Top 10 Gaming, and this is certainly one of my
faves. We have a bold choice here for the Blue Blur,
let’s start with the head. We have his classic furry qualities paired
with some humanoid features. His eyes are fiercely green, penetrating the
heart. I’m for sure falling for our furry friend
over. Moving down we have his cute brown button
nose, and some full lips to add that extra sensual quality to the character. But, most striking of all is his bod. Yup, our blue friend is displaying his torso
in an aggressively sexy manner. Take a look. 2 George Washington
Straying away from the sexy nature this list somehow morphed itself into it, and let’s
take a look at the first president, and one of the founding fathers of the united states,
George Washington. Yup, if you feel so inclined, you can create
the general himself and relive those patriot fantasies of yours, scroll included. So, if you’ve ever wanted to bash your enemies
of the head with a piece of parchment, now’s your chance. God bless America. 1 Skeleton With Nunchucks
Moving on from iconic film and tv characters we have beautiful creation from Twitter user
“TactfulOgre”. Let me describe it for you. We have a frail looking skeleton sporting
it’s, I won’t assume it gender, sunday best. Donning a pretty blue dress and a summer-chic
hat, gotta protect yourself from those rays, as well as steampunk-esque glasses. But, the most striking feature of all is the
oddly not out place nunchucks. It works and I’m into it. So, to the skeleton lovers out there that
want to go to town on some foes with a pair of nunchucks, you can. Also, you can do it all while balancing an
apple on your head. Yup. Go wild kids. So there we have it. What did you guys think? What were some of your favourite customizations? Personally I’m a fan of sexy Venom, I just
can’t say no to a curvaceous hip-pop. Let us know down below if there were any we
missed, perhaps we can do a part two. While you’re down there be sure to smack
that thumbs up and turn on that notification bell so you never miss another gaming vid. And until next time, see ya later.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Soul Calibur 6 Characters

  1. You shut up, these charters are amazing and you have none of the moral experence to judge these fighters. They are passionate warrior's of the fist.

  2. The giant dong is not a "new" customization element… I was trolling people with 4-feet wangs in Soul Calibur 5 and thanks to the headset option I got to hear my opponents nearly die of laughter while getting their tails whipped. The apple and heart objects do allow for some better testicular articulation tho. 😉

  3. Is there a video of this without her in it? Like seriously. Stfu and get on with the list. You're so irrelevant to this and just waste time.

  4. Can you make a Space Marine? I’d go full iron Hands! THE FLESH IS WEAK!! EMBRACE THE BLESSED PURITY OF METAL!!!

  5. This comment section is so sadly predictable. Doesn't it get old over-bashing women on Youtube? A tip guys, release your sphincter and try to get a personality of your own and stop being troll-clones.

  6. It seems like most of these were done like this on purpose. By doing this your just giving them what they want.

  7. This video may be a little old but I sure hope this girls been let go since. Or at least kept from speaking to the camera. Seriously, could she sound less interested? It’s like listening to Ben Stein reading off the Ferris Bueller student Attendance chart. Except at least in Stein’s case, it was funny!! This girl is beyond monotonous and someone should tell her that jokes usually don’t work when you can’t even get yourself interested enough to at least change your voice’s inflection. A shame too, since the list itself was pretty decent.

  8. "Dumbest"?
    She should throw away her computer and live in the woods for the rest of her days 😏
    But seriously, she's just a triggered, bland brat.

  9. I remember when SoulCalibur was an underrated but respected fighting game series. ( SC II will always be the series in it's prime) but now I see why SC VI may easily be the last installment.
    1.) Made by a very small budget. (lowest in the series)
    2.) Pulling a Tekken 7 and relying on crossing over guest characters as their main selling point. (besides creation obviously)
    3.) Complete loss of focus, care, and effort all together. In terms of Story and core game play, SC VI destroys SCV. But besides that, it uses the fact of being a (soft) reboot to try and bring original fans back…But they failed. The roaster would have to be like SSB Ultimate by bringing back the entire SC cast from SoulEdge up to SCV. Stages, music and most modes too. But that would never happen because NamcoBandi never really cared because the focus was always on Tekken.
    I enjoy SC VI, but man I just get bummed out at times because after this Console generation is over, my favorite Fighting game series will be forgotten. Well at least I can say this: "The legend will never die." long live SoulCalibur.

  10. 1👍
    2⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Washington
    3 sonic 👎
    4⭐⭐⭐ simpsons
    5👎 lizard dong
    7⭐ good recreation
    8sexy venom 👎
    9minions 👍
    10pikachu 👎

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