Top 10 Dumbest Superhero Super Powers

Top 10 Dumbest Superhero Super Powers

Greetings nerdy list afficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd today we are once more talking super powers now not all heroes have
them but for those that do they are a powerful weapon in their arsenal however some powers
are a bit less conducive to cool than others some may say dumb. Now of course as always caveats you can make
almost any power seem really cool if you write it in correctly but at first glance these
abilities may be these less than stellar. I’m Sasha and these are the top 10 dumbest
superhero super powers. Let’s have fun with this it’s a good time
no shade intended except to batman’s chair all the shade there always. Number 10 – Empathy Empathic powers tend
to flounder when they are on their own hence in the superhero world you will often find
them paired with other abilities for example while empathy may be a large part of Raven’s
abilities it is not the only part she can also influence emotions and also her soul
self and whole host of demonic abilities all of this is cause if you just have empathic
abilities you run into the Deanna Troi situation I’m sensing hostility captain now knowing
someones emotional state would be an asset but without even telepathy to back it up you’d
still be kind of guessing like are they mad because of what happened in your battle or
negotiation or because the store ran out of hazelnut milk you don’t know. Also you can’t just yell it out hold up
titans he’s sad. It’s a very I know something you don’t
know maybe kind of power however as soon as you partner it up with something else it goes
up a whole other level. Number 9 – Immortality – Now being immortal
doesn’t always have the guarantee of coming with eternal youth or lack of pain or disease
or even not being able to die. People just assume. But what if you’re immortal and just becoming
a prune, or you get sick and then you’re just sick forever living as one massive tumor,
or you can still die painfully but then get resurrected again this one needs back up super
strength, youth, Lazarus pits anything. And you still need to contend with the existential
dread of losing all those you care about and your connection to humanity if you feel like
you can’t keep up with music after like a decade imagine keeping up with people and
trends after a century full time job could you stay good or do you think you’d get
a little weird if you were immortal. Me full louis du point du lac Cabin full of
books life goals. Number 8 – Precognition – Now precognition
sounds like a great ability you can see the future and then you can change it but no think
about it either way you’ve been Cassandrad so you see the future and you change it well
that means the future is fluid so how good was your prediction in the first place did
you change it or would it always have changed or the other option the future is inevitable
no matter what you do you are hurtling towards that timeline heck maybe even you trying to
change it sets you on that path. Great well what good was knowing then, it’s
more useful if you can change things but then you have to live in a world of all these shifting
potentialities I guess it would also depend on how strong the ability was like what if
you were seeing things you couldn’t exactly place like somebody brushing their teeth,
but evilly but with no other clues. Then someone might try to steal you and that
might set off a civil war 2 or a minority report it’s a whole thing more trouble than
it’s worth. Number 7 – Colour Manipulation – So when
we’re talking about this we’re talking mostly about the colour kid who can change
the colour of any object at will. Now cool for your career and an interior decorator
extraordinaire but for your crime fighting career less so. So he once used this to mask a maguffin so
that the villain couldn’t find it but I mean this is a stop gap measure he also tripped
someone case he blended an object into a the floor. So distraction at best annoyance at worst. Now you could work this but you’d have to
be one think on your toes colour manipulator. So many other careers children’s entertainer
that would be another good one teach the young ones all about mixing colors. Number 6 – Omniscience – So omniscience
sounds great you know everything but it tends to freeze a person in place a bit enraptured
by all the knowledge they have especially if they have a certain chair . To quote Batman
I am never getting out of this chair. 3 Jokers joe chill sitting next to green lantern
on a couch construct. Hal having to give Bruce his ring to will
himself out of the knowledge chair is still one of the most hilarious things ever. Also you can kind of plan for everything if
you know everything so it also gets a bit less interesting on that front as well. This is why with rare exceptions this tends
to be a fleeting ability and then the hero is left trying to grasp at the straws of the
knowledge they once had. Also it tends to be shown as pushing heroes
away from their heroic natures for knowledge is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Number 5 – Organ Rearrangement – Now this
is great in battle, someone’s going in for a kill shot just relocate your heart or whatever
needs be that being of course if it can happen quickly is it like organ teleportation or
more like the slow progressive slog of it through your body can you feel it that would
be really gross if you could. However when else do you need this I mean
aside from pranking purposes terrify your friends and family where’s your heart how
are you alive surprise ma I’m a mutant. The thing for characters who have this ability
is it usually isn’t brought up until absolutely necessary so you get a lot of deus ex organ
rearrangement. Number 4 – Charisma – Bur charisma is
not a power you say some people are just charming, but in the comic book world some people are
more than charming they may have magnetic personalities or other abilities that make
them appealing to others sometimes pheromones. The thing with this ability is it puts you
in a position where you have to question their interactions like do these people like them
cause they’re nice or because there’s some sort of influence going on it veers pretty
far into the realm of manipulation if used and away from heroic territory and then you
end up with starfox never go full starfox, cause essentially then you’ve just gone
purple man. Just let people have baseline charisma that’s
fine average charm can feel like a super power anyways. Number 3 – Power Ring – Now the Power Ring
is a fantastic weapon and one that is immensely powerful I mean with it the limits are literally
only ones imagination however sometimes the constructs can get a little silly. People creating whole trains and cars around
themselves and the like plus without the ring not all the lanterns have backups not even
some extra martial arts training. Simon Baz carried a gun for a bit but that
didn’t go over well also a couple of issues into having it he shot and killed sinestro
thankfully they were already in the realm of the undead so it didn’t have a permanent
effect but still he would eventually be convinced he didn’t need it. Kyle has some crazy constructs cause he’s
an artist so the idea is that he would naturally have these really intricate designs because
of his artistic nature ok tell me that during a hostage situation under hostile fire. Really cool weapon not always used to the
best of their abilities. Number 2 – Eye Boy – So eye boy is covered
in eyes, eyes everywhere you can see everything from all directions so one would assume your
brain would also be honed to accommodate this newfound skill but also you’d be so vulnerable
all over so many places for people to poke and they don’t even have to come for you,
you could just fall eyes smushed. This is a huge surveillance advantage but
you have to make sure your eye person doesn’t get rushed into combat or it could go very
poorly very quickly. Now for eye boy they amped these powers up
gave the poor kid a break and he can see more than just the average human with all those
eyes he can see things like magic and people’s personalities so it’s like an extra perception
on top of just having more eyes. Aura tracking just whole host of things to
make up for what would otherwise be just being ten eyes man but all over your body. Number 1 – Niceness Vibes – Feel the vibe
man . This was an ability particularly highlighted by the third Goldstar who just wanted the
universe to be a kind and decent place which made him the arch enemy of lobo and the two
would regularly get into dust ups. Gold star was even drawn to be the opposite
of Lobo he can encourage people to be nice cause he emits niceness vibes but they most
certainly do not work on the main man. Gold star would routinely get his butt handed
to him cause the writers did not like him and were just waiting for the day he would
fade into obscurity which isn’t very nice see his vibes don’t work at all. Ok so those were ten “dumb” super powers
share some powers you think are lack luster down below thanks so much for watching…

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  1. Top 10 Nerd—Please dedicate one or two video's a week tot he good video suggestions people are giving you in the comments section. Many good suggestions are being ignored. So please consider this.

  2. Imagine if you turned everything white miss that's a torture used by the Iranian government called the white room on a worldwide level the human race would go mad

  3. empathy can just be used like a lie detector ow the hole telepathy thing isn't need you just need someone who can read the empathy person body language like I don't Robin ?

  4. Before you lose the omniscience make a contingency plan for everthing and put it on a super computer also make contingencies to make sure only you can use it and it can't be hacked or crashed then the villain are like he's always 12 steps ahead of me and ow you always win and your back to normal.

  5. The computer has a contingency so you can't become. Corrupted it give you just what you need when you need it no more no less.

  6. Charisma ability can be counter acted by someone with a strong will for example purple man tried to make the kingpin shot himself only for fist to just say I am the leader not you

  7. Flight. JUST flight. Ask anyone what superpower they would have and they almost always say flight. Not psychic flight, grow wings, gravity manipulation, or wind powers. NOTHING… Just flight.

  8. I have infinite hiking ability. It’s no picnic. No really, I can barely stop long enough for a picnic. The road beckons!:)

  9. I think being invisible is a dumb power for a superhero. Not sue storm invisible but just being invisible and that’s it.

  10. Thanks for the Cassandra reference. Nothing's worse than making a Classical reference that no one gets. Also, Mystique is an organ mover, so its not as weird as most might think.

  11. Dc lanterns are so cool with their powers to make contracts of what they think of and the power to fly superstrength to breathe in space the lanterns are pretty cool with their powers they are not useless they’re pretty cool

  12. Superhuman strength – without invulnerability you'd break bones and cause damage to your body by doing feats of strength.

  13. I think I've seen almost every TOP 10 NERD and I love every single one, Love you Ladies. Especially love seeing all of your keen fashion senses.
    So what about the Wonder Twins Super Power? The power to turn into a bucket of water? Classic Lame.
    Happy New Year!!!

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    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  15. For the next villain dumb powers I recommend looking at some of the members of the Brotherhood of Dada. That era of Doom Patrol is great, but just on paper the powers ofa number the Brotherhood of Dada's members come across as dumb.

  16. My dude actually used a picture of wolverine while talking about immortals

    He’s not immortal he is constantly healing so he lives longer but the adamantium is slowly killing him so he got super weak and when he got yeeted onto a log it killed him

    No hate tho lol

  17. At number 8 there’s also the alien from MIB 3 who knew multiple possible futures in detail, but just couldn’t figure out which one was going to happen. There is also the spider sense thing, too.

  18. The first half (not counting color change) r cool 😎, but Eye 👁 Boy is freaky I would b fine with an extra set on the back of my head not all over.


  20. I wish they would be more factual, give specific characters who have dumb powers period and the history of them not just the general down sides of having these powers

  21. I feel like someone told you guys you talked to fast and now you have planned pauses it makes it awkward lol but you do you

  22. Not sure I get Kilgrave being under Charisma, since dominance/mind control was more his thing, but cool list.

    Except for Eye Boy. What f'ed up comic Did he crawl out of?

  23. Organ relocation was kind of cool when Mystique did it, “shoot us both she’s not wearing kevlar,” sure it knocked out the commanding officer, but she was still found and captured a short time later.
    Multiple bullet wounds for a little extra time free, which was mainly spent passed out from blood loss chameleon-ing in a parking lot, not her best plan.

  24. Actually, a clever person can make use of Color Control:

    Imagine if someone doesn't have night vision, so when they come into the room, turn everything (including yourself and glass) black. Now they can't see anything. It works better if the door doesn't lead to the outside (in daytime).

    Or worse, turn their eyes black (or the faceplate of their helmet). Talk about instant blindness.

  25. Sorry to say, but seems that the videos with Sasha Wood often have a music to speech sound ratio that makes it nearly impossible for me to hear what she is saying

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