Top 10 most powerful Witcher characters (lore & backstory)

Top 10 most powerful Witcher characters (lore & backstory)

Hi fellow Crickets, today I want to talk some
Witcher lore with you. I’ve rated the most powerful witcher characters
and I’ll tell you a bit of backstory about them. Tell me in the comments if you disagree with the list or if there is a character you would have liked to see on the list.
Subscribe if you like what I’m doing and let’s go! And oh: Lore Spoilers ahead! Number 10: Leo Bonhart
People described him as a tough son of a b**, you know, making his living as a bounty hunter
and an excellent one at that. Witchers posed no threat to him, which he
showcases by parading around the medallions of the ones he slew. When Ciri fought him for the first time, she
stood no chance, and even Cahir met his fate, like countless others before him, as Bonhart
is probably one of the best Sword Fighter alive.
However, after Ciri developed her abilities and grew a lot as a person, they met again
in a showdown at Strygga Castle, the home of Vilgefortz, where Ciri was finally able
to put an end to him. Number 9: Letho
Letho is one of the characters, who really portraits what I like about the Witcher universe.
There are no Disney good or evil characters, everyone is grey with his or her own motivations
and morales. Letho and Geralt met for the first time in
the forest of Angren when Letho was near death being struck by a slyzards tail, and Geralt
saved his life. To pay him back he took care of Yennefer,
when Geralt traded himself into the service of the Wild Hunt, in exchange that Yennefer
will be free. However, Yennefer was suffering from Amnesia
and being a mage with no memory in addition to her temper was not a good thing in Nilfgaard,
where magic was not tolerated as it was in the north. They were locked up in the end, and the emperor
of Nilfgaard offered a deal to letho: Freedom for sowing Chaos in the north, which Letho
achieved with great success, killing off two Kings of the northern Kingdom.
Depending on your actions in Witcher 2 and Witcher 3, Letho may fight you to the death
or even support you in the defence of Kaer Morhen. Number 8: Sorceresses
At this point, I’m talking primarily about the strongest sorceress like Philippa, Triss,
Yennefer and co. Each Sorceress has mastered unique abilities:
Triss is your typical Fire Mage, Yennefer delves a bit more into the occult and Philippa
is able to use shapeshifting powers, but also harnesses the power of lightning. But if it would only be about their usual
powers, then they wouldn’t be so high up on the list.
It is their hidden potential that grants them their spot, like when Triss was able to conjure
a mighty hailstorm, which covered the whole town of Vengerberg, because a beloved witcher
was lying in his own blood, slowly fading away. Those spells can only be cast in moments of
high emotion, and they can have a tremendous impact.
In the defence of Kaer Morhen, Yennefer was able to create a mighty shield against the
White Frost, and Triss conjured Meteors from the sky. Number 7: Eredin
Appointed as the General of the Red Riders, it was his task to find a sufficient number
of slaves for the empire of the Aen Elle Elves, and they prefer humans over other species. After discovering that their old homeworld
Aen Seidhe was now controlled by humans, Eredin and his Red Riders became furious, branding
this world as their primary target for raids from now on. A lot has happened since then, involving unicorns,
Ciri, the assassination of his own king and so on, leading up to the events in Witcher
3, where Eredin is on Ciri’s trail to obtain the power to travel between worlds. Not only is he a mighty warrior and the King
of the Wild Hunt, but he is also capable of using powerful magic, like the curse he inflicted
on Avallach in the forests of Ard Skellig. Number 6: Higher Vampires
In contradiction to ordinary lesser Vampires, higher Vampires like Regis and Dettlaff are
very rare. They are incredibly intelligent, look exactly
like a human being and can evade detection even from a witchers medallion. Each higher vampire has unique abilities,
and they do not need Blood to survive, even though Blood is like a drug to them. In combat, you never want to parry a Vampire’s
blow, because in their beast form they have an incredible amount of strength.
This gets even harder because they can turn invisible at will and their regeneration heals
wounds almost instantly. And if you kill it, then they won’t stay dead
forever, because only a higher vampire can kill another higher vampire. Number 5: Geralt
A simple Witcher with one big flaw: Feelings and emotions, which bring him from one desperate
situation to another, risking his life for numerous people in the process.
But from every struggle, from every scar he learned and improved and where he was outmatched,
he could turn the fight because of his determination and his purpose.
It was not his life that mattered, but the one of Ciri and he would do everything to
protect her. With this fire burning in his heart, no sorceresses,
no other Witchers, no monsters, not even higher vampires could stand in his way.
Some foes have been stronger than Geralt, but with the combined effort of his friends,
he was able to proceed, where no one else could. Number 4: Vilgefortz
Vilgefortz is the main villain of the book series, and his evilness can definitely keep
up with Cruella De Ville and the likes. Planning to plant a child inside Ciri, he
already experimented with tons of women, and I’m not talking about anything sexual here.
Vilgefortz is a scientist, and he perfected a lot of different tools to assure everything
works when he finally gets Ciri in his hands. Numerous people have tried to defeat Vilgefortz,
and even Geralt couldn’t stand a chance. He was only vanquished by the combined effort
of Regis, Geralt and Yennefer, but even that fight would have been lost if not for the
amulet Fringilla made for Geralt. And poor Regis had to die as well. So I’ll proclaim Vilgefortz one of the most
powerful mages in the Witcher universe. Number 3: Ciri
Ciri’s powers are boundless. She can jump through time and space in the blink of an
eye, and she was also able to cast magic until she forsook that power.
Through most of the books she was not able to control her abilities, but after Avallach
took her into his care, she made good progress, even though she was never entirely in control.
Probably her biggest power outburst was in the defence of Kaer Morhen, where she was
able to defeat the whole of the Wild Hunt and force them to retreat.
She would have destroyed Kaer Morhen and all living beings there as well, if not for the
mastery of Avallach. Number 2: Unseen Elder
In the Witcher’s Blood & Wine expansion, Geralt and Regis may seek the help of one of those
powerful beings, not only in Toussaint but in the whole world.
The Unseen Elder is only one of the Unseen Elders, very old and higher vampires from
another world, able to dominate other vampires at will.
Guarding the closed gate to his homeworld, he despises guests and only higher vampires
with a very good reason are allowed to disturb him.
His strength is supernatural, he moves in the blink of an eye, strikes down Geralt with
one strike and he can summon any other vampire to a specific area. None would defeat this monster in open combat. Number 1: Gaunther O’Dimm
The Master Mirror or Man of Glass. When Geralt asked what he is and what he does, he replies:
“In brief, I give folk what they ask for. You might say I simply grant their wishes”.
But there is always a twist, which Geralt learns most notably when encountering Olgierd
of Everec, who was granted an immortal life but paid with a heart of stone, unable to
enjoy his life. Gaunther stops time with a snap of his fingers,
he takes souls at will, and he manipulates reality or as he says: fulfilling wishes. His only weakness is his gambling nature,
and the only chance to defeat him is in a battle of wits, where the stakes are no less
than your own souls. And don’t expect a fair battle, Gaunther will
exploit every loophole he can to claim the soul of his victim. In the very unlikely case that someone outwits
O’Dimm, then he is finally free, but Gaunther can’t be killed.
He will be back.

61 thoughts on “Top 10 most powerful Witcher characters (lore & backstory)

  1. Good list and great video editing.
    I didn't know you were into the (RP) games and stories as well.
    A lot of good Gwent players don't care so much about the lore, they just like the cardgame.

  2. I really liked watching this video. I played Witcher 3 but never beat it, and to see the characters I use everyday in gwent was really exciting! What're your thoughts for the next video?

    I was thinking, maybe do one on the origins of gwent…it is, and this is an understatement, a very different game than what we play currently.

  3. Really nice list, only one I'd really say maybe should have switched would be Ciri and Unseen Elder, because Ciri's powers go far beyond what could be done in battles, while the Unseen Elder is very limited, stuck in one place and only waiting for an opportunity for the world to let him return home.
    Ciri is limited more in an emotional way, but I would say her powers have quite a bit higher potential than Unseen Elder's, and she might be the only person who could possibly have some kind of advantages over the G.O.D himself. Gaunter can manipulate time, but his knowledge is not infinite, so while I don't think she has potential to reach that high in terms of power, I do think even if Gaunter would go after her, she'd still stand a chance and at the very least be able to get away with her life if he'd go after her, can't say the same about Unseen Elder or any of the other characters on this list.

  4. I would like to see a List of your favourite Charakters, maybe as a sub-special? c:

  5. Nice list but i think i would switch the places ciri and vilgefortz.I know ciri is a big source but we can easily say that she isnt good at controlling her powers.Even Caranthir beats her.

  6. Your videos are so awesome man.. keep it up. There are many of us who rely on your efforts to make us love the game…more.

  7. I would have liked to have seen Avallac'h in here. I know his combat skills were not really portrayed in both book and game, but he is still an extremely powerful mage. Personally, I would say he is the second strongest mage is the series *(second to Vilgefortz.) *
    And currently my favorite character 🙂

  8. yennifer teleports geralt into a lake, so u could infer that she could teleport him into a volcano or of a cliff which means she is more powerful than geralt

  9. Wow! Finally a list I 100% agree with! Great job! I would maybe add Saskia to this list…unless she is counted in the sorceress.

  10. Good list but still have some flaws in my opinion
    1- triss and (phillipa,yennefer ) are not in same tier. Triss is much younger and even she does not compare herself with yen.
    2- I dont get why ciri at third spot. If we talk about potential ciri that mistress of time and space she easily outclasses any char in this list included o'dimm. If we talk about current Ciri (wticher 3) i dont see why she have higher spot than Geralt, Yen or VILGE fuckin FORTZ ( The guy beat the hell out of geralt with a stick :D) i dont even think that she deserve a spot on the list in her current form.

  11. Overall nice video but you should also mention Caranthir. From what i know he is the most powerfull wizard with only vilgefortz being better than him. And by the way he is way stronger than geralt, eredin and yennefer so he should be at least at number 5.

  12. even tho i hate them, i thought the crones were abt like position 5 o 6 maybe, they are older than humans, probably descendents of elder vampires or even the elves. they are very powerful, the witcher 3 game dont show they true potential, they killed a lot of witcher, mages and wizards to get more power. The list is very accurate. Even tho i wish Ciri (once she completely control her power) can fight 1v1 to even O'Dimm, just a wish lol

  13. Ultimately Geralt only narrowly won against vilgifortz because of his ‘youth’ and inexperience I’d say, plus Regis and Yennefer really did nothing it was all Geralt that killed him, and the amulet. If you had Geralt now, say after he’s killed detlaff with years of experience and he’s gotten miles stronger, vilgiforyz would be dead in seconds, if Geralt can kill the king of the wild hunt, one of the most pwerful beings on earth and outsmart the devil, viligifortz is ruined

  14. You forgot Djiin, it's really doubtfull who's stronger between O'Dimm and him. Both play with reality warping. Ain't nothing stronger than reality warping.

  15. I disagree about Eredin , Olgierd would beat the shit out of him and it is not even close , Geralt would also lose to dettlaff. The only reason geralt won the second time was because dettlaff fought with fury and was completely mad and broken in feelings. Agree about O'Dimm tho , he is satan himself , even full power Ciri can't match him . Ciri is mortal and has soul , that is already a win for O'dimm.
    Also a little suprised you didn't mention Olgierd , he is immortal (well , was before the ending of hots) and could do shadow walks and teleport across the field. Also Regis is stronger than Eredin . Heck , i believe that even Imlerith and Caranthir would beat Eredin

  16. Although not directly implied, Geralt post mutations becomes superhuman in terms of strength and speed to a lesser extent.. so some characters that he fought before with difficulty may be beaten easily in the present timeframe.

  17. Gaunter O'Dimm is in God tier so if there is anyone in the witcher universe as or even more powerful than he is that would be insane let's hope a witcher 4 will give more powerful charecters

  18. How strong is Geralt in general? Once a person told me that Gerat is almost a "broken" person because he is much more stronger than others characters

  19. For u guys who think geralt just killed o dimm at the end of the dlc, yall dead wrong for that. O dimm cant be killed, geralt just beat him in his own game. Which mean he is still alive

  20. 10. Letho
    9. Yennefer
    8. Caranthir
    7. Eredin
    6. Geralt of Rivia
    5. Philippa Eilhart
    4. Regis/Cirilla
    3. The Hiddest
    2. Vilgefortz/Vilentretenmerch
    1. Gaunter O'Dim

  21. Gaunter O'Dimm is basically the witcher version of "The Devil" or any other myth about an entity that offers deals with a twist.

  22. I love witcher lore and I'd like more videos please. If you already have some up send links please. But I think you forgot djin. He's probably stronger than the unseen elder.

  23. Since witcher and cyberpunk are in the same universe then Gaunter O Dimm becomes the default most powerfull character in Cyberpunk as well lol

  24. Wait, weren't Dragons supposed to be amazingly powerful? (Golden/bronze ones that is) like, on the same page as vampires or something like that?

  25. This list was pretty spot on tbh. Vilgefortz vs Unseen Elder would be hard to call, but I struggle to see how anything can stand up to a god tier higher vampire, apart from O'dimm, who deserves his no.1 spot

  26. I know I'm late to this but can I know why u thought that Ciri was weaker than the elder vampire? I would love to hear your thoughts

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