Top 10 Underrated Female Disney Characters

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  1. I think Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins should be on the list, she stands up for women’s rights as her job and is a good character for a laugh

  2. Nala is my absolute fave Disney female character ironically.

    If you’ve seen other comments of mine on other vids then u can tell I’m obsessed with the Lion King franchise

  3. Megara and the muse singing "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" sure is one of the most iconic singing scenes in Disney's history

  4. Nani: nah, the managers a vampires and he wanted me to join his legen of the undead

    Lilo: I knew it


  5. Nani should be first. Taking care of her young sister after they became orphans…. If this is not a role model, i don't know what is anymore.

  6. Tiana is one of the most underrated women in Disney ever and she doesn't even get an honorable mention? I'm disappointed tbh that character deserves better.

  7. change the Honerbal mentions Penelope us overrated have u see her merch she has a bunch and there are people cosplaying as her in tic tok

  8. The one comment I have to make a Meg other than that absolutely love her character. Is that if you if look at actual greek mythology there are multiple stories of the gods bringing mortals to live with them on Olympus. While get the ending that Disney was another way of showing just how strong Meg and Hercules feelings are for each other I am just saying that there is another direction they could have used.

  9. I'm no Kida fan-girl, but if I were, I would be utterly pissed off at how she is brushed off from the Official Disney Princess list, especially considering that even Cinderella, Mulan and Belle are viewed as princesses though technically they aren't.

  10. Kida is strong intelligent Brave and a True Warrior Disney should Think about Giving her a live action solo movie
    It would be Huge I know I shouldn't be saying this but I may have the best actress to play her it's Zendaya and yes Tom will
    Obviously play as Milo

  11. Princess and frog was not really watch everyone though princess movie errrrrr maybe but Tira was not a princess she just working for dreams like her father do.And Tira and the Prince not really get along at first tira was my favorite character she worked for dreams not like the other princess but bell.Tira was a surprise princess that worked for a job and turn into frog.

  12. Meg should be number one. Esmeralda is beloved by many people and most people know about the movie. I used to not know about Hercules and it is very underrated.

  13. Kidagakash nedakh, meg, and Esmeralda made me realize how gay I am…is that sad? Side note they are hot in both genders you'll thank me later…..

  14. Meg is great, y'all, but Jane is my favorite! She's smart, resourceful, caring, and curious. She's also incredibly funny!

  15. Do top ten best female Disney characters no princesses
    Meg or Megara is my favorite Disney character EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yes! I have promise myself that my first daughter will be named Esmeralda, after my favorite movie heroine. She's misjudged for the way she lives, the heritage she's a part of, but she chooses to see the beauty in others and can see past the glittering facade of those in power. She's humble, wise and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and herself, even if she stands alone. She's an icon and a true hero.

  17. I love kida from Atlantis, meg from hercules, and Esmeralda from the hunchback of Notre dame, they look cool.

  18. Why wasnt Eilonwy in this list?
    I mean, she is not a good charakter but… I mean she is a literally princess from Disney und nobody seem to even know about the film she's in

  19. People never gave Nani the credit she deserved. Not many can step up and be a single parent to a younger sibling

  20. I've always absolutely loved Meg, even as a kid.
    also, I feel like the The Rescuers franchise is so underrated. The movies are beautiful

  21. Helen Parr underrated? She barley cracks honorable mentions for me. She's up there in terms of popularity and rightfully so.

  22. I like meg because she's not all THAT girly princess stuff
    I also like Esmeralda she's also cool, and kind (too bad she dies in the original book which I'm happy Disney fixed)
    I didn't really like joy though, because there were some parts where she was kinda bossy and a bit selfish (my example was the part this video showed, cause srsly what stopped you from going in first THEN letting sadness go in instead of abandoning her)
    Edit: ALSO I like Esma [sorry if I spelled her name wrong] she is one of my fav disney villians.

  23. Captain Amelia will always be the best, she was a freaking captain! She was smart, witty, brave, and so many other things! And she had a way with words!

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