Top 5 Facts About Nezuko – Did You Know… // Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba Discussion (鬼滅の刃)

Hey everyone, anime fried chicken here. Back
once again with another Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no yaiba discussion video. This time I’m
delivering a hot 5 facts about everyone’s favorite demon, Nezuko Kamado. For those wondering,
Nezuko is in fact best girl, closely followed by Shinobu and then Tamayo. And if you believe
differently, well then sir or madamme you are uncultured swine. Let’s get into the facts: Number 5 You may not have noticed, but there are a
ton on minute changes to Nezuko’s character design as she underwent her demon transformation.
The changes symbolising her human side having slipped away and beginning her character arc
to try and retake it. Her hair is quite simply more disheveled and
kept down after her transformation, as opposed to the bun she wore, before the family masaacre
scene. Initially Nezukos eyes were the same colour
as Tanjiro’s and the rest of her family – a dark red with dark pink undertones. However
after her transformation the colouration become a lot more pale, into a uniform sakura pink,
and cat-like slits replacing her once round pupils. Nezuko also gains the demon traits of pointed
fangs and sharp pointed fingernails, also seen from the progenitor demon daddy Muzan
Kibutsuji. What a creepy dude.. Number 4 The kanji of Nezuko’s name is paticularly
fitting for her charecter and family setting. Nezu (禰豆, ねず) is part of the Japanese
word Gonezu (五禰豆, ごねず), which is the name of the flower, the Japanese Snowball.
Flower based names are typical for girl’s in japan, but it is particularly perfect for
a girl of the Kamado family as they live up in the snowy mountains. Number 3 Ok This fact is an absolute abomination and
I’m somewhere between outrage and blind fury. Our girl Nezuko ONLY placed third in
the first character popularity poll in Shounen Jump. A travesty. How dare they. Tanjiro grabbed
the first spot, followed by Zenitsu in second. Giyu Tomioka grabbed fourth and Inosuke got
the fifth spot. I’m hoping readers come to their senses by the next poll and we can
see Nezuko in her rightful number 1 position. Number 2 Nezuko is seen to be the most profficient
demon so so far in he rability to retain her humanity by abstaining from gorging on people.
Yes we have seen Tamayo and Yushiro who are staving off their hunger for flesh by consuming
donated blood. But Nezuko is achieve this by power naps alone. Demons, much like the
laws of thermodynmics, abide by the rules of conservation of energy and typicallly requiquire
food to fuel their battle strength and regenration abilities. Nezuko appears to be exception
of said rule. Happy sleeps Nezuko. Number 1 Nezuko’s is beauty is unrivalled. She is
known as the beauty of her hometown, she had Zenitsu fall for her love at first site, and
even the stuborn Yushiro coming round to her beauty. OKOK. Not really. The real number 1 fact is
that Nezuko is insanely powerful. This is a shounen battle series afterall. Manga spoiler
time, you’ve. Been. Warned. Number 1 (again) Nezuko has a decent base level of strength
and handles herself well when fighting fodder level demons. She’s been known to decapitate
a demon or two with just a kick. Nezuko is able to augment her strength by
changing her size when she’s in a pinch to deliver a boost in power. She has also
been seen to use her size changing ability in conjunction with her heigtened agility
when playing defence, aiding her evasion pf attacks. We’ve also seen Nezuko in an intense batte
state, seemingly with her limiter removed when she was injected with tamayo’s demon
regeneration medicine. Her power, durability and speed dramatically increased and she was
able to keep up with the Temari demon. Nezuko’s demon art is bakketsu 爆血. She
has the ability to explode her blood dealing damage to demons but the effect being harmless
to humans. It’s later seen this skill can be used on Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade turning
it from black, to red, and increasing the potency of his fire form techniques. Finally, we’ve seen Nezuko undertake a demon
metamoprhosis mode, almost like a beserk limit break. Her body becomes wrappped in vine markings
and a horn grows on the right side of her head. This increases her battle power, but
she becomes more demonic in nature and requires human blood for sustinance. In order to rescue
Nezuko from this state, only tanjiro is up to the task and does so with a lullaby. And thats it for Nezuko’s 5 facts. This
is Anime Fried Chicken, thanks for joining me and if you like these kind of videos, please
subscibe and I’ll know to make more of them. Cheers.

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