TOP 7 Best Contortionists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent Global

100 thoughts on “TOP 7 Best Contortionists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent Global

  1. The judge is right sofie dossi is bend enough its so bend she is the best contortionist in the world.
    I can fell it how hurt that is but sofie she can do whatever she wants. Me i can do a little bit of a contortion ive been streching for 1year ive been praticing and now a can do a contor alittle bit thats why its little bit cause ive been practicing a balance to pole like that.

  2. I am Sophie. C's fan and I watch your videos every weekend yeah so I just wanted to say thank you Sophie dossi for performing at New Haven Has Talent

  3. Who else thinks in the next batman movie if theres catwoman sofie dossi(idk bvb if I spelt her name right) should bbn play as catwoman


    හෝ සෙල්ලම් නැත ඔබ බව ඔප්පු කිරීමට බව මට මේවා සැබෑ

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