Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin (2/3) | PS4

Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin (2/3) | PS4

Kevin, that’s me. Kevin was the one and only son of Ferolia’s king. He was raised as his father
successor and trained to fight. One night, the young prince came across
a slain mother wolf and her living pup, Carl. We’re alike, a little wolf who acts like a dog. A beast man with human blood in my veins. I’m Charlotte, resident beauty of Wendel. I grew up with no parents. But there was one priest in
Wendel that was always nice to me. He was kind and helpful. Look here, Heath, the manor
statue has begun to cry. We should erect a barrier in Cascade Cavern to protect Wendel from any interlopers with bad intent. It could be dangerous. I can’t let Heath face it alone. I gotta go after him. Carl… What’s wrong? What are you doing? Carl? Well done, Goremand. Carl!!! It’s an honor to fulfill the wishes of the king. Corrupting the will of a tiny pup
to attack my son is child’s play. What did you do to Carl? Wait, wait. Wouldn’t you like to
know how to bring your little Carl back to life? By a horrible twist of fate,
a creepy-looking man took Heath away right when we finally found him again. Run if you know what’s good for you.

99 thoughts on “Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin (2/3) | PS4

  1. I much rather they give us the 2D original. You see… The 2D original looks expensively made, this 3D remake looks only decent.

  2. You know what I would really want, I would really like a new Motorstorm game a new Drive Club. I know Evolution studios isn't with sony anymore but I really miss all the great game Evolution studios made, just for one mistake Evolution studios made Sony literally made the decision that got me all mad, they fired them. So now that I really think about it, I've tried the ps4 and ps3 and to be honest, I still prefer my ps3, because it had one of my most favorite franchises that the future playstations will never have again.

  3. I remember playing an English version of seiken densetsu 3 on a emulator in my pc, one of the best games I've ever played. I just hope to have the option to have the Japanese voices cause the English voices, just… no.

  4. Will we get a remake version of Seiken Densetsu 1 (i.e. Sword of Mana/Adventure of Mana)? I wouldn't mind if you guys released a physical version port of the Vita version at least.

  5. Production values are certainly higher than the Secret of Mana remake, a long way behind Dragon Quest XI though.

  6. this voice acting is hilariously bad. Charlotte sometimes sounds like she's from Boston?


  7. casting for Trials of Mana gonne have been like :

    Agent:hey you can you voice act our game for $ ?
    random person with horrible voice: but i never have voiced before
    Agent: get in my car

  8. All the other characters sound fine, acting wise, but I'm a little unsure about Kevin and Charlotte. Kevin, although not bad by any means, is a little too young-sounding. I feel like he could have had a bit of a more gravelly voice, although I do like the acting he does here. Charlotte's VA is OK, but her dialogue is obviously Elmer Fudd-like. Then again that IS how she was written in the translation, so… I'm neutral on her.

    Still it's not as bad as others say. It's still better than ARC RISE FANTASIA and BATEN KAITOS; those two games had REALLY, REALLY bad voice acting. This one isn't on that same level so far.

  9. It doesn't sound particularly damning. But then again I'm not a weeb who needs everything in japanese. Game looks super sappy though but it is a snes game from the 90s, I remember things used to be silly like this back then. All in all seems fun enough.

  10. Dude I could not be more excited, this is one of my favorite games of all time and it's wonderful to see these scenes remade. Charlotte's VA is perfect for the character, she's uwu all-around and the way she talks is irritating, the VA choice suits her. I'll probably play with JP VAs or voices off, though. Can't wait for this!

  11. Yeah the voice actor for Charlotte made me decide not to get this anymore. I can't listen to that for an entire game . If you want her to sound like a kid maybe hire a child actor for the role. It's so cringey to listen to.

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