Ultraman FER – All Characters Special Moves ( 1080p HD )

Ultraman FER – All Characters Special Moves ( 1080p HD )

Head Crush Mega-Ton Tail Dimensional Warping Growth Explosive Rock Bullet Rock Throwing Feather Shurikens Fireballs Psychic Power Psychic Feather Shurikens Slash Ray Catch-Rings Ultra Slash Specium Ray Light Blade Electric Tail Lightning Tail Rush Lightning Attack Shakehand Ray Emerium Ray Eye Slugger Wide Shot Drill Sacred Fire Drill Blue Sacred Fire Ranbalt Light Bullet Delacium Light Stream Zepellion Ray Flame Road Explosive Punch Cold Air Attack Death Fire Despotic Hammer Cold Air Attack Death Fire Despotic Hammer Meteorite Cold Air Attack EX Tyrant II can fire a more powerful freezing gas.
It has the potential for permanent freeze. Death Fire Ex Tyrant II can fire powerful purple flames from his mouth. These can severely damage enemies in one hit. Revive Ghostly Dead Attack Arrow Ray Bracelet Lancer Storium Ray Ultra Dynamite Tail Attack Tail Spear Arm Shot Energy Bolts Arm Shot Energy Bolts Red-Freezing Ray White Destruction Ray Illusions Agul Saber Agul Saber Special Photon Crusher Photon Screw Gaia Slash Photon Edge Version Up Photon Edge ( Supreme Version ) Photon Stream Grip Beam Grip Beam (Charge) Summon Mefilas army Chaos Eye Beams Chaos Emerium Beam Chaoslugger Ultra Key Chaos Arrow Ray Ultra Bell Ultra Bell (shrink effect) Chaos Storium Beam Chaos Dynamite Chaos Dynamite VS Ultra Dynamite Chaos Slash Ray Chaos Catch Ring Chaos Slash Chaos Specium Ray Giga Specium Ray Full Moon Rect Prominence Ball Eclipse Spark Cosmium Ray Wings Darkness Strike Darkness Vaporize Eternal Darkness Forever Golden Light Barrier Cosmo Extract

100 thoughts on “Ultraman FER – All Characters Special Moves ( 1080p HD )

  1. I bet you all the Ultras must have been screaming oh shit at the top of their lungs when the Kaiju did the ultimate attacks.

  2. You must have got tired after doing these requests or features compilation, are you? lol I mean you made such a pile of videos repeatedly same. :V

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  4. Hey, how are u playing the game? Whenever I try my ps2 says it doesn’t work and my uncle says it might be because it doesn’t have the right region code. Do you know how to fix that or make the game work for me?

  5. Ferdi Zulian SMS yaitu Ultraman Fer? Jawabannya ialah Ya iyalah, masa iya-iya donk. Ferdi Zulian dzacx nonton Film Ultraman, Doraemon dan lain-lainnya. Masa FERDI ZULIAN (FER) nontonin kamu hehe😁.

  6. 子供の頃ストーリーでEXタイラントと立て続けに戦わなきゃいけなかったの割と絶望だった

  7. Ferdi Zulian (FER) sms yaitu Subhana'Allah banyak ortua2 murid mendaftar di SMP Negeri 2 Pontianak Negara Indonesia Bro and Bray. Sibuk dah aku jadi Panitia Bro and Bray. Ferdi Zulian Sibuk.

  8. 懐かしい中学の時友達とやってた

  9. It's nice to see someone still making Ultraman Fighting Evolution games during this time, I remember finding your channel more than 5 years ago, loved your content and still do today! Thank you for making such wonderful Ultraman content

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