Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Lena Headey

Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Lena Headey

– You want us to move the chair? Can we get this chair out of here? – It’s itchy. – Oh, wait. Oh, this is a bit that’s happening. (audience laughing) – Oh, that’s much better, Tig. (audience laughing) – [Amazon Echo Voice]
Please welcome Tig Notaro. – Hi, welcome to Under
a Rock with Tig Notaro. I’m Tig Notaro. I’m a comedian, and I don’t
follow a lot of pop culture. I don’t watch a lot of movies or TV shows so I have a really hard time
recognizing famous people. And on this show, I
interview famous people to try and figure out who they are. Please welcome this person. – Hello. – [Tig] Hi.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. I’m Tig.
– Hi, Tig. – Thanks for being here. – Thanks for having me. – Oh, you have an accent. – I do. – Yeah, is it real?
– Or do I? It’s real. – Do I have an accent to you? – Just a touch. – What would you say? – Your accent?
– Yeah. – What specifically?
– Yeah. Can you pinpoint my hometown? – No.
– [Tig] No? – No, where is it? – I’m originally from Mississippi, but this is not about me. This is about you. (audience laughing) Why on earth did you do this show? – ‘Cause I think you’re a mad genius. – I guess that’s what I wanted to hear. – There you go.
(audience laughing) – These are the fun facts. – [Guest] They are really fun. – Previous seasons and episodes, they were a blast. (Guest and Audience laughing) So here we go.
– [Guest] Yes. – You don’t like interviews. – I hate them. – So this means so much to me. – This is major. – This is major.
– [Guest] Yeah. – All right, so you are nervous right now. – Yes. – And we’re just people
– Exactly. – [Tig] And we have skeletons and stuff. – And we poop. – Speak for yourself. – I mean, yes, I don’t. As a famous person, I don’t. – You couldn’t possibly.
– No. – [Tig] You would never
work again in this town. – No. – If people found out that was going on, – That you pooped. – No, that you did. – That one pooped. – That this one.
– This, yes. – [Tig] This particular one pooped. – Yes, I’m working up to it. – You’re working up to a poop? – Yeah, not now.
– Not on this show. – That would be bad. That’s just my nerves. – This is really going terribly. – Okay. Would you like a clue? – Okay, great. – My most famous character
can really relate to these three couples. – Your most famous character. You’re an actor.
– Yes. (bell dings) – Okay, and you’re female I’m assuming. I don’t know how you identify.
– [Guest] Yes. – [Tig] You identify as female? – Yes. – Here’s what will surprise you. I do too. (audience laughing) – Yeah, do you know any of these people? – I know Star Wars. – And you know what this is? – Well, oh, I know, I
know Arrested Development. This means zero to me. – Okay, good, excellent. Well done, everyone. That went really well. – Oh, siblings! – Yes. – Yeah, Luke and Leia are siblings. – [Guest] Yes. – All right, but siblings. Are you on a show called Siblings? – Yes!
(audience laughing) – Are you?
– No, I’m not. – Oh. – I don’t think there is
one, but I like the notion. – Okay, I’m gonna ask you a question. Is there something people yell at you when you walk down the street? – Oh, God, yes. – Now, did you say, “Oh, God” because… – Because it’s the bane of my life. – Oh, okay. – They shout it in the
street, at airports, when I’m with my children, and the word is shame. – Shame? – Yeah, it’s a good one
as a mother, isn’t it? (audience laughing) When you’re dropping your kids off. – Okay, so you showed me siblings. – Yes, what particular
thing joins the siblings? Like things happened
between Luke and Leia. – Romance?
– Yes. – Yes.
– Sibling romance. Is it wrong? – Shame on that.
– Shame. – Shame on sibling romance. (blows raspberry) Are you getting nervous? – I’m just, do you know what? – This show is… – You know what? This chair. – You want us to move the chair? Can we get this chair out of here? – It’s just itchy, and I’m. – You’re itching. – Yeah, do you have a different chair? – This is itching. Oh, wait. Oh, this is a bit that’s happening. (audience laughing) – I bring this. Yes, oh, that’s much better, Tig! (audience and Tig laughing) Much better. – Can I just tell you I got the weirdest insight in to you that I
am so relieved is wrong? I thought you were just really, here’s what I thought was happening. – Okay. – I thought you were having, I thought you were spiraling. I thought you were like trying to contain – My panic.
– A panic attack. And then I, jokingly, was like, “We’ve gotta get this chair out of here.” And then, the insight about you is how you were just,
“Yeah, get me a new chair “in the middle of the show.” But it’s clearly supposed
to indicate something to me. – Yeah, it’s not working, is it? It’s not a tiny prop. – It’s not a tiny prop. – [Woman] What kind of
chair is she sitting in? – A throne? – Yes. – You are from Game of Thrones? – Yes.
(audience clapping) The show you watch all the time. – Alexa, who is in Game of Thrones? – [Alexa] The cast of
Game of Thrones includes Peter Dinklage, Lena
Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harington. – Is that you? – All of them. – What was in your goblet? – No, you know sadly we drank – This better be sad. – Grape juice which was a laxative. It turns out. Just so you all know, every
time we were all like, I was like, “We done? “Okay, here we go?” – I’m really, I want to
know what your name is. – Dun, dun, dun. – Reveal. It looks like it was run over by a car. – That’s fancy fake marble. – Alexa, drum roll please. – [Alexa] Okay.
(drum roll) – “She played Cersei
Lannister on Game of Thrones “for eight seasons, a role
for which you received “five Emmy nominations and
a Golden Globe nomination.” I didn’t get one of those. That’s incredible. “Ranker.com voted Cersei the number one “best TV villain of all time. “The Night King only ranked 44th.” – What? (audience laughing) – I don’t know who that is. – I know, I love that. I just had a dream of him walking in, and you being like, – Who is this? – Yes. – “She has starred in
hit movies including 300, “The Purge, and most recently
Fighting with My Family, “and portrayed Sarah
Connor on the TV series “Sarah Connor Chronicles.” – Yes, what a great title. (audience laughing) – Turns out my guest today was Lena – I love this. – It’s giving me the way to pronounce. – Len-AH.
– Len-AH Headey. Head’s up, I could handle Lena Headey. (audience clapping) But it’s just Lena. It’s nothing weird.
– Not Lee-nah. It makes me sound like an emperor. – Well, look at yourself. (cat meows) (hinge squeaking)

100 thoughts on “Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Lena Headey

  1. God D&D ruind Cersei in the last season. Lena did such a good job playing her and they just shit on the character. They had her just stare off into the distance and cry for the whole season. So pissed about the last season. Fuck D&D now they get to ruin star wars with their trash writing

  2. The whole “you don’t get work here if you poop” thing explains a lot about Grace Helbig’s audition experiences.

  3. Oh, how much I envy Tig that she doesn't know the TV shows and films. She is probably spending her time meaningfully 🙂

  4. This ain’t real. Is this real?? You really can’t be that disconnected from the world-… I’m shocked this isn’t real. Is it really?? Idk who this is either she from King of Thrones or somethin??

  5. She’s so hot. I’m 28 & am feeling depressed that women my age aren’t attractive anymore. I’ve actually been really worried about it cause I just got out a relationship with a girl I started dating when she was 19. Lena is making me less worried

  6. Tig doesn’t deserve to be called “comedian”, she is the least funny person. Ever. I’d rather visit a dentist and a proctologist back to back than subject myself to the torture that is listening to her dry, Boring delivery. She has as much personality as broccoli…after it’s made it’s way through the digestive system and ended up in the toilet.

  7. I gotta say, the premise of the show is hilarious but it also gets a little lost on me because of all the guests I've seen come on, I only knew two. This lady, for example, I have no idea…

  8. Dude, people actually say 'shame' to her in the streets! LOL that's so funny, I'd never be able to say something like that! Imagine someone pulls out a bell and starts ringing it screaming 'SHAME!'

  9. Woow! She's Sarah Connor too from Terminator!? She's been in a lot of things! I didn't know about 300 either lol😂

  10. I am not trying to be disrespectful and I see a lot of people liking this show. But I feel she needs to be less offended by the akwardness of the guests…She's talking to celebrities she doesn't know, doesn't care to know and will instantly forget after meeting, she wouldn't even be interested in looking them up after the show…For me, this isn't entertaining..I think it could be more fun but this is not..

  11. I think next time someone sees Lena walking down the street, they should shout “PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE!”

  12. These need to be MUCH longer. Everyone seems to be having so much fun with this and I'm enjoying it. Always feels like the fun could go forever, but at least maybe 5 more minutes, please?

  13. Your show is enlightening! I had absolutely NO idea who three of her guests were. I look forward to your next season.

  14. Truth be told I don't think I would have recognized her dressed like that. But once she talked. Tig's lack of "fame" knowledge is so refreshing.

  15. Am I the only one that doesn’t know these ‘celebrities’ Tig is interviewing? Put on some real celebrities, not people that made it on one episode of Law and Order 😂😂😂

  16. She looks like she just woke up with a giant cold, stumbled and fell into her closet. I know we all have these days but please don't step in front of a camera like this.

  17. On the left is a women ,on the right is the current trend of what society wants women to be. A weird mix of a young boy a aggressive lesbian who dresses like a gay preppy. Lena hot desirable women.

  18. why the hell are people yelling shame at her? like do they think shes going to want to talk to them after that? that was probably one of the most difficult things any actor could do. walk down the streeet naked while people heckle. horrifying

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