Understand why Donald Trump is a movie character 🎥

Understand why Donald Trump is a movie character 🎥

Donald Trump’s personality would make a
great main character for a movie. I think, understanding his style and giving
it to a fictional character would make one hell of an entertaining movie for the audiences
and will give the critics and movie lovers one hell of a complex character to decipher
over the years much similar to John Doe from the 1995 film, Se7en. Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy
for the 2016 elections, he has been receiving far greater attention from the world than
ever before. All this attention made me wanna take a closer
look at Donald Trump’s personality…, and since I’m a film director who’s big on
character, there’s one thought that constantly crosses my mind every time I look at him or
think about him…, His personality would make for an incredible character for a movie. Donald Trump is a guy who wants it all and
wishes to achieve every milestone that he deems interesting enough for him to accomplish. He’s a billionaire who built a lot of businesses
and took those businesses to new heights. He is an extremely driven individual who loves
to pursue his wants and desires aggressively no matter what. He doesn’t care what the world thinks about
him because as long as he’s a winner, everything’s alright. Above all these traits and qualities, the
biggest and the most deadly weapon in his arsenal is his communication style and the
way he uses it. The only two people who would be able to out
talk him are perhaps Doctor House and Sherlock Holmes who unfortunately are the works of
fiction. Now to balance all these positive points,
there is this one major negative element that just makes it hard for the world to really
love him, his inability to admit his mistakes and say I’m sorry. I tried to watch as many interesting interviews
of Trump and read as much as I possibly could but I couldn’t exactly pin point a few certain
aspects which make Donald Trump who he is. There’s a dangerously mysterious calmness
to the way he presents himself, even when he’s being harsh and loud, there’s a quality
of silence to his approach much similar to a dangerous chameleon like predator. He presents himself like an honorable businessman
with the qualities of a killing machine like the terminator. Even though we feel like that a lot of times
he never thinks twice before uttering his words, I think that there is definitely a
sense of cold calculations which are always going on in the back of his mind which makes
him eventually come out on top in the end. Even when he says something he’s not suppose
to or even when someone tries to pin him against a wall, he very cunningly knows who to dodge
the bullets in a smart way. If I were to compare him with the most memorable
character from the film history, I would compare him to John Doe from the film Se7en with the
key similarity between them being their set of criminal like beliefs and philosophy with
which they look at the world. They genuinely believe that their presence
makes the world a better place and that they’re some kind of chosen ones who were destined
to do what they do. If I were to pick an actor to portray him,
I would definitely go for Alec Baldwin with a serious approach as oppose to the comedic
style he portrayed recently as a parody. And if I were to pick a director who would
tell one hell of an incredible story with this character, I would go for JJ Abrams who
would really infuse this film with some intense thriller and mysterious elements to keep the
audiences on the edge of their seats. But if there’s one thing that I just couldn’t
figure out, is how this movie could potentially end that would leave the audiences with twisted
minds. I mean Trump has a classic personality flaw
which stops him from accepting his mistakes and making peace with them which would lead
to a lot of interesting professional and personal conflicts in every scene. So perhaps in the end Trump would finally
complete his character arc by admitting his mistakes and leaving the audiences in tears
or perhaps everybody in his life leaves him due to his inability to change and the movie
ends with some intense thought provocation similar to the ending of the social network. Whatever the case might be and however this
film turns out to be, Trump like personality is a million dollar character that would stick
into the audiences mind for an eternity. So if there’s a screenwriter like Aaron
Sorking who might be interested in adapting this character for a film, then I would suggest
to begin writing right now. Hey guys, Mr. Zeecon here. I’ve had the idea for this video in mind
for a really long time and I just couldn’t help myself but make some kind of a narrative
video on it. So here you go. If you liked it, be sure to give it a thumbs
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  1. I enjoyed your video and seem to have done your research my only criticism was repeating the comparison between Donald Trump and John Doe twice, totally unnecessary. Otherwise keep em' coming.

  2. You are on the trail of an exciting discovery not too far down the road. You have two things that are factually wrong and I can discuss this with you such that you maintain your view for debate but not for truth positive or negative such that knowledge will give you reason and your words will remain in a golden sensor like you have created.

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