VideoCast #40: Spiritual Warfare for the Sanguine Temperament

VideoCast #40: Spiritual Warfare for the Sanguine Temperament

This is DeliveranceMinistry.FM video cast
number 40. Hello. Welcome to another episode of Deliverance Ministry.FM,
where we give you proven insights about the demonic realm and deliverance ministry so
that you can wage spiritual warfare more effectively. This Dr Don Ibbitson here again, as always
with my cohost and colleague, Dr Phil. Hey, good to have you Phyllis. This is fun. This series, isn’t it? We’re enjoying doing it. It is fun. I think that was my favorite part in going
through the Masters and through the, through the counseling program with the temperaments. This whole temperament analysis and temperament
field is part of the counseling side of our house here. We do a lot of deliverance, but we’re. We’re licensed counselors. We do a lot of Christian counseling and that’s
the topic that we’ve been looking at in this series. We’re part four of a six part series on looking
at really elements of spiritual warfare for different temperaments. The first session, the first session, number
one, we kind of gave an overview of temperaments and encourage you to go back and listen to
that. If you haven’t listened to it already, you
really need to do that and be familiar with temperaments to get the most out of this session
in the session. The first assistance two and three, we’ve
done the other success. I’m sorry, in sessions two and three, we’ve
looked at two of the temperaments already and today we’re going to look at the sanguine
temperament, and the idea is that as you understand your temperament, the strengths and weaknesses
of each temperament are recognizing and knowing that the demonic realm knows a lot about our
temperaments as well, that they’re going to use specific strategies and tactics on different
temperament types are not going to try to do everything the same with everybody because
we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and so the idea is if we understand the strengths
and weaknesses of our temperament, then we’re going to consider in this podcast we’re going
to share with you our perspective on some of the most common demonic strongholds they
see operating in people who are primarily of the sanguine temperament. Now, as we mentioned before, there is this
a model that we use. The Arnold profile system looks at our temperament,
type her up in three different areas, inclusion, control, and affection, so it’s very rare,
quite frankly, that someone is purely sanguine, right? All three areas. Some people will come in and they’ve had other
models while I’m sanguine, ride melancholy, very rare that someone is the same in all
three. So what we’re sharing with you here is just
pure sanguine temperament traits, and if you know somebody or have had the analysis done
herself and find that you’re primarily seeing when this, this can help you in. It’s worth mentioning that his temperament
analysis as part of what we do at our counseling center. If you’ve ever been curious about your temperament,
please contact us. We can do it with you online or we can do
it with you wherever you are in her or over the Internet. Go over it extremely valuable. So that’s enough of a sales pitch on that. Let’s jump right in and talk about main elements
of the same temperament. And I think the phrase that we use most commonly
about summer with a sanguine temperament is there sunshine on a cloudy day, they come
into a room, the sanguine temperament. They come into a room and it lights on, right? They’re very colorful. They, they, they, they, they, they’re intriguing
people and they’re just affectionate. And they’re outgoing and they’re inspired. They’re relationship oriented. So yeah, they do. They just light that room right up. Yeah, they, they, I think that’s a good picture. Just poof. The Sun comes in. They like to be the center of attention. Many times they are very people oriented,
friendly, outgoing, tend to be optimists. They see the glass is always half full folder. That’s right. Tend to be very tough minded, very a perfectionist. Task oriented. Also the, they’re good. And an ex extroverts like it, you’ll see him
around people there. They’re good leaders. They’re, they’re very capable of making good
decisions, intuitive decisions, taking on responsibilities. They can get stuff done in a, in a discipline
manner. And they got the will many times to carry
things out. Um, as long as they don’t get distracted because
yeah, we’re going to talk about here we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re getting all the strengths
out and as we said, there are no better or worse temperaments, but there are definitely
strengths and weaknesses to different temperament types. And so, um, they’re capable for the deep personal
relationships, you know, that spouses and family members of expressing agreement to
have love and affection are the levers they can be. Absolutely. And so lot of strengths, a lot of, um, you
know, sometimes people look at somebody and they see very quote, very charismatic and
they said, wow, I’d like to be like that person, you know, and we’ve, we’ve, we painted out
or pointed out a lot of the good strengths of the temperament and, and there are a lot
of strengths and in, in what we want to do now is talk about the, some of the weaknesses
of the temperament. And I think probably the most important thing
to start with with in general about the same green temperament in any area, whether it’s
inclusion, control and affection. They express a high need for controller affection. And they also have a very high need in each
of these areas. And so the problem is the challenge is that
they can swing. We see. I guess one characteristic that I guess you
could say I’m sort of a negative characteristic is these temperament types can have fairly
dramatic mood swings. They can go, they can go from zero to 60 in
60 seconds with those mood swings too. It’s very difficult for others to keep up
with that once they start to tank. Right. They’ll have a high highs and low lows. Bipolar swing, right? Well yeah, you’re right. And that’s the word people use. It’s like dental. We don’t want to. We’re not trying to muddy the water here when
I’m talking about bipolar disorder. That’s with the mood that you can get high
and low just like that. Exactly. And so but. But there’s mood swings and then the other
side of it though, they’re not parked from the mood is they can have, they can swing
with what’s called the independent motor, that dependent loan and that. By that I mean they can be in, in one period
of time. They can be very good. We talked about being a good leader, decisive
and take your charge stronger. We’ll get things done, but then if he gets
switched over into the, um, the dependent mode, then they’re just, they just seem to
get very. They get very, they get very frustrated. They’re just needy, they get needy and they
can’t decide anything. And, and, and the thing is we researched more
on these temperaments that we have a lot more on our website. Sometimes it’s, it’s very difficult. These things aren’t switches. You can turn off and on and people, you know,
they’re just. But I think being aware of them, you can manage
them in and just get out of, you know, get out of that. The negative part of it more quickly. I think the thing that swings the moods with
the sanguine so quickly is if they’re taken away from being around people, you know, if
they’re putting a situation where they’re kept in their room or they’re, they’re isolated
or they’re taking on a job where they don’t know a lot of people and you know, they, they,
they don’t have that policy that they run with and that’s going to shift their mood. And if a lot of times if you get them out,
get them in the mall, get them around, people, get them circulate and boy their mood goes
zipping right back up again. It does. So it’s environmentally very sense of their
environment. I think that’s an excellent point to make
there just sometimes just to see a shift and a change in scenery can make all the difference
to the world. And for other temperaments, it doesn’t matter
that their mood goes with them, they’re just a function. Did the shifting scenery isn’t going to make
a huge difference, but with the same ones, just sometimes just that, um, that change
can, can make a difference. So the mall is a good prescription for the
saying what? No, there you go. Sometimes that works. I think that’s, I believe that’s true. That hang with them. I mean, I don’t have a personal. I don’t, I don’t have that in my mind. Well I kind of have it in mine and I know
that the mall layer does help when it’s in a while when you’ve been away from people
too long and if you can’t, can’t have a function to go to. Boy, I tell you what, you just go shop for
some sunglasses or a new pair of shoes. Yeah. So that’s, you know, that’s the, that’s the
submitting the elements of the, of the sanguine temperament. Um, so you’ve got these swings, that mood
swings, that dependent independent mode that can happen in this person. They’re up high highs and the low lows. And of course you want to manage those. I think you want to minimize though that the
swings it can be, can be hard on a person. It can be on it. If you live with a saint, you know that they
can be really hard dealing with that. You want to be able to manage those things. So we’ve talked about the strengths. What are some of the major weaknesses that
we see are that we can assign to somebody who is primarily sanguine in a primarily of
the sanguine temperament. Well, I think, again, we’ve already talked
about the moods, but the mood is a big, big part of it. Just um, mood swings. Swings. I mean it’s very difficult for someone that
shared relationship with keep up with those mood swings from one moment to the next than
anything can trigger it. So I think moody is one of the biggest main
weaknesses. And I know the same words don’t like being
moody either, you know, they, they don’t like that part about their temperament, but that’s
some people try to medicate it. Yeah. They do bring the, bring the ups and the downs up. Yeah. Which we don’t, we’re not fans off. Obviously we’re Christian counseling center
and the Lord can work and help us in that area. But yeah, it can be. It can really not be fun to be caught up in
those boots so that, that’s a big negative. What’s another one? They can be weak willed oftentimes and they
can take on the behaviors of others defended, dependent mode, upended mode, so like say
if they’re out in with the crowd and um, you know, they don’t drink, but if they’re going
to crowd where people are having drinks and stuff in order not to be rejected, they may
just pick up a glass of wine just so that they don’t look like they’re different and
so they can pick up the moral behaviors of the people that they’re hanging around with. And that can sometimes take a sanguine way
down the wrong direction. I mean, you know, we’re older, but think about
when you were like 15 or 16 years old and you were making some of those lifestyle choices. I’m picking up behaviors of others is probably
some of the snares that got you into some of the fixes that you got into as a teenager. St Louis have this independent, an independent
conflict and when they’re in that dependent mode they will associate with. They will really talk about Curtis self-indulgence,
narcissistic, very weak willed that will take on and do things for other people that would
take on the behaviors of people, but when they’re in the independent mode, they will,
they can take on those responsibilities and do things very well in that, in that independent
mode. So that’s very charming. Take on lots of responsibilities. Yeah. What’s the third area of weakness that we
see in the sacred? Temporary? Well, it can be easily devastated. I think that they, you know, they have such
a high need for love and approval that if they’re, if they have a fail relationship,
you know, it can devastate them. Um, they may have a high need, right? And they need a lot of love. They need a lot of stroking and they eat a
lot of love and affection. So if they don’t get it, they are devastated. They’re devastated. And you know what? It’s kind of an empty bucket with the sanguine
temperament too, you know, they have such a high need and high want of, of love, that
it’s almost impossible for the spouse to fill it. And so like the spouse is always, I just seemed
never seems to be enough. I can’t ever please them and that that’s a,
that’s a real rough part with the sanguine temperament and affection and if they’re not
and they can also I think be plagued with feelings of jealousy if they see someone else
getting it. And I haven’t heard it from parents like a
father, be jealous of the attention, love and affection
at the wife shows to them, to their babies. I, you know, it’s just hard to for, to sometimes
grasp that. But it’s like that can be part of it. If they’re feeling like they need all that
love and affection, you’re not getting it and somebody else is. And then that jealousy can really start to
realize that they have a high need that nobody can really. Nobody can really meet rise up in. It rises up and siblings too, you know, you’ll
get that with the siblings too, you know, you pay attention to her more than you do
me. And then that causes problems for exactly
that same thing. So just really devastated. So those are, there is, you know, very, once
again, we know the last one we talked about about being very easily offended or if somebody
is not receiving the, the affection that they need, the mood swings rambling and, and the,
and the dependent independent swings as well. And then just picking up the bad behaviors
of others. Really good whole weak willed. And I think it’s important that when they’re
in that, when they’re in that I’m dependent mode, they can’t very weak will there be very
self indulgent to. Right. They’re just like, just too much. Too much of them all just feeding themselves. And so that’s, that’s, that’s a bad thing. Okay. So those are the main weaknesses. What in light of that and align with that,
what are the, what are the most common demonic strongholds? We ministered deliverance to people who were
primarily of the sanguine temperament. What are the most common demonic strongholds
that we see at work and sync? I think the slumber stronghold would be the
one that’s the most interesting to the sanguine because of the mood change. And I think that comes in with double mindedness. You know, joked around that, sort of joked
around about bipolar, but you know, the real word is for that is a, it’s a double minded
spirit and it, and it keeps, it keeps a person indecisive and confused because they can’t
make up their mind. It’s like one minute, it’s one way a woman,
it’s the next and then it just gets, you know, they can’t make a decision. So they did. They’re buffeted, you know, like it says to
and fro on the waves, you know, a double minded man. So it keeps him not knowing the direction
and it also has them ditch responsibility. They’d rather dump what they’re supposed to
be doing when they’re in that mode, in that mode and then just go out and have a good
time so they can break commitments. Um, they don’t end up finishing what they’ve
started when they get double minded like this and they can become apathetic and you know,
the because there wasn’t really that much. That wasn’t really that much fun. I don’t really want to do that. I’m bored. You’ll hear that from the sanguine. So they’ll, they’re constantly looking for
that place where they’re going to have the good times so they can, they can apathy, can
set in and deference, consent in, um, you know, broken commitments certainly, um, to
those, those places where they haven’t finished what they’ve started and then that double
mindedness in, in, in until they get back into the swing, back in,
swing back into their dependent mode, the independent or independent mode where they’re
able to do all those things. And that’s, you know, I think this is the,
one of the more interesting temperaments in that realm. I mean, it’s just these things are almost,
like I said, they’re not switches. You can turn off and on. So it’s so being a, being aware of it that
these are the tendencies when you know, that’s what’s happening. I think that we’ve talked consistently about
the mind battle, winning the mind battle, knowing yourself, knowing this weakness, and
then being able to capture the thoughts quickly and start to do something to rectify it. Right? Isn’t that, I mean there’s, there’s just wish
there was no real simple answers here because it is such an interesting temperament. It’s not one that we see a lot, maybe as much
as frequently as some others. I’m not, you know, I would, I would venture
to say there’s somebody, at least he was pure who’s piercing when in, in that realm and
so, but the whole thought, the whole process, being able to capture these thoughts quickly
and doing some things that will bring you out of the lows quickly are bringing. But when you’re in the high mode, just being
able to, to, to be aware of that too, that you don’t get, you don’t get caught up on
that and go down the path of abusing people are running over. People are just, you know, just driving people
to exhaustion or being rude or a discipline, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s that, it’s
that side of it as well. So, um, and uh, you know, I guess another
specific strategy that, that might be helpful for the same ones is just, you know, this
really getting the revelation if you like it being secure. And knowing who they are in Christ. Right? Secure in God’s love. Yeah. I think that, I think that goes along with
the other strong hold to because the second most common stronghold would, that is the
fierce stronghold. Um, you know, I think that fear comes in because
of that high need for approval in that high love demanded that they have, you know, they
express a lot of love and they need a lot of love and they expect a lot of love. And if they don’t get it then that’s where
that fear of failure and that fear of rejection and that worry comes in. So the second stronghold I think that we need
to look at too with them is, is that fear, insecurity and inadequacy. So the first one is double minded. This insecurity, inadequacy or fear. Right? Right. And then that’s how. And that’s based out of just the insecurity
is what. What’s the root of that you think? I think it’s, I think it’s just not getting
the love that they need. The perceived amount of love that they feel
that they should have, you know, I’m sure it just doesn’t match. Does not enough, can’t get loved enough, and
they can’t get left enough. So in those instances they, we tell people
we need to get that. Like you said, they can make unreasonable
demands on their spouses or partners or family members. Sully say, Lord, just get it from the Lord,
right? Yep. Yeah, we do see that insecurity and inadequacy
is big on is my gold medal. And then the third, I think third stronghold
area would be the jealousy stronghold. And that’s that place of where they get angry
and resentful and you know, some of the words you said self-indulgent a little bit narcissistic
in their control this area, so that they become selfish and if they’re not getting what they
want, they get resentful or angry or frustrated and impatient I think is a big one here. Right? So a lot of things under jealousy. That’s where impatience is, that’s where anger
is. Um, we see selfishness, I think under there
as well. And so it just, um, and then when they swing, when they swing
to that dependent mode, than it probably turns to self-blaming self anger and impatience. Right? Yeah. And I think, right, and then, then they, then
they caught up once again and kind of the fear thing to their independent during that
inadequacy and they’re just can’t make decisions, they need help, they just can’t feel like
they can do anything. And so, um, that, that’s a lot what we see
when they’re in that kinda that dependent mode. So double mindedness, insecurity and inadequacy
and then self is just anger under that strong man of jealousy or something. What are some of the major strongholds that
we see and, and you know, as we’ve talked about some of these, they can open the door
for other things as well. The, you know, any of these can opener for
spirits and addictions. These were in the middle column, right? And so, but, um, many times as we’ve talked
about some of the things people are dealing with, even the realm of addictions or whether
it’s perversions of pornography, there’s other strongholds of opened the door and these are,
these are the ones that we see. So that’s why we’re really kind of highlighting
those because a lot of, a lot of strong holes, you know, perversions, pornography addictions,
they’re accommodating. No, no one temperament I think that, you know,
has, has a, uh, has a license on those. So those are the main strongholds. And we’ve touched on them again, a little
bit about what but emphasize once again about some of those specific spiritual warfare strategies
we can suggest forcing was in and I, I’ll be honest, it’s, it’s a, it’s a bit more of
a challenge to say these are specific are these are because they’re. Because they’re in this independent independent
mode, the mood swings, the high highs and low lows. Man, it’s just all the generic scriptural
advice and counseling things that you would give to people really apply right within the
mind. Battles taking thoughts captive. They are in Christ, getting her love from
God. I mean there’s, it’s really hard to hone in. I think are just a few that, that are really
specific. I think it’s a good prayer for sanguine though,
would be to ask God for wisdom. That will be a really good, really good discernment,
wisdom and discernment because a lot of times based on what mode they’re in, they’ll make
decisions too quickly and spontaneity is one of their things and you know that doesn’t. That doesn’t often lend to wisdom. They’ll make decisions quick like in the mall,
you’ll buy something you don’t need or you’ll do something when you’re with a crowd that
you shouldn’t do, so a lot of that needs to come with great discernment and Great Wisdom
and wisdom I think is the prayer good. That is good because we’ve talked about before
is is diagnosed is, is half cured. If you can, if you could say, if you, if you,
if you understand this, your temperament and you know it and you’ve seen it in black and
white and you know the strengths, you know the weaknesses then than you, and it’s true
that with any of these temperaments, you can be prepared how to deal with these situations
when they come aboard. Or do I need to start doing to to get out
of the low? How do I deal with the things that on the
highs and if you’re in, you’re in a relationship or your spouse, they can maybe help you with
these things to see and navigate you through this because it’s, it’s a, it’s a very, um,
it’s a, you know, the pendulum, it’s like move very much a pendulum type of temperament,
ups and downs and you know, it’s just being able to manage that, control that, be aware
of it as learning the triggers. That’s so good. What are the triggers? What are the triggers? And so, um, that, that’s, that’s really important. And like I say, like very a lot of strengths
in this temperament, you know, we’ve hold on them at some weaknesses that the demonic
realm will try to exploit. And so being aware of those and how to deal
with those can be, can be helpful. So, um, well, you know what, this one is a strong
love, love, love, love, love. So don’t, don’t discount that. I think this one can give the love hormone
one of the best ways out of all the temperaments. So it’s, it’s a good, it’s a good one. It’s a good one. Don’t feel badly just because you have got
some different elements to it, so love is is the greatest of all right. This one’s very capable of giving that kind
of level. It is, and we talked about the needs in each
of the areas, inclusion, social orientation, control and affection. They, they, that a person expresses a high
need and they have a high need and so sometimes they have a high need to control, but sometimes
they have a high need to be controlled and that’s where the problem, the swing happens,
but yet I need for affection can give a lot to receive. A lot love to be around. People need to be around people and so it’s
that control area that causes the swings, I think, and so just a very interesting temperament
and like you say, just really a lot to give and to offer to their, to their partner, their
spouses and family and even to the body of Christ. So we hope you found this helpful. Those of you who are saying yes or no, a sanguine
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  1. Sanguine – optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. Thank you for your timely insights. God Bless.

  2. all accurate, but fairly useless.the only practical tip was to pray for wisdom. no real-world practical advice. except go to the mall and shop for shoes. not going to work for a man.

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