Wake Up Right | Motivated

Wake Up Right | Motivated

– I got in Amway, when I was 21 years old. I’m gonna tell you this story. My distributor, was this guy named, my sponsor, was a guy named John Walker. I lived in Cleveland, he
lived in Rochester, New York. I got laid off from Ford Motor
Company, I wasn’t working. So I didn’t have no reason
to get up in the morning. Every single morning, at 5:30 on the dot, my phone would ring. I pick up the phone, “Hello”? “Steve, this is John
Walker, how ya doin’, man? “It’s gonna be a great day. “How ya feelin'”? “Yeah John, I’m sleep man”. “Hey, man, it’s gonna be a great day”. And he’d hang up. The next day at 5:30 in the morning. (imitates phone ringing) “Hello”? “Steve, this is John Walker. “How ya doin’, man? “It’s gonna be a great
day, how you doin’ today”? “John, I’m sleep man”. “Hey, man, just wanted to tell you, “it’s gonna be a great day”. Click. Next morning. (imitates phone ringing) “Hello”? Now I’m mad, now. You know, this (beep) been
goin’ on couple weeks. And I kinda know who it is. He didn’t change a damn thing. “Steve, it’s John Walker,
how you doin, man? “It’s gonna be a great day today”. Man, I was so (beep) mad, man. I hang that (beep) phone up. 37 days in a row he called me the exact same way, ’cause he was teaching me somethin’. I didn’t know it. And every single day,
I picked the phone up, “Yeah”? “Steve, John Walker, man”. This (beeps), man. “Yeah, John, yeah it’s
gonna be a great day”. Click. And then one day, the 38th day, he told me how many days
it was, he kept record. He picked up the phone, he said, I said, “Hello”? He said, “Hey, Steve, it’s John Walker”. I said, “Yeah, man”. He said, “Man, can I ask you somethin'”? I said, “Yeah, John”. He said, “Why do you
answer the phone like that “in the morning”? I said, “What are you talkin’ about”? He said, “Every time I call you, “I’ve called you 37 days in a row, “and you keep answering the
phone like something’s wrong”. I said, “Hey, man, I got laid off. “I’m gettin’ unemployment. “You know, I ain’t got
to get up early, man”. I said, “What’s up”? He said, “Well, I’m really
disappointed in you, man”. He said, “Man, when you
gonna change your attitude”? I said, “Ain’t nothin’
wrong with my attitude”. He said, “Yeah it is”. He said, “When you wake
up in the morning, man, “you got a bad attitude, “which pretty much explains why you been “having a lotta bad days”. And he said, “Man, I
hate that about you, man. “‘Cause you such a cool dude,
you got so much potential”. He said, “Man, I’m sorry to bother you”. Man, let me tell you somethin’. That cut me so deep, man. ‘Cause, you know, I don’t like nobody
thinking I’m somethin’, but I’m acting like I ain’t shit. You don’t even understand
what that did to me. So, the next morning, I thought
about this (beep) all day. I said, “Man, this
dude, he been playin’ me “for 37 days and calling me, “(beep)”. Next morning, I’m damn near sitting up in the bed. (drowned out by background noise) In this (beep) right here. (imitates phone ringing) “Hello”? “Hey, Steve, it’s John Walker”. I said, “Hey, John. “What’s happenin’, man? “What’s goin’ with you, baby”? I said, “It’s Steve Harvey, man”. He says, “Steve, how’s it goin’?” I said, “Man, I’m havin’ a great day, man. “I’m havin’ a great day, John, man, “you won’t believe it, man. “I got some great stuff
gonna be happenin’.” He said, “Man, you my man”. Click, and he hung up. And I wanted him to ask
me what had happened. But he never did. Then, one day, he called me, he said, “Hey, man. “You’re gonna be sheer greatness “’cause you’ve learned how to wake up”. 21 years later. 22, I got a gig in Chicago on the radio. You know what I was? The morning drive guy. You know what I’ve been doin’ since 1991, every single morning? I’m in 112 cities, I talk to nine and a half
million people every week. I have the number one adult
contemporary radio show in the world. I wake people up every morning, and I wake people up
with the right attitude, ’cause my attitude changed. So, God turned me into the morning man. It’s the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Cut it on, and watch how I
do ya (beep) every morning. (applause) (indistinct chatter) (cheers)

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  1. This video ties in within another video of his about waking up and the 1st thing you say is Thank you God for waking me up and today is going to be a GREAT DAY …
    That programs the one side, the good side of your brain to kick in and give you a GREAT DAY ..
    Because there are 2 sides of the brain. Good (right) and Bad (wrong). If you wake up in the morning with a bad attitude, the bad side of your brain wakes up and your day is going to be bad because thats what you jump started. If you wake up and thank God and say its going to be a great day with enthusiasm and happiness, that is what your brain will give you that day..


  2. Steve Harvey u help me restore faith and confidence in my life sir. U are the closest man to god there is Steve Harvey. God bless u kind sir, u really help me live a much much better life. I struggle with Bi Polar disorder and Depression and U honestly have no idea how much u help Improve my life Steve!!!

  3. Just for today, I waked up early at 5:01AM (YOu know how my mind is clear), I remember the minute. Just you cannot imagine how many tasks I ticked off. Thanks Steve

  4. Speaking this into life we're meeting Mr. Harvey and I'm paying for the meal as long as you provide the wisdom. Thank You

  5. Speaking this into life we're meeting Mr. Harvey and I'm paying for the meal as long as you provide the wisdom. Thank You

  6. Speaking this into life we're meeting Mr. Harvey and I'm paying for the meal as long as you provide the wisdom. Thank You

  7. Speaking this into life we're meeting Mr. Harvey and I'm paying for the meal as long as you provide the wisdom. Thank You

  8. Speaking this into life we're meeting Mr. Harvey and I'm paying for the meal as long as you provide the wisdom. Thank You

  9. Omg 😭💜💜💜💜💜y’all, I watched this video yesterday and prayed that today I’d have a good day, this morning I woke up right, and I got the job I’ve been dreaming about for a while😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜Glory to God!!!

  10. Omg 😭💜💜💜💜💜y’all, I watched this video yesterday and prayed that today I’d have a good day, this morning I woke up right, and I got the job I’ve been dreaming about for a while😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜Glory to God!!!

  11. Steve Harvey, you’re an inspiration, brother 💯💯. I appreciate you so much! I pray that God continues using you in such a powerful way! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. So … the bad things in life happens ( For Us ) as a gift to prepare us to the future ,
    not happening (To us ) as a bad destiny the way we think….

    Ya it make sense to me … but I have to keep reminding myself with that…

  13. Attitude is everything! It translates over to your character and how you see the world and how the world perceive you. Blessing to every person chasing the better version of themselves

  14. Yes Steve! Your morning show helped me wake up with gratitude. Giving thanks to God before doing anything. Being grateful and that positive and setting out to do something great. Then I crack up from you and the crew all the way to work! I’m so happy you changed so you could help so many others change!

  15. Seeee, the reason I wake up and listening to affirmations under my pillow, and motivational speakers and gospel music when I’m getting dressed and driving to drop my daughter off to school. It’s makes a difference in your attitude the first 20mins after you wake up are VERY important deposit some positivity in your mind 🌟🧘🏽‍♀️🥰

  16. I swear the universe has been trying to tell me something since last year. For days I kept waking up at 2 am wondering why tf can’t I sleep through the night. The universe was trying to tell me I was not in the right place and space (I was with my ex at the time) and see it led to my downfall because I didn’t listen to the call.

  17. Steve thank you
    I try to wake up every morningupbeat and happy because it's another day that I get to serve my Lord and Savior thanks again Steve I love your videos

  18. Ive been waking up close to the afternoon for YEARS now til about this year…ive noticed that i just DONT LIKE waking up at damn near 3pm everyday!!! Because i could be doing so many other things like reading…or hell even watching Tv…maybe journaling…idk something!! I used to have a terrible attitude in the mornings. Especially if I didnt eat breakfast (LAWD) I'm still breaking out of it but I'm getting there. We are really blessed to have virtual mentors like Steve

  19. Woke up late and felt regret wasted 5 hours of the day, wish I woke up sooner. But today is going to be a productively good day! I'm receiving it!

  20. Creation procreation each participant is responsible . MEN guard your ground operations raise your minds to your arm levels. BE guardians men protect your worlds.

  21. Steve you are hilarious. GREAT THINGS HAPPENING . 1991. Adult contemporary excellence well well well well grounded . Write on

  22. I tell my daughter this all the time! She always says “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” or “I’m just not a morning person”. I told her that’s a choice 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. This really helped me because I wake up irritated when I have to go to work at 4-5 am with a couple hours of sleep. I’ve been trying to change my attitude because I noticed how I’m more inclined to have a ‘bad day’ when I have a ‘sleepless night’.
    Long story short: I’m watching this again at 3am. Good night y’all 💛

  24. Wow, this touched me. I'm not much of a morning person either. I've been told that my attitude wasnt the best because of this very reason. I'm always looking to groom myself and make me a better person. This video was needed.

  25. I needed this today to get me back on course. I used to get up at 6AM. Pray, Read my Bible, Meditate and just sit in the quiet. I've always been grateful. Lately life has been a difficult test for me. I've let a lot of things distract me. I was losing focus.This reminds me that I need to get my mornings started right. I've taken games off my phone. I use my free time reading & meditating. Waking up right has given me my joy back. God Is Awesome. Steve was a blessing & conformation through this video. 🙏🙏

  26. My father brought me here. Once I heard him say stuff that touched me it changed my life , my way of thinking everything forever , I thank god I came across this , this is changing my life for the better . I been to jail and was loyal to the streets till the streets showed me there is no love out there

  27. Don't care how they talk about you are an inspiration to many and to me as well, didn't know you had all these great motivational videos, just started watching them I'm hooked on

  28. Dear god if you let me make it when I get there I’m going to tell everyone about you. In Jesus name I pray amen. I expect great things to come my way and when i wake up everyday is a great day no matter what happens because i believe my lord is helping me make it. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  29. I am only here to hear the name of God😁 & wt God has done for Him! The sweet good Lord Jesus❤️oh how i love the Lord❤️🔥my heart desire🔥i dont to be a millionaire 😊all i need is Jesus😘

  30. I love hearing you talk Steve. You are so encouraging. God always sends me a video of yours when I need it most. Thank you for being so honest. I love you man! Have a blessed day!

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