We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TEDxHackney

We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TEDxHackney

Translator: berat güven
Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Hello everyone! (Audience) Hi! Everyone is good?
(Audience) Yes. Sorry, I am not very used
to speak with a microphone. I hope it will be okay. My name is Nixiwaka. I come from the rainforest
in Amazon, Brazil. I have been living here
for four years now. When I came here,
I didn’t know any English. I didn’t know nothing, actually. And the weather was crazy for me, (Laughter) especially the weather. But it was okay afterwards. If I walk in the street with just clothes and my face not painted
or not with my headdress, people think that I come
from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico. But yes, I come from the Yawanawa tribe
in the Amazon rainforest. I will just put my headdress on. It’s much better for me. (Cat call whistle) (Laughter) Thanks. Yes! I feel more comfortable. (Laughter) I really feel more comfortable. I would like to say just some few words
in my language, if it is okay. ” Mon sharai?” “Mon sharai?” means “How are you,
how is it going?” “Nixiwaka ki. Yawanava ehuhu. Matu uwi yuwa.” I just said that “My name is Nixiwaka.
I come from the Yawanawa tribe and I’m here to visit you,
to see you. I would like to talk
a little bit about Nature, and how Nature is so important for indigenous people
especially tribespeople, but also for everyone in this world. If we think really deep, I think everyone will feel something: where you came from and what this world looks like now. Many things have changed
all over the world. But for tribespeople like me, it didn’t change anything. In some countries,
even in Brazil in South America, some tribes are different. They know the language, for example
Portuguese or any other language. Some of them lost their language. They lost their culture, their tradition. But still, many live
in the same way that they used to. I just want to talk a little bit
about my people. When we made the first contact
with the white people, it was my great-grandfather. He was eleven years old. He first saw the white man
and he just ran away. The white man didn’t see him. And he told our family
that he saw some people, strange people, different people, with clothes, with beard, with sunglasses or glasses. And he didn’t understand
where these people came from. He said, “How we will talk with them
if we don’t know the language?” So he decided to kill a deer. He went to those white people
and just throw the deer. And the white people
gave him a small knife. It was a positive contact,
it was a good contact, because usually when
the first contact happened with indigenous people, battles happened, lots of killing, and in most of South America,
it happened like that. We are glad that it didn’t happen,
no fight, nothing. The only problem was
the different kind of diseases. Our shamans for example,
our people start to get ill and they didn’t understand
what was this illness. The shaman did everything
to heal but he couldn’t heal and all the shamans there were dying because we, indigenous people,
had no immunity for simple diseases like flu, cold. It was all new for us. But we survived. And we learned Portuguese. I was very young when I went to a city, a very small town and I learned Portuguese. That’s why I speak in English. If you go to Brazil in the Amazon, I am quite sure you would not
find someone, an Indian person, that can speak English
to speak with you. And I am really glad to be here, to be able to speak about
indigenous people culture, about our tradition. We still have our knowledge
about medicinal plants. Brazil, for example, is the home
of more than 80 different tribes that are still isolated. They don’t even have any contact
with indigenous people like mine. The reason I came to London was to learn English first of all, and to be able to speak for them, because they have decided
to not make contact with the white or the western world. We see that when we come
close to them, they run away, or they want to shoot us
with their arrows and bows. And we are telling
the government to protect them, to protect their territories. The first thought I have was to adapt here
because the weather is really cold and it was very different for me. Then, I went to a school
and studied for one year. Last year, I found this organization
called Survival International. They work with different
tribespeople around the world, especially in South America. And I said yes when I had
this opportunity to work with them to raise awareness for tribespeople, for the protection of tribespeople, especially as well in Africa,
South Africa and Botswana. It has been really great for me. it has been a really good experience. I’m still learning the language, so excuse me for my English. We still practice our culture. This is something
that I would like to say, and talk about how we are all
connected with Nature. We receive many people from Europe. They want to visit my tribe, for example, to see how we’re still living. And we have this week
of traditional parties and we have our sacred rituals. It is the rituals that we have
with our medicinal plants that we use to communicate
with the spirits of the forest. We believe that in the forest,
there are a lot of spirits. When a shaman, for example,
goes to take a plant in a forest, he asks the plant, “I will take you,
I will use you to heal someone,” because if he just say nothing,
the plant will have no effect. The plant has an effect
when the shaman asks for that: “I am going to use you to heal my people.” Right now, our forest has been disappearing because of many
big projects of the government, for example mining and logging. It is really hard for us
to protect our forest. Because we think that
the forest is not just important for us, for my people, but for other people
in Brazil, in South America, and especially to keep
this balance in the world. Because I think everyone needs
to have the forest protected because it cleans the air,
it’s a pure air for us to breathe. I was really sad when I found out
about the climate change. The climate change is, we think, because
there’s something wrong with the world. Why is the climate changing? Why do lots of disasters
happen in the world? We don’t understand why. Our shaman says that it’s because
something is wrong with the world. He used to say that it is the lack of love
and understanding of each other. Sometimes money is good, for many things, but it can be really bad as well. We think that the problem is that people just want more, and more, and more
and there is no end. So the world is like
there is no more control. What people need is more love
and to understand each other. We think that it is going
to be a solution: to see yourself and to see other people, to see how they live and how
we communicate with Nature and how we keep Nature alive. That’s why I am here to talk with people. I am actually giving some talks
at school for children, and I tell them how
indigenous people live in the forest. I speak about how we hunt, how we fish, how we build our houses, and they all are interested. They say they get really impressed when they see someone
coming from the Amazon and talk with them about how
indigenous people live, and they ask a lot of questions. It is very interesting for them
because here, for example, there is no indigenous people. We, indigenous people, think that we know how
to keep this culture alive and how we can share with the white, with the outside world. They don’t know the community,
for example, the public. It was something that I thought
really interesting. It was that people from here,
from out of Brazil most of them I can say really care about
the preservation of Nature and the preservation of different
cultures and indigenous people. That is the reason why I would like
to stay a little bit more. I want to go back to my tribe and live
there the way I think is best for me. But before I would like to say to people that we are still there,
we still live in the same way, and our door is always open
to welcome people and let them see how we live. Right now, because of the public,
the international community, the Brazilian government is taking action to preserve the indigenous territory, especially those that are still
isolated from the outside. We have some campaigns
for some tribes in Brazil. For example “Guarani” is the name of the biggest population
of indigenous people in Brazil, more than 50,000. They have a big problem because their land is now replaced
by sugar cane and soybean plantations and most of people in the community
are living by the roads. They don’t have access
to any support from the government. Malnutrition, even suicide happen a lot because they don’t have
their land any more. If indigenous people lose their land, it means they lose everything especially
their lives, starting with the culture. We are saying to the Brazilian government that we want to live in our lands, we want to have our forest protected, because forest means life,
forest means our body, forest means our everything and we live because we have the forest. It’s more kind of an awareness. What I am doing here is saying
that we are in this situation but we also have this knowledge
to share with the western world. And if you would like to know more,
know what are tribespeople, how they live, who are they, there are many questions
that people would like to know … I would like to tell you that if you
would like to know more about the tribespeople,
how they live, the importance of the rainforest for them, you may visit our website
“survivalinternational.org.” They work with indigenous people. For example, in my tribe,
every year in October we have this festival,
a traditional festival. It lasts for five days. We have lots of different kinds of games, and during the night,
we practice our sacred rituals. We have this special
drink called “Ayahuasca.” It is a very strong drink. (Laughter) a very strong drink! You can see what is life, starting by yourself, how you are, see your spirit and what you are
doing here in this world. And you can see that through
this ritual if you believe in this. I believe that indigenous people
have a lot to share with the outside world. Our doors are always open
to welcome everyone who want to visit and know
more about tribespeople. I would like to sing a small song. It means, when you visit someone, it is like your are going and you tell that there is this happiness. It means “happiness.” (Singing in Yawanawa language)
“Ganaro cheretete. Ganaro cheretete. Ato noma noma. Ato noma noma. Mahe mahe mahe. Noma mahe mahe. Noma mahe.” This is when we are visiting someone, we are visiting our family, friends
and houses and all places, we always sing this song
to say goodbye or this kind of expression. Thank you very much
for receiving me TEDxHackney. I am really glad to be here, thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TEDxHackney

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  2. Human Nature seeks to avoid suffering and is ever ready to grasp honor and power. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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  4. People of the USA need to realize that it is not only other countries that neglect their indigenous peoples, the USA still refuses to acknowledge the suffering and deaths of it's own non European peoples.

  5. What an incredible Man. He served his people well and they should be proud of him. Lets not let what happened to our own American Natives, happen to these guys. Lessons should be learned by now.

  6. climate scientists probably feel when they hear Trump and others disbelieve what their scientific community says is beyond disbelief. Scholars of racism watch as individuals dismiss our scientific consensus as casually as they form a consensus of disbelief. Climate and racial scientists watch as the denials of climate change and racism combine for the denial that “marginalized” communities of color “are expected to experience greater impacts,” as foretold in the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

  7. Im a pacific islander & i can totally relate to this brother! We tribal people suffer the most!! Im crying out with u brother✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

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  9. The problem is that we will say that he’s very nice and intelligent and beautiful, but we will not change anything in our daily life!
    These compliments don’t help him and his tribe! People have to stop admiring miley Cyrus and all the bad pop songs about richness and coolness and superficialities! have to stop admiring instagram filters, have to stop trying to be cool! Have to stop adjust themselves to everything cool, have to come back to be kind and friendly and honest. Because everyone wants so be cool everything goes in a direction of greed and exploitation!
    People takes themselves too important! We need to come back to be really honest and simple people who are not trying to impress others but just let them be and be kind to others. I know it sounds so easy, then do it if you say it sounds easy. Start today and stop being cool and don’t alter your behaviour to impress others, just speak from your heart, that’s all
    Don’t try to be superior to others! Because if you think about it, that’s the main problem why the world has become like this. It’s a place where everyone thinks about himself as something special and see the other people as his enemies that he needs to impress exploit or whatever for his shortterm benefit! But we’re not seeing that we are destroying everything in the longterm!
    We just see the very next results of our actions, we just think it will benefit us for a moment, but what it means for all of us, that is what we don’t see, we forgot to keep the things in a natural balance, we lost the feeling of shame, we think we can take what’s ours, we think the world is just there for us to use it as much as we can.
    So the issue with climate change is not just an issue of some coal or nuclear plants but rather an issue of some very selfish and wrong path people

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    Your problems won't end if there are hungry people living near your and our rainforest.The brazilian government, along with the international community MUST help Brazil overcome its economic problems.If Brazil becomes a nation like Canada, my feathered beautiful friend, you won't have problems anymore.I pray for you, and I ask those who have a heart and those who doesn't, but have money, to take care of the problem because the risk is: NOONE , and I say Noone is gonna make it.Other planets didn't , Mars didn't.

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    I which that i could receive the hearts of these people, not for me, but it would mean that they where rescued. Thats what i am wishing for.
    Rescue the reall nature and those people who have real connection to nature.
    I feel fourced to watch this world go down.
    With all its beautifullness.

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  28. ALL peoples originally lived in tribal societies = FACT. … ALL peoples originally adhered to Pagan/Shamanic/Animist (NATURE centric/perceived and known as DIVINITY manifest), types of belief systems = FACT. … Abrahamic religions and militant Atheism have ripped humanity away from his/her roots, and caused a massive disconnect. … Thankfully Abrahamic religions are dying. … On the other hand, Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism and the Dharma religions of the east, and Paganism in all their varieties are growing. How awesome is that. … I have heard it said, that a person cannot know where they are going in life, unless they know where they have come from. … I have also heard it said, that a person cannot fully know themselves unless they know their roots. … Different TRUTHS can be found amongst ALL different religions and ALL different spiritualies. All are just different FRUITS/POISONS upon the TREE OF LIFE/DEATH (Everything in the Universe has a positive and negative polarity within itself). Another thing VERY worthy of remembrance is that most TRUTHS (especially those pertaining to things spiritual), are PARADOXICAL in their character. According to some esoteric teachings, ALL paradoxes may be reconciled, but only when the student is ready. … ALL religions have an exoteric (outer), set of teachings and an esoteric (inner), set of teachings. The vast majority of the Christians and Muslims on this planet, only know their religion from an exoteric perspective. Some exceptions to this rule amongst the Christians, would be the Gnostic Christians and the Coptic Christians. Some exceptions to the rule amongst the Muslims would be the Sufi Muslims and Muslims from the Ishmaeli sect. … There are numerous paths up the Mountain. … Perhaps that excellent Persian poet 'RUMI' was right when he said 'Love is the religion, the Universe is the book'. … However true knowledge of the mysteries of Life and Death and the Universe, doesn't just fall into ones lap in life. That is WHY they had the mystery schools tradition back in the Ancient world (Ancient Khem/Egypt and Ancient Summeria and Ancient Greece etc). … Above the doorways/entrances to those Ancient mystery schools, it was always written 'KNOW THYSELF'.

  29. Redmen are quite fascinating in that they initially occupied Alaska,Canada, north and south America top to bottom coast to coast in 17000bc. Their population density more than trumped that of the African by more than 100 to 1. Their harmony with nature was unmatched anywhere in the world.

    No known or notable wars, no land ownership, few laws outside those of nature. They didn't need them. God of choice was Yahuah.


    Then suddenly in 2800bc the changed gods to Teolt ( sun god), Coaltique ( moon goddess), Quezacolt ( pagen messiah)….

    Why would they do that?

    Yahuah abanndons them and they shortly after lose their entire land mass to another race of people.

  30. Wow amazing person hope to connect our energy and talk some how either though spirituality, nature, or sound. May great and beautiful things come to you and your tribes

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    The wish to abort babies till the moment of birth. Our unwillingness to understand nature or death. Denying reialities and relativate and invent from sketch. Strange society.
    Cramped in big cities and call it life style.

  32. Humbleness in the breadth that he takes greetings my beloved brother thank you for your Cosmic intelligence thank you for the Breath You Take to tell Humanity to wake up blessed he who has the courage to speak the truth sending you blessings of love of the light of father mother God and the company of Heaven 4 yes we are all connected buy a special essence that humans call love… my vision as a shaman is to see Humanity United as one

  33. Hey Out There… When l was abaut 12 year l had a dream that l was a raven and l flye in the skye but every time l lande l was a human. Before the Christian came we had an other story to tell here in Danmark. Our Spirit was conectet with Nature and in our life there was a war raven we call him Valravn. It is a human that is olso a raven. Because of my dream l Toke that name, because l am a War Raven. Today not many human believe this, but for me it is my true, my life. Love and Bless to All Out There…

  34. Everyone who reads this comment will realize we are in extreme spiritual turmoil and by denying our own spirit we deny the importance of our physical form. We kill because we forget that a spirit lives inside. Please just for one second remember what you know to be true – we are spirits. The flesh houses a spirit. All flesh houses a spirit.

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    That's why he is ill…

  42. Thank you Nixiwaka Yawanawa for this moving speech. I found it very inspiring. You are so correct, the world needs us to love and understand  one another more and to know that we are ALL connected to nature.  One simple way people can help protect the homes of indigenous people in this and other parts of the world is to stop buying rainforest timber, please consider this.

  43. That our creator keeps blessing the indiginest of this part of this world that our creator forgive us for treating mother nature this way

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    You've become aware. There is no turning back. You have this curiosity and interest in awareness, in being genuinely happy, in learning. The time has come to grow up…because you are interested in such a thing…not because you should. No impositions on yourself. You now have an interest. And the feeling of growing feels good, doesn't it? "You've taken a small step into a larger world." You flow like a river with it. You're a different person now.

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