WE BECOME LITTLES? Age Sliding! | Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  1. Guys I have a question, can you be a little without having DID? A few friends , and me sometimes act childish and have a child voice and it can be triggered in the same ways as what you three describe. It’s not just being ‘ childish ‘ or does seem different and as if something ‘ is wrong ‘. And also when I see myself in this childlike state I get dysphoric about how big I look 💞

  2. I have never been diagnosed with DID, nor do I feel or think I have it? But a lot of times I feel I experience this? Like when I hear a song from my child hood or when I see a toy that I will feel attracted too I feel I will start acting younger. Often times I feel like I’m not my age, or I stop acting my actual age? Sometimes in different situations, like if I get frustrated or excited I tend to stop acting my age? I don’t know if this makes sense, but is it possible I could be age sliding?? Or am I just a child at heart???

  3. This is confusing to me, I THOUGHT that alters were formed to HELP the host deal with trama. I understand an alter can be "stuck" at a certain age level, but in the past its been put as that an alter would be triggered in a situation where THAT alter would be better suited to deal with the issue at hand, so to me, it doesn't make sense that stressful or embarrassing situations would trigger an "age slide" wouldn't that make matters worse, not BETTER, if alters are in place to help the person BETTER handle situations wouldn't a very level headed adult be pulled to the front in situations like that? Someone more self assured, confident, wiser, stronger…. Not a child?

  4. It’s great to finally see other people talking openly about age sliding, I’ve always experienced it but never had a word to put to it. Hearing y’all be so honest about it and speak on it so normally makes me feel so much better and less strange about experiencing it myself!

  5. It's so tough having to act 24 when i feel so much younger, get clumsy, or super hyper like teen me, or have toddler breakdowns, but i thought that was BPD switching but it sounds so much closer to what you're all talking about. I wonder if a single brain experiences this as well. In that case, do i fight it like bpd mood swings, or do i give my teen/kid self a safe space to be extra young? 😓 brains are confusing, i wish i could hang out with y'all and just talk about all this, i learn so much. Thank you for sharing so much!

  6. I have an age related question: Do alters that have a 'fixed' age, age with the body or do they always stay their age?

    Hope I worded that correctly..If anyone knows or knows where/when one of the systems have talked about this before, I'd love to know! 🙂

  7. I'm loving all of chloes affirmations! A video just of affirmations to sleep to would be amazing! you just just do the same 15-20 and then edit it to last like 3 hours = i know at least 2 people who would fall asleep to that every night!

  8. Fun and informative! I wish I could meet you folks. I don’t get to have conversations about interesting important things in a group. Watching your conversation was clearly vicarious and relaxing for me. Peace and love to you all.

  9. Hi, I'd really like to know how it feels for your male alters to be in a woman's body. I mean no disrespect, I still don't know a lot of how this works, sorry.

  10. Our entire system is very good at pretending to be the host, because most people in our life dont know we have osdd, so there are only subtle differences between our voices, the noticeable differences are in our behaviors really. But we've all gotten good at pretending to be the host. (currently we kind of have two hosts, as ari and hayden both front and cohost the most and are in the front most often)

  11. Evan is so loud, he's so great. Poor guy is so squinty, we need to help get this boy some contacts! Kitty eyes don't work in a human body!

  12. Most of this was about sliding down, but I was wondering, can alters identify as one age usually and then slide up to an older one? If so, what is that like?

  13. I really love the voice of integrated Evan/Risk. It really relaxes me and I would love to hear them try ASMR! Could even be cat style ASMR lol!

  14. I find it odd. My alter Jrome his original age is 18. But at the moment he has aged up to 25 and now is stuck there. I think it's maybe because I'm 17 and I need do things that are more grown up like passing my driving test and getting a job. But I don't know, I still find it weird.

  15. Omg 😮 this is what happends to me still learning about did I was diagnosed about 4 months ago but communication caMe so easily your journal idea help me so much too I dnt feel so alone anymore thank u guys (omie)

  16. Q: Can you age slide with out having DID? (But with still having a trauma based disorder.)
    Thank you to any help I get.

  17. You all are amazing! I love how brave you are doing these videos and I wish I could give each and everyone one of you and your alters great big hugs! Evan I LOVE your voice! I haven’t seen any of your other videos yet so I don’t know if it’s specifically your voice or if you all have a basic higherpitched southerny accent (I’m awful at descriptions sometimes) but your voice just makes me feel so safe!

  18. Oh my goodness…! I haven't watched any of your videos since 40k subscribers, and WOW. (Chloe) has grown so much!!! This channel is growing and expanding and I'm loving it ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Okay so I don't know if this makes sense but when you were describing the wrong feeling when you are sliding down i completely understand. But I don't know or think that I have DID but I do have a tendency to act younger if certain things happen and when I start to feel younger I feel like I am off or like there is something wrong. And I don't really know why. But yeah, thanks for these videos. I love your system.

  20. Can alters merge and the "lost" alter disappears altogether? Or is it a passive alter and they give off actions or emotions and that's because it's their ability?

  21. I don’t have DID but I do age slide and honestly you’re videos especially like this and it’s part one are always really helpful :))

  22. every time people mention age sliding, they always talk about sliding down into a little or someone younger than the body. is it possible to slide upwards in years? such as going from a twenty year old to a forty year old or something. i would assume it was possible, but i haven't heard anyone say anything about it. something that seems interesting that i thought of while watching this video

  23. I don't have DID, but I'm an age regressor that can relate to a lot of these things. Our age regression is a lot similar to your "sliding down" except we call it "slipping" into "little space" which is the head space we safely reside in as littles. It's also used as a coping mechanism or even sometimes i defense mechanism. I often find myself regressing at work just because it causes me so much anxiety and being little helps me to be more energetic and happy at work when dealing with customers. I can also be triggered and slip into little space by just seeing something cute and this is also not a controllable decision. I can't control when i slip into or out of little space or for how long i reside in it. So i understand and can relate to a lot of what is said in this video, just not from a DID point of view.

    Anyways, i just wanted to share this because it's nice seeing that there are other people out there who understand the struggles of being little. c: <3

  24. now i think i need to consider if what i call age regression is age sliding for me,, bc i find my experience of age regression is closer to your age sliding than any regression ive heard or read about dksks why is my brain so confusing

  25. Baylea age slides up, when we need to be mature, and she is out. She will almost go up to my age at times. -Khi

  26. Watching your videos, even when they’re not exactly emotional, moves me to tears. Learning about how DID works and seeing a glimpse into life with it is inspiring!! Thank you for making these videos and putting all of you out there 💕

  27. 12:57 Everybody keeping their hand busy in a different way. Don't know if it counts like stimming but feel very validated as an autistic person cause it's what I do all the time. And it's nice to see that no one here in the comment section atleast seems weirded out by it.

  28. This video helped me quite a bit. I've been thinking about my own experience and how to call what happens to me sometimes. The word that came closest was "regression" up until now. I'm autistic and I am singular (do correct me if I'm using this incorrectly, I mean to say I only have one personality to my knowledge) but I think I age-slide. Bobo's description of this confusing helpless state was spot-on, Evan's addition of positive and negative triggers applies to me, too, and finally Chloe naming the experience one of vulnerability resonated with me greatly. Do any of you know of more resources to learn about age-sliding so that I can accept and explain this weird experience better? When I feel this vulnerable, it is incredibly easy to hurt me. One comment is enough to upset me, make me cry etc. It's an intense experience, but I feel like when the upset happens I pop right back to being grown as a sort of defense mechanism. Does anyone else experience this? It makes me feel stupid, for lack of a better word, for having been all giggly earlier. Thank you for the video. Like I said, I'm neuroatypical myself and consider myself a neurodiversity advocate but I have internalised prejudice and aibleism against myself as well as DID. I'm thankful for this space in which we can help each other to understand ourselves and each other's lived experiences better and work on rights and support for all of us.

  29. I would like to know, is all of this is the same as like going into little space or if it is very different?Because I've been in little space but I've never (or as far as I know have never) slid down in age.

  30. I’ve got bpd but have a feeling it’s DID, it’s not just the age sliding but the fact of becoming different people and having no memories of the periods of time when I was that different person. Frustrating as fuck because some old personalities could handle life really well and I can’t switch into them by choice, the good ones just seems to come around & uplift my life & then a personality like my current one will come back and not be able to handle being an adult.

  31. I became very intrigued about DID after watching a Korean drama about it but I just became more curious about it after meeting someone with DID because I want to not be ignorant plus it's good to know more about said topic

  32. How do you change alters around other people? Do you introduce yourself? Also can different alters have accents?

    IlY guys so much!!!

  33. Ever since I found your channel it has been so interesting to see the similarities and differences between your disorder (DID) and mine (dissociative disorder). I do not have littles because I don’t have alters but I do “slide” (i prefer to say regress) and when I regress I can’t control it very much. Its almost always positive but always happens when I’m stressed about adult things or scared or happy. For some reason it is extremely hard for me to be happy at my own age. When it does happen it’s beautiful.

  34. I know i dont deal with DID but i have experienced unintentional what seems like age sliding. I sometimes also have the feeling as if im leaving and my head feels so far from reality and everything starts to feel like a weird dream. Idk what it is or if its anything but if anyone has some information plz do inform.

  35. Im curious and Im sorry if you have answered before but i was wondering what happens when one of your little alters step forward in the video? Do you cut it out or tell them to go back to being quiet?

  36. Hi! I don't have DID (I only have MDD that I'm aware of) but I've been watching your channel for a while now and I really idolize you! I find it amazing how you can become so open about it but at the same time set boundaries on what people know (cus I can't do that). Thank you for making all of us understand things about your system or DID itself! 💗 please keep doing what you're doing! 💖

    Ps. I honestly don't know what to say but I feel like I should say SOMETHING 😅

  37. Pro tip for opening tight jars: stick a knife or something thin and strong under the lid and bend the lid so the air that keeps the lid so stiff comes out and there you go loose lid.

  38. Hello! I don’t have DID but I am so thankful for your channel because I get to learn more about it and learn ways to be more conscious and careful and aware of it. I love learning and being able to be helpful (and non-triggering) in anyway I can so THANK YOU for teaching me! Much love to you all!

  39. Is this video kinda like a sneak peak of what your child alters look like? (I accept answers from the host and the alters)

  40. I've been watching quite a few of your videos, and I admit I was quite skeptical at first. It just seemed "too odd to be real"; if that makes sense? I apologize if that sounds offensive or hurtful, my point here is that I definitely aren't skeptical now, and it's been incredibly educational to watch your videos and hear your stories. I think it's really admirable what you guys do, and that you're able to bare yourself this way to educate and enlighten others. Really fantastic and brave, and every one of you should be proud of what your system is accomplishing together. Thank you for letting us see a bit of your perspectives, it's really amazing 🙂

    So thank you all.
    And I wish you all well 🙂

  41. Seeing what dissociating looks like without any switching makes me realize just how much I dissociate. Guess I take more breaks from CONSTANT VIGILANCE than I had thought.

  42. I adore Evan. Probably because I get along with cats more than people. My babies are my everything. I suffer from pretty bad BPD so having them constantly there.. it means so much. Give Evan some well deserved head scritches for me!

  43. Thank you for you great work! I am just figuring all of this out for me, and your videos do help me with it. I dissociate a lot, every day, but I don't have DID, because I don't experience time loss or the present of alters. A lot of the things you talk about sound familiar. I have a huge problem with amnesia, I've forgotten the most important times of my life, and keep forgetting. A year ago I remembered fragments of childhood trauma, I didn't know anything about it till then. I am very confused sometimes, because all of this is "new". I do experience differences in my age-feeling but I am always ME, I don't go away, I notice how my voice and thinking and behavior changes, and I can't explain it to myself, I don't understand.

  44. I can't say that I know if I have this at all or not…but like the other day I realize I kept making child noises and like becoming like clingly like a child to my boyfriend and then I realized like why am I acting this way and thinking this way I dont gotta act that way and like you said you told yourself it's ok like I'd just be like it's ok Alyssa you can keep going and everything's ok and I'm like WTF and when I was younger I had many different names for myself and I'd introduce myself as those names and many of my friends and boyfriends didnt even know my real name for along time… but Idk what it meand

  45. I just watched your video on not discussing littles; wondering how 'you' felt about Pinata System's video, about going to the zoo?

  46. I don't have DID but your videos provide me with so many tips and so much reassurance for my own issues. What you're doing is inspiring and you should all be so proud. Thank you xx

  47. when you're age sliding and become cat like – do you still are aware and have those memories later or not like when you become another "person" sorry for using wrong words to describe what I mean but I'm not an english everyday user – I'm from Poland

  48. Thank u chloe for saying so eloquently that people are the way they are for a reason. Thank u Evan for giving examples of letting urself be. I'm autistic and a trauma…survivor? Most things make me dissociate because it's too loud or bright or whatever. But since I was misdiagnosed due to gender bias for so long I was essentially taught to flood myself and dissociate thru the activity that was upsetting to me. Seeing Evan talk about taking breaks made me feel so much more… at ease. It's ok to stop and take a break to help urself. Im learning that. Thank u all for being such good educators!!

  49. Thanks to you guys, I just realized that I dissociate. I mean, everybody does and I recognize when I do it lightly. But in therapy, when something triggered me or even just smaller things like talking about mental health, i always said that I would "shut down".

    I "shut down" in fights, in stressful moments, etc. But it never occurred to me that I was disassociating. I dont have alters or anything, but I never really learned to cope properly so when I get overwhelmed or start thinking about difficult things I sort of start floating away in my brain. No one replaces me, I just sit and wait in my brain for it to be over.

    I never knew what this was. Thanks for letting me know inadvertently, I think its important to realize

  50. age sliding tends to be a more comforting experience for me personally, but i know that others in our system find it to be very distressing. usually i age slide when i feel safe, and at first its uncomfortable but it becomes very comfortable eventually.

  51. I have one person I can not seem to avoid, who constantly triggers my little to come out. She is friendly but I want to protect her. I am worried because when she is fronting it is really hard to take back front and i am scared she will get hurt… not sure how to handle that…

  52. My gf has DID she's not very open about it with me and I dont want to push her into telling things she's not comfortable with, how could I help her trust me? I'm not judgemental about it at all

  53. so I find DID quite fascinating and I have two questions, one pertaining me and one about alters
    1: Can alters die? Or possibly disappear from the system?
    2: I have like a little thing that I do where I'm completely conscious of it and I dont try to fight it but it's where my voice and my thoughts get very childish. if I want to stop it, I can but it will still stay in my mind for a while afterwards. I dont know if theres a term for that?

  54. Just a question, does Cloe age? Because she is the “real” person/host.

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying that the others are not persons, I love your channel, just wondering. Sorry if I ofended you.

    Edit: with getting older i mean by the year, and do all of you have different birthdays? Sorry if I ask too many questions in just curious and im pretty new to this and VERY interested.

  55. Evan 2.0 making kitty biscuits in his lap is super adorable 😊 I’m sure he’d hate to hear that tho 😂 #sorrynotsorry

  56. hey there, what are your thoughts on intentionally created systems or endogenic systems without any truma (like tulpas)

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