What are the different personality types? – Do you know the Secrets?

What are the different personality types? – Do you know the Secrets?

Derek JB here we are again here we are
long time no see as if it’s the first take stick is if it was the fourth date nice
pretend you know he was a pertain indeed and of course we’re here again for Power2mind Academy we are here for Power2mind academy yeah which I just recently
launched which is going to be encompassing all the different bits of
communication that I’ve researched and experienced over my career put into
modules so that will be coming live soon fantastic of course folks you’ll
recognize this man indeed as Derek Borthwick our resident communications
expert specialist guru too kind well of course but Derek you know one
thing is true we all have personalities do we I have one so hopefully so I’m told
but what are the different types of personality
yeah that’s a great question JB and when we look at personality types human
interaction and communication is very very complicated and it’s always
difficult to put people in pigeon holes and you can take this to a higher level
where you could look at something like the myers-briggs model where you fill in
a questionnaire but they tell me later what that is yeah well some of the
reviewers to be familiar with that, the difficulty with that is a questionnaire
type and if you leave that with a client and say would you mind filling that in
and then I’ll come back and see you in 20 minutes you’re not gonna get very far
right so what we need is some sort of model that gives us an idea how we can
use our observation skills and their rapport building skills to try and work
out what those different personalities are and we’ll use a four personality
model to keep it simple let’s look first of all and we imagine we have an x-axis
area okay so on here we have the asker sider site and on this side we have a teller
so an asker and then a teller and then on the y-axis here we have degrees of
emotional control so low emotional control high emotional control so that
then gives us in essence four boxes that we can fill in so if we look at high
emotional control and being a teller that would be a dominant type okay and
if we follow that all the way around we have an expressive then we have an
amiable and then we will have an analytic
on box up here and our personalities themselves staple or do they have a
tendency to break down well yeah that that’s a great question when you’re
looking I guess what we should probably explore is where we like you to
get the biggest conflict between the different types of personalities and
that would be the ones where they are diametrically opposed
so that would be somebody who has a high degree of emotional control and who has
a teller and this box up here versus the box down there
where somebody has low emotional control and is an asker so there’s a natural
conflict there and that’s where you really need to use your rapport building
skills and all your communication skills so those people can communicate they
just have to modify the way they do it we’re going to do some fancy animation
afterwards you’ll be amazed are we so you tell I have not mastered that yet and is it easy for
people to be able to spot the difference in personality types yeah that that’s an
important point and again it’s it’s not cast in stone but there’s certain things
you can look for so let’s pick out a dominant personality for example and we
may want to think of somebody like Donald Trump or not Donald Trump as an
example Boris Johnson I’m not quite sure
which box he is in but if you look at the dominantso dominant people tend to
have very big body language so they often make themself bigger with their
arms they stand back the shoulders about they’re making themselves bigger they
don’t blink very much JB they also tend to be it’s all about control for them
they don’t tend to move much either there’s not any twitching it’s all about
control so that would be a dominant type and
there are further tyopes that we can explore as well and I do that within the modules
fantastic we have here this is the start of part of the power2mind mind Academy
yeah it is there and it is fantastic we’ve covered the personality traits and of
course if you are interested in more about power2mind academy always
remember give us the like folks share it add some comments tell us what you’re
looking for and we look forward to joining the next session power2mind Academy we do indeed and don’t forget the
youtube channel as well which is the youtube /c forward slash power to mind
and you’ll see all the videos there fantastic thanks very much everyone
thanks very much you

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  1. Personality is fascinating, interesting dialogue on the subject, it is surprising to many that personality remains relatively unchanged throughout the life course. Thank you 🙏

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