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– No. No. Maybe. No. Ugh, there must be a date
out there for Tracey Tooley, young, ambitious history reporter. Even if I am finding work A bit tricky at the moment With that stressful report on Henry VIII. Hmm. Oooh, maybe this one. Wait. Married six times before? Come off it! But wait. That’s it! Henry VIII was famously terrible
at the romance game too. Surely, I’ll really understand him if I knew what he was like as a husband. Let’s investigate. (upbeat music) (drumroll) – This is Tracy Tooley unlucky in love. Looking for enlightenment. Are you with anyone at the moment, Gary the common man? – [Cameraman] My name’s Dave. – Aw, I’m sure you’ll find someone soon with dating advice from two
women who have seen it all. Margery Horsman, Maid
of Honour to three wifes of Henry VIII and servant to all six. Name like a horse, heart of a lion. (lion roars) Anne Herbert, Lady-in-waiting
to all six wives of Henry VIII and sister of his last
wife Katherine Parr. Name like Herbert. Sweet like sherbet. Okay, ladies-in-waiting. Thanks for… Waiting. – Ooh, that’s just our job, my darling. Isn’t that right, Anne? – I mean it’s not actually our job, but I take your point, Margery. Margery and Anne, what was
Henry like as a husband? Be honest. The stories I’ve heard have
made me glad to be single. – Single? – Oh, you poor thing. – Well, I didn’t mean- – Now, Tracey. We’ve seen a lot of
relationships in or time. – Ups and downs. Marriage and divorce. – We’ll tell you everything you need to bag that dream partner. (lively music) – Well, of course the first
rule is to be powerful. Henry VIII loves powerful women. – Yes, but not too powerful, Margery. Remember Katherine of Aragon? – Oh, yes. Oh, dear. – She was the aunt of Emperor Charles V, one of Henry’s great rivals. – Henry didn’t like that. He became awfully intimidated. – Especially when he wanted a divorce. But some power is good. – Simple, isn’t it? – Um, sounds complicated to me. – On we go. – The Great Hall! – [Anne] Isn’t it gorgeous? – [Tracey] It’s stunning. – That’s what Henry thought too. He had these carvings
designed for Anne Boleyn. Look, you can see her coat of arms and the letters H and A entwined. – And he decorated the Tower
of London for Anne as well. With those lovely domes
and the new Queen’s House. – Oh, yes. Such a shame Anne was executed at the same Tower of London
only three years later. (thunder) (raven call) – Henry was so in love with Anne Boleyn. – Yes, she let him chase her and chase her until he was half mad with love. – Remember. You must make Henry fall
deeply in love with you. – Henry? I don’t think I’m- – Don’t interrupt, dearie. – No, no. Never interrupt. But do be clever, spirited and
put forward strong opinions. – Henry loves women with opinions
who’ve read lots of books. – Yes, but not too many opinions. Remember Jane Seymour? – Poor Jane Seymour. – Poor child. She had a terrible argument with Henry. Their marriage was on the rocks. – But she was lucky, because- – She bore him a son. – Hooray! – That’s the most important thing. Give the king a sun who can
continue the family life. – Well, I’m really not ready for kids. – Lucky, lucky Jane Seymour. The King remembered her forever because of her dear son, Edward. – Of course, she died after childbirth. It’s very dangerous to give
birth in this day and age. – But what if you don’t
want to have children? – Keep it down, my child. Someone will hear you and then what will be left
of your marriage chances? – If the King wants anything, you must say yes to him. – Even if it’s a divorce. That nice Anne of Cleves
just said yes to a divorce because Henry didn’t want
her and that was fine. – Was it really fine? – Oh, and be a moderate Catholic
just like Anne of Cleves. – Yes, moderate Not too Catholic. Not Roman Catholic. – Of course not Roman Catholic. If you say you like the Pope, Henry will think you’re committing treason and have you killed. (both laugh) – Onwards to The Haunted Gallery. – The Haunted Gallery? – Oh, yes. It’s just a name. – A modern name after our time, my dear. – So called because the ghost
of young Catherine Howard is said to run back and forth- – Screaming and begging
not to be executed. – What?! – Oh, and yes. And that’s another thing. Be young and beautiful of course. – Like Catherine Howard. – Make lots of friends at court. – Just like Catherine Howard. – [Both] But not too much! – The King will suspect you of adultery and have you killed. – All clear? – No! – Good. – And if you do all of that- – [Both] You might just- – Survive! – Katherine Parr, Henry’s
sixth and final wife! – I know. I’m as surprised as you are. I outlived Henry, didn’t
get divorced or beheaded. Didn’t die giving him a son. Phew! Am I right? LOL – LOL indeed, m’lady! – So my dear sister and
maid have been telling you everything you need to
know about love, have they? – Yeah. They have. I’ve learned that Henry is
actually the problem here. (record scratch) – And I’m deleting that stupid
swiping based dating app because I don’t want to
conform to the crazy demands that are placed on women in love! If someone wants to love me for who I am, they can come to me instead. – Right on, sister. – She’s gone mad. – I think she has a point. – Thanks, all of you
for sharing your wisdom. – Now I need to do the end, get with Gary. – [Cameraman] My name’s Dave. – Aww, cheers, Gary. I knew you’d have my
back through all of this. So Henry as a husband shows us his contradictory character traits. He was responsible for grandiose displays of love and passionate affection, but also for brutal violence and for letting his desires for a son tear apart his wise worlds! What do you make of this? Would you have wanted to marry Henry? Tracey Tooley wouldn’t touch
it with a 10 foot tent pole. Shout out to Katherine Parr
for surviving that hot mess. – Parr out, man. – That’s why I do the catchphrases. (royal music) (upbeat music)

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