What If Deku Actually Had A Quirk? – My Hero Academia Theory (Ep 210)  | Channel Frederator

What If Deku Actually Had A Quirk? – My Hero Academia Theory (Ep 210) | Channel Frederator

Hey everyone! As you can probably see,
today, we’re gonna be talking about our favorite green Naruto. But if you’re a
fan of anime, stick around to the end of this video for a super exciting
announcement. Now that I’ve suitably piqued your interest, let’s get to
today’s episode. I’ll talk to you later. Well, I mean, I’m going to talk to you, like,
right now because I’m the one hosting this episode but, like, ah, you know what I mean. Look, I try to be a pretty open-minded guy but can we all agree that My Hero
Academia has got some really weird quirks on display?
As Izuku said in the first episode of the series, “all men are not created equal.”
Some folks gain the power to create literally whatever they want, some are
granted the immeasurable gift of immediately copying other people’s
abilities, and some people can pull eyeballs out of their skull but like
they can’t pull them out completely to do recon, because they’d have to slice
them off. *muttering* Look, can we just agree that this guy has the worst quirk
imaginable? Can anyone find a worse one? Anyway, look, while some quirks may be
weird or gross or weirdly gross, nothing is worse than having no quirk at all. But
it’s an unfortunate reality for about 20% of the people in the show’s world as
well as seven and a half billion of us in the real world. Enter our old buddy
Deku. So, as we all know by the end of this story, Izuku Midoriya will become
the world’s greatest hero but he sure as heck didn’t get there himself. He was
originally a regular old dumb quirkless person like you and me. But here at
channel Frederator, we can’t help but ask what if? And this time we’re asking: what
if Deku wasn’t quirkless? I don’t mean, “what if Deku’s quirk was hope all along?”
or something dumb like that. What I’m asking is: what if our Midoriya was part
of the 80% of the population that did develop a quirk. What would his quark be?
I’m Jacob with Channel Frederator and let’s find out. This might seem like a
bit of an obvious question at a glance, but there are a few different avenues we
can go down, so let’s start by looking at how quirks develop in the first place.
It pretty much goes without saying that in the world of Hero Aca, quirks are in
large part inherited from the parents. Outside of really super rare cases and
based on some rather obvious case studies, you might assume that the way
quirks are developed is like taking two Oreos and then smashing them together to
create a super depressed double stuffed Oreo which.. yeah, kinda! That’s basically
what happened with Todoroki, pretty much evenly adopting his mother’s ice quirk
and his father’s fire quirk. They even make the point of mentioning
in the show that quirk marriages are sometimes arranged for the sole purpose
of combining or enhancing quirks. But there are a few hiccups that I want to
hammer out just before we accept this as the hard and fast rule for quark
inheritance. It looks like similarities and quirks
are to be expected in siblings. After all, we know that Tenya and his older brother
share basically the exact same quirk but if we shift our focus back to the
Todoroki family, we often forget that Shoto has three older siblings. But for
some reason, Endeavor only ever referred to Shoto as his masterpiece, training him
from an absurdly young age to surpass All Might as the number one hero.
The obvious question I have is: if the entire point of his marriage was to
create powerful offspring, why would he wait until his fourth kid to put this
plan into motion? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty sure Endeavor said at one point that
Todoroki’s siblings were a disgrace or they lacked discipline or something but
like, I mean, he should be able to whip them into shape, right? What stopped him?
Well, we don’t really know what happened with the eldest son since we never met
him. Or have we? Oh what was that, was that foreshadowing for a future Cartoon
Theory? But with Shoto’s other two siblings, while we’ve gotten no
confirmation as to what exactly their quirks are, I do want to focus on one
other thing: hair color. This is Shoto’s brother Natsuo. We
haven’t really met him in the show yet. So far, this was kind of his only
on-screen appearance, but you can see that he’s got white hair. And this is
Shoto’s sister who, like Shoto, has a combination of both red and white hair
but she’s got significantly more white hair. Now we covered way, way, in the past,
back in our Loud House episode that white hair is caused by the lack of
production of melanin, which is what contributes to hair pigments. But white
hair isn’t really a hereditary thing outside of special cases like albinism.
And, as if you needed me to tell you this, but it is worth mentioning, this isn’t
how hereditary haircolor works. Not in our world, anyway. If you’re the kid of
parents with blond hair and red hair, you don’t end up having blond hair with red
streaks. Which would, admittedly, be awesome but that’s just, that’s just not
how it works. Which makes me think that while yes, quirk inheritance is
hereditary, I think that the rules of genetics in this world are a little
different than our current understanding. You might remember this from your school
days but the way that genes are inherited can generally be illustrated
on a diagram that looks like this, which is known as a punnett square. As we know,
people inherit genes from their parents but what the parents contribute aren’t the genes themselves but the variance of the gene that they carry,
known as alleles. For each gene, everyone has within them two alleles that can be
passed down to offspring, which can be categorized as either dominant or
recessive. And as their name suggests, the dominant alleles are much more likely to
manifest an offspring since they basically take priority over recessive
ones. The most common example of a punnett square that you’ve probably seen
would be one illustrating the likelihood of a kid having brown or blue eyes. The
uppercase B representing the dominant brown allele and the lowercase b
denoting the recessive blue allele. You can also see how the likelihood might
change depending on which pair of alleles each parent carries. If someone
carries both dominant and recessive alleles for certain genes, they’re said
to be heterozygous while carrying only the dominant or recessive variant means
they’re homozygous. We’re gonna do a buttload of logical leaps and stretches
from here on out, and we’re gonna kinda play fast and loose with these rules but
quirk science is an under explored field, so let’s at least just try to kind of
understand it even if it means breaking the rules a bit. Besides, we already found
out on a previous Cartoon Theory that everybody on this show’s feet are weird
misshapen nightmares that are missing bones so.. who even knows what’s real
anymore? Anyway, since Gene inheritance seems to be somewhat different in this
show I’m willing to bet that hair color and certain other traits are somewhat
quirk dependent. That the dominant and recessive elements of somebody’s quirk
can be identified through things like hair color and vice versa.
and the hair color itself could act as a sort of visual representation of the
disparity of the two quirks that were inherited. This isn’t a perfect idea, with
this logic, Bakugo’s hair should probably be two different colors, too. But,
first of all, Bakugo looks exactly like a kid I knew in high school who bleached
his hair for no other reason that he thought it looked cool and, second of all,
genes are unpredictable and I have no other explanation for how two-tone red
and white hair is a common occurrence in this family. Oh, it’s because living with
Endeavor is super stressful. Okay, fine, why does Todoroki have his hair right
down the middle? That’s awfully nice of nature to take that symbolism into
account. Besides, let’s look at some other examples here. Teddy and his brother: same hair, same quirk. Jiro and her mom: same hair, same quirk. Earlier, I asked why
Endeavor didn’t train any of his older children like he tortured Shoto. And
while it’s a bit of a shaky assertion, I also don’t think it’ll be widely
contested if I say it’s because that his older siblings didn’t have the right
fire to ice ratio in their quirk. if we use this hair color idea,
we can see that his brother Natsuo and his sister Fuyumi have mostly white
hair. And because of this, I want to say that white hair, as well as some sort of
ice quirk in the Todoroki family is the dominant gene. After all, white hair isn’t
considered a standard natural hair color in newborns of our universe.
But looking at the four Todoroki kids, about sixty percent of their collective
hair is white. The actual number is probably closer to like sixty-five
percent but forgive me for not doing pixel measurements on Fuyumi’s hair. It’s
possible that Shoto is considered by Endeavor to be a masterpiece because his
recessive fire quirk played more of a role than his siblings, while still
inheriting that dominant ice allele. Granted, in real life, this line of logic
isn’t foolproof. If you find a family where all of the kids have blue eyes,
that doesn’t make blue eyes a dominant trait. But in this case, we’re running
with what little information we have and we’re basically trying to construct a
Punnett Square for Deku. We know that Deku would inherit both of his parents’
quirks to a certain degree and, thankfully, the show is mercifully
straightforward with what his parents quirks’ are. His mom can attract small
nearby items, basically a weak version of the Accio spell from Harry Potter, and his
father has the badass ability to breathe fire! And based on these two quirks, one
of the most popular theories is that Izuku, like Todoroki would inherit a
somewhat equal combination of these quirks. Manifesting in some sort of fire
quirk like pyrokinesis or firebending. Or, if you’re me, my first thought was
throwing fireballs like Super Mario but, maybe emanating from his mouth because,
you know, fire breathing. To fill in Deku’s dad’s info on this diagram, since
we’ve shown that red hair/fire quirks may be a recessive trait, we can
make an educated guess that Deku’s dad would probably be homozygous.
Possessing the same type of allele instead of two alternates, which is
common in folks who are born with red hair since this variant most commonly
appears in people with two recessive alleles. As a side thing, if you aren’t
too tired from stretching, we could use this to estimate that Deku’s dad might
have red hair. And no, that is not me subtly saying that I think Endeavor is
Deku’s dad. Not-not yet, at least. Now, what about Izuku’s mom, Inko? This
is actually where things are gonna get super speculative. Like, even more than
we’ve already been doing. We had a reference point for Izuku’s
dad in the Todoroki family since they both possess fire quirks, but since we
don’t have a point of reference for anti-gravity quirks, Inko’s alleles are
gonna be a little harder to justify, so bear with me here.
And before you mention it, yes, Uraraka does have an antigrav quirk but we don’t
really know what the other quirks in her family are, making this kind of a
moot point. So, here’s what I’m thinking. if we stick with the hair color approach,
we’ve already established that non-traditional hair colors can occur in
this show. Y’know, cuz anime. Now, regardless of hue, darker hair is
generally a sign of a parent carrying a dominant allele. So, we could assume that
Inko does possess a dominant allele with her dark green hair. As for the final
piece of the puzzle, since we’re working with a hypothetical Izuku trying to
figure out a quirk that doesn’t exist, it’s basically impossible to figure out.
So if we drive two different diagrams in which Inko is either homozygous or
heterozygous, we can calculate the probability of Deku taking more after
his mom or his dad. When we do, this we see that if Inko is homozygous,
possessing two of the same dominant trait, it’s 100% likely that Deku would
take after his mom over his dad. While if she’s heterozygous, that likelihood drops
to 50%. So if we assume the diagram on the left is true, Deku might not inherit
a fire quark at all and only have the ability like his mom to float things. And
if in quark inheritance, if both quirks have to be present, we could assume a
tiny contribution from his dad, if any at all. Like a slight resistance to heat or
maybe Deku would just really like spicy food. However, if we assume the
diagram on the right is true, then Deku would be more likely to inherit a power
closer to fire-breathing like his dad. But if we combine both graphs, we see
that regardless of what second allele Inko has, Deku still has roughly a 75%
chance of inheriting more traits from his mother. With this about as taken care
of as it can be, one last thing I want to talk about is his name.
Might sound weird but many of the characters in this show have names that
are directly related to their quirks. Just as a couple examples from class 1A,
Mina Ashido’s surname is pronounced very similarly to the japanese pronunciation
of acid. Tsuyu’s name contains the kanji for frog. Tenya’s name essentially means
great runner. Kaminari’s name translates to electric thunder, t-the
list just goes on. So, with that in mind, could Izuku’s name give us any insight
into a possible quirk? You know what, I’m not even gonna keep you in suspense, the
short answer is no. His name, like his classmates, was conceptualized with the
characters’ design in mind, incorporating the kanji characters for things like
green which, yeah, makes sense. His name also refers to one coming out
of their shell, as well as makes several references to his possession of One for
All. Turns out his quirk was the power of being the protag. I’m just foolin’, like I
said, that kind of excuse that’s not enough for us. So let me suggest one more
thing: his original name. The one he had when he was but a glint in Kohei Horikshi’s eye. The character that eventually became Izuku Midoriya was always
meant to be quirkless but his original name before he got his haircut, which let
us see his beautiful perpetually teary eyes was Mikumo Akatani. And as
somebody who doesn’t speak a lick of Japanese other than what you would
expect from somebody who consumes a disgusting amount of anime and memes, I
did what I could in Google Translate and Japanese character databases to glean
any meaning out of this name. And the kanji characters in this name that I
found had meanings that very greatly related to nature. Valley, cloud, ocean, red.
And, look, you could come to probably any conclusion with this name, it’s not like
it was originally intended to give us a hint as to what Deku’s natural quirk
would be. this is all just a thought experiment. But with everything we’ve
looked at, the inclusion of red as opposed to green, that’s a pretty
noticeable change. I think the inclusion of red could be
interpreted as fire. An ability to control fire over land, sea, and sky,
perhaps. Would he be able to create fire in the same capacity as Endeavor?
Probably not but based on both this and what we learned when trying to unravel
the genetic makeup of Deku’s family, while I was joking before, I think Super Mario fireballs is actually a pretty good guess when it comes to Deku’s
natural quirk. A fire quirk but activated through his hands, like his mother, as
opposed to through his mouth like his father. And, incidentally, I think they
would be more like Luigi’s fireballs in Super Smash Bros. After all, just like his
mother’s quirk, these fireballs would be unaffected by gravity.
I guess not only is Deku Green Naruto, but I guess he’s also green Luigi. But
Luigi is already green, so Deku is Luigi. But, there you have it, a quirk that’s
representative of both his father’s fire powers and his mother’s anti-gravity
powers with a slight skew towards his mother based on a mixture of genetics
and quirk based pseudoscience. but that’s just my opinion on what Deku’s quirk could
be. What about you? Do you agree with our thoughts or do you have any other ideas
as to what Deku’s natural quirk would be? Let us know in the comments! Also, time for that announcement I teased you about. If you’ve
been following us on Instagram or any of our social media, you probably saw an
enigmatic image saying that the Frederator family was expanding. A while
back, a bunch of us at the office realized that we’re all huge anime fans
and we want to share that love with you so we started a new anime channel it’s
called get in the robot and we’re gonna have all sorts of awesome stuff there
Whether you’re already a fan of anime or you’re curious and you just want to dip
your toes into the medium, we want to welcome everybody let’s discuss some
awesome shows and movies together once Once again, I’m Jacob with Channel Frederator,
which loves you, and hopefully we’ll see you on Get in the Robot soon.

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