What Koaw Nature Provides for You! | Koaw Nature

What Koaw Nature Provides for You! | Koaw Nature

My fellow millennials— no doubt we’ve always been tech lovers— but we’re now an influential working class as well as mentors to those tiny people we call children! I believe too many of us have lost touch with nature and it’s time to reconnect because we are role models to a generation that’s even more distracted
with tech than we were as kids. I’m an uncle now, a role model like you. When we show enthusiasm about nature the kids will too. Yes! I’m Koaw, the resident biologist
of Koaw Nature and I’m thankful I had mentors nudging me
outdoors when I was a kid. You’re busy and probably not a science geek—I get that. My new mission is to provide you with fun
and practical information so that you can be nature-heroic
for yourself and your kids. Subscribing is free—be sure to ding the bell and
check in for videos on Wednesdays.

3 thoughts on “What Koaw Nature Provides for You! | Koaw Nature

  1. Hey man. I found your channel from watching Tim. I have checked out your stuff. I like it. I am going through a transition on my channel as well. I subscribed and will be watching you grow.

  2. Awesome video and channel…all signed up and clicked all the buttons :-)! Check us out when you have time good luck!

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