What Your Handwriting Says About You

What Your Handwriting Says About You

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But your handwriting just might be too! It’s “clear” to me! Get it windows, clear ? Ah never mind. There’s even a whole science that studies
it – graphology. Graphologists determine different personality
traits just by looking at the small details of someone’s handwriting. Wanna find out yours? I’ll help you with that! Okay, take a piece of paper and scribble any
sentence on it. Put down your signature, too. You’ll find out why you need it just in a
bit. Now take a close look at the letters and answer
these questions: 1. How big are they? To give you an idea, average-sized writing
is from 2.5 to 3.5 millimeters. This size is common for people who have great
adjusting skills. These people are balanced and have healthy
self-esteem. If your letters are on the big side it means
that you’re pretty outgoing. You love being around people and being the
center of attention. Making friends with anyone isn’t a problem
either. However, big letters can also mean that your
social confidence is just a mask. Small letters show that you’re shy when
it comes to interacting with people. Also, you find it easy to focus on important
things and pay a lot of attention to details. The circle of your friends is limited because
communicating with people takes up a lot of your energy. 2. Do they slant? If your letters tend to slant to the right,
you’re deeply attached to your family and friends. You like meeting new people and experiencing
new stuff, but you can get carried away sometimes and act impulsively. Left-slanted writing says that you’re rather
reserved and don’t express your emotions much. You like spending time on your own and getting
lost in deep thoughts. Also, you prefer to work with things, not
people. Straight letters mean that your actions and
decisions are ruled by logic, not emotions. You’re practical and always plan everything. Doing something on a whim isn’t your thing. 3. How much space is there between your words? Noticeably wide spacing between words indicates
that you prefer to keep your distance from people. You struggle to make contact with even your
closest friends. Privacy is something you value the most, and
that’s why you’re extremely cautious. Narrow word spacing shows that a person wants
emotional closeness with others. But quite often this desire leads to forgetting
that people have their own boundaries and need time alone from you. You love hugs and other expressions of attachment. 4. Are the letters in one word cramped or not? If they are, then the person feels uncomfortable
with oneself and has many insecurities. They’re rather tense and have difficulty
approaching people and asking for help. If the spacing between letters is average,
then you’re friendly and outgoing by nature and can make friends with almost anyone. Changes don’t scare you because it’s easy
for you to adjust to new circumstances. Letters that are far away from each other
reflect an easy-going personality. You feel comfortable both with others and
with yourself. Sharing your ideas and emotions with people
is important for you. But you can have problems with self-discipline. 5. Are the letters in one word connected? If you connect letters while writing, then
you have good logical skills. When you start doing something, you don’t
like to be interrupted because you get fully immersed in the task at hand. You have a very active life and prefer staying
busy. Disconnected letters reveal a defensive nature. But you have a good intuition which helps
you avoid unpleasant situations. One of your strongest points is imagination;
you can come up with interesting new ideas. 6. How much pen pressure do you apply? Light pressure shows that you’re very sensitive
and empathetic. You know how to support others in difficult
situations. However, you might feel a lack of energy. Writing with heavy pressure is typical for
people who are committed to close people and activities. They take things seriously which sometimes
causes them to be uptight. 7. Cursive or print letters? If you prefer using print letters then others
most likely see you as a really confident person. But, you’re afraid of the world and put
up a barrier to feel safe. It takes a long time before you put your guard
down and let someone know the real you. Writing in cursive can indicate that a person
loves doing everything perfect and following rules. But they spend so much energy on it that it
often ends up in frustration and self-loathing. Also, they like being in control and often
suppress their impulsiveness. Choosing a combination of cursive and print
means that you don’t have problems with being flexible when it comes to communication
and life circumstances. You value your time and don’t like to waste
it. However, if print letters prevail, you might
have issues with building deep relationships. 8. What’s the shape of your letters? Pointed letters can be a sign that the person
is smart and curious. But they suppress aggression and other intense
emotions way too often. Rounded letters are common for creative people
and kind-hearted people. They have a vivid imagination and impress
others with their artistic abilities. 9. What does your “o” look like? If you write it with a neat closed circle,
then you tend to keep most of your thoughts and emotions to yourself. What’s more, others like to share their
secrets with you since they know you’re discreet. If the circle in this letter is broken, then
it indicates that communication is something you’re good at. But sometimes you can overshare information
with others. 10. How do you write “e”? If you write it with a narrow loop it implies
that you have a skeptical attitude toward people and ideas. When others express strong emotions in your
presence you don’t get fazed and stay calm. A wide loop suggests you’re open-minded. There’s nothing more interesting for you
than trying new experiences and exploring unknown concepts. 11. How do you cross your “t”? If you use a long cross, then you’re known
for your enthusiasm and determination. But at times you can be way too stubborn. Short crosses signify that you tend to be
lazy and postpone doing something to the very last minute. If the cross is at the very top you have high
ambitions and plans. You love and accept yourself just the way
you are. If you cross the letter in the middle – you’re
optimistic and confident, but sometimes you’re left wanting more from life. 12. What does your signature hide? If your signature is legible and sharp, you’re
a strong person and don’t like to pretend. If your signature is illegible, you value
privacy and you’re hard to read and understand. As you see now, understanding the secrets
of handwriting isn’t that hard and it can provide a lot of interesting information. But the way you write reveals not only your
character; it can tell something about your health as well! For example, if your writing is excessively
forceful it might be a sign of high blood pressure. Tiny cramped letters with a varying slant
that are hard to read might indicate some psychological or brain problems. By the way, criminal investigators often work
with graphologists. And here’s how they figure out if someone
tells a lie – there are drastic changes in their handwriting style throughout a text. Ok, here’s a question: how often do you
write with a pen? Let me know in the comments! In our digital era, people use old-school
paper and pen less and less. Typing on a laptop or digital notepad seems
like a convenient time-saver. But there’re some perks of writing by hand
that none of these devices can give you. Now, taking notes with a pen helps you store
the information much longer. Typing on a laptop makes you process the information
more superficially, and that’s why you forget it easily. But actual writing stimulates you to actively
summarize and analyze the things you want to remember. Because of it, you need less time to recall
them later. Second, using a pen more often is a great
way to keep your brain sharp. A study by psychologist Karin James of Indiana
University suggests that only writing activates special regions in your brain. Typing just doesn’t work the same way. So, the more you activate those regions by
writing, the longer your cognitive abilities will stay strong. Bottom Line: Writing the right way for writers
is alright. Right? Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. Well good something for you. Morning or night.
    Happy new year & I want everyone to make this year better then last

  2. i have changed my handwriting about 1000 times in 2 years for getting good marks in exam does that mean my persionality changed 1000 times

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  6. My handwriting changes alot,so after writing a test it looks like 5 people wrote on my test sheet.
    I can also mimic other people's handwriting,but not signatures.

  7. It is most of the time how someoene learnt it on school.
    If you learnt that the letters are close written. Then you get that so with al others things

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  10. I'm all of these! Im good at making friends, I'm imaginative, I usually use print, my o's are both closed and open (they loop and close but they have a spike at the start.). Summary:
    I'm imaginative, smart, & social. It takes time to trust someone & I like being around people.

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    Iam here curious to know what my hand writing tells about .

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  12. While writing something the first front page will be cool and stunning but after 2 sheet's it will become worst and worst even after 3 paper I've noticed that my handwriting is different in 2 sheets.
    I don't know why it's really exciting one 😂🤣 day my lecture caught me that she thought that my answer paper was written by someone else's 😂🤣 literally I've survived

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