What Your Smile Says About You

What Your Smile Says About You

Hey there! Why the long face? For years you have been told that your face
is the index of your mind. While it’s debatable, your smile can reveal
a lot about you. Many researchers have concluded that the way
we smile often reflects our personality. Whether it is a slight smirk or a full-on
grin, your smile displays how you are. In this video, we are going to talk about
what your smile says about you. Now let’s get on with it. #1 Half Smile It isn’t exactly a smile, but then again,
it isn’t exactly a smirk. A half smile is a grey area for a lot of people. It is one of the most confusing smiles. You wouldn’t really understand a person if
they greeted you with a half smile. What would you guess about the person? That they are more shrewd than they let others
believe. This could be the only logical conclusion
after seeing a half smile. It makes sense, as a person wouldn’t let out
a half smile unless they are forcing it. Of course, it could also mean discomfort or
awkwardness. It is normal human behaviour to make light
of an awkward situation. For this, many people may flash a half smile. A half smile is quite charming if done the
right way. This could be used as a form of flattery by
many flirtatious people. As this one is hard to pinpoint, we would
have to keep the assumptions open. It is slightly deceptive and hence hard to
be certain. #2 The Full Smile When you see a person with a full smile, you
are looking at a confident person. This is the kind of person who doesn’t take
any nonsense from anyone and will do what they think is right. It is in their nature to be bold and upfront
about their opinions. They can be quite blunt. You are more likely to be extroverted than
introverted. You like to project yourself as open-minded
and big-hearted. This is why you like sporting a full smile
on your face. But at times, you may be a bit too blunt. This could often get you into trouble without
really understanding the full extent of it. On the upside, you are a natural leader. It is not a big deal for you to lead a team. In relationships, you’re someone who likes
to dominate. Although, you don’t mind your partner being
the dominant one. Only for a short period of time. As a parent, you are usually great. Unfortunately, you have this habit of getting
carried away. As such, it is safe to say that you aren’t
always that focused. Before we move on to the next point, try checking
our video on hidden signs to know if someone likes you. Alright, let’s continue now… #3 Smirk If a full smile means an extroverted character,
then a smirk means a rather introverted character. You are slightly misunderstood. You’re actually a friendly person once they
get to know you. Unfortunately, they don’t want to try and
become friends with you. Well, actually they don’t know how to become
friends with you. You are an eccentric who likes to do things
their own way. You are very creative and while you may have
more than one creative outlet, you wouldn’t want to share them. This is mainly because of the fact that you
feel misunderstood. Your fear is that you will be misinterpreted
and form a protective barrier around yourself. This also keeps you from making new friends. Your taste in music isn’t likely to be something
mainstream. You will also find it hard to get a partner,
although once you get one, you will be loyal to them. #4 Friendly Smile Perhaps the most recognizable smile is the
friendly smile. The smile you give when you mean no harm to
anyone. As such, we could speculate that you are a
happy-go-lucky person. You are naturally laidback and easy to get
along with. This is one of the reasons why you have such
a big social circle. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any
downsides. You aren’t very practical and can sometimes
be naive. While this attracts other people towards you,
it doesn’t always attract good people. Some people might try to exploit or manipulate
you. It is in some people’s nature to try and take
advantage of other human beings. This is why you need to be careful while socializing
with others. Always remember to prioritize yourself in
adverse situations. If you end up prioritizing others over yourself,
it will invite opportunists. Try making some good friends along the way
and stay in touch with them over the course of time. #5 Fake Smile Admit it, we have all faked a smile before. Although we aren’t talking about everyone
here. If you happen to make this a habit, it is
likely that you are trying too hard to make light of a situation. Though it may not always go down well with
others. Some people will write you off as fake, especially
in today’s world where people are too quick to jump the gun. You will end up losing a lot of friends, and
end up being completely alone. Even though, all you are actually trying to
do is get along with everyone. It’s not easy for you though. It becomes very difficult for you to socialize. Most people who fake a smile are socially
awkward. So whenever you are in a situation where you
have to make a social connection, you feel awkward. The fake smile that you put on your face is
just a part of the act. Oh and most of the time, people who fake a
smile have underlying issues with depression. So don’t be too quick to judge. #6 Cold Smile We’re entering darker territory. Have you ever seen anyone whose eyes don’t
smile when their lips do? Confusing? Let us simplify, we smile when our brain gets
stimulated and our eyes often reciprocate by forming wrinkles or curves on both outer
sides. For some people, the eyes remain still. They don’t make any movement or form any expression. If you are like that, then you are a hard
person to read. Some might find you friendly and that is the
way you want to be seen. In reality though, there is a lot of darkness
in you. You are sensitive and emotional. As a result, you can be hurt easily. You try to protect yourself but at the same
time you try not to be rude. There are two sides of you. One that is kind and compassionate and another
that holds a grudge. There is an underlying dark side of you that
you don’t like to deal with. Unfortunately, that dark side often takes
you down the road of depression. What works for you? You have a lot of mental strength and fortitude
that works in your favour. Because of this, you often find ways to fight
your demons and rise from your own ashes. Well that was dramatic, wasn’t it? How about you lighten up by checking out our
video, “Why You Should Date a Sagittarius?” #7 Mischievous Grin These folks may as well walk around with a
T-Shirt that reads, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” You are really mischievous and have a playful
temperament. You like to walk around poking fun at other
people. You are also likely to be a troll on the internet. Some might think you are insensitive but you
don’t care. For you, life is only meant to be lived once. You try to make the most of every situation,
which is why you find yourself in such troublesome scenarios. But you come out of them unscathed and you’ll
do it again. It is in your nature and you love your nature. You are also very flirtatious and can be a
bit promiscuous as well. We can’t say for sure that you’re but you
don’t care. You just want to have fun. Your natural happy-go-lucky nature attracts
a lot of people and that is why you always find yourself in good company. You don’t always do justice to that company
though. Instead when you get bored, you go looking
for new friends. So, which type of smile do you have? Do you know anyone with these smiles? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  2. Which type of smile do you have? Do you know anyone with these smiles? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. If you're reading this, I pray that one day you find someone who loves you so much that you forget what it feels like to be hurt. I pray that you let them in to fix every broken piece of you & I pray that they accept every flaw & insecurity you have & show you the beauty in them.

  4. I have a mix between the mischievous smell and the cold one sametimes i will give a fake smell only if i am really sad

  5. Maybe some people have Problems with their teeth and can't afford to fix them… maybe they are shy , Depressed having a Bad Day or a Gazillion Other things may be going on… I Don't smile much and I get tired of people telling me to smile..I Also only have ever smiled at someone I felt comfortable with I Don't go around grinning like an Idiot. I Actually Can't Stand the way some people smile, like when they open their entire mouth SO BIG YOU CAN LITERALLY COUNT EVERY TOOTH IN THEIR MOUTH AND YOU CAN SEE THEIR TONSILS..😁😆

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