Which Metroid has the BEST Samus Character Design?

Which Metroid has the BEST Samus Character Design?

Metroid was a series that stood apart from
the Mario’s and the Zelda’s following its release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Taking clear inspiration from 1979’s ALIEN,
Nintendo broke away from their colourful games creating a desolate and isolating space experience. But the inspiration wasn’t just in theme,
Metroid, like ALIEN also featured a strong female lead, bounty hunter Samus Aran. A skilled warrior, Samus came equipped with
her power suit, a high tech bit of kit that equipped her with an arsenal of attacks and
unconventional abilities, perfect for combatting alien monstrosities. Over time, Samus has changed a lot, with her
power suit and physical appearance both going through a serious evolution. It’s worth clarifying that she is commonly
depicted in artwork and promotional footage in her varia suit upgraded form and while
I’ll make distinctions on some occasions, I will largely stick to her main designs from
each game. This means less of a focus on power ups like
the gravity suit and various other upgrades. This is largely for my own sanity and I’d
prefer to analyse the style rather than the power-up looks themselves. I’m also going to sack off her Federation
Force appearance entirely, as her main appearance is as a big ball. Samus might be one of the most subjective
episodes yet as her design has differed significantly over the years, but that won’t stop me. Let’s find out which Samus design I think
truly is best. Now, whilst my studio is busy being destroyed. Please don’t forget to click the notification
bell and like the video if you want to see more videos like these. The original Metroid released on the Nintendo
Entertainment System in 1986 and was Samus’ debut. Her design here is kind of what you’d expect
from 80’s sci-fi, it reminds me of something you might find in a classic movie or TV series. Her design is made up of oranges, reds and
greens primarily, though this is dependent on what region’s artwork you’re looking at. The power suit itself used angular shapes,
broad pointy shoulders, and had a shiny finish that looked like it’d be tough to break through. The gaps in key areas on the arms, legs and
knees made it clear that this suit emphasised mobility. The design was established clearly here; with
a colour palette, pointed knee covers, helmet and plasma rifle becoming mainstays for the
design going forward. The instruction booklet also featured cute
renditions of the power suit, with little cartoon illustrations doing a solid job setting
the tone for her in-game appearance. Her 8-bit sprite recreated this well given
the technical limitations. Samus retained the height that was present
in the artwork and the slim design reflects the freedom of movement the power suit allows
her. There are a few additions of colours in different
places, ie. The feet, but this is likely for visibility
reasons, the game is dark, so it helps that Samus is clearly viewable by the player. The varia suit upgrade acted as a colour swap
for Samus, transforming the power suit into a pink variant. The big twist of this game was the reveal
that Samus was actually a woman. The instruction booklet and promotional material
had made no reference to this and given that the big Nintendo females at the time were
princesses and damsels in distress, it did come as a big shock! Her reveal came in the games ending, as she
removed her helmet to reveal long brunette hair and a hilariously undetailed pixelated
face. If you were a horn dog teenager at the time,
you could also replay the game to try and get a better time, as this would reveal more
and more of Samus’ female form the quicker you beat the game, if only the world was innocent
in the modern day. A cheat code also allowed you to play as Samus
out of the power suit too, but while she retained the pink boots and leotard from the games
ending, her hair was strangely coloured green. While her human designs would be redefined
over the years, the green hair made its only appearance here and it’s a bit of a jarring
addition. Metroid 2 would follow the first game in 1991,
releasing for Nintendo’s popular Gameboy handheld. From the get go, the box art for the game
featured a new look for Samus which added a lot to the design previously established. The colour palette became a bit more advanced,
moving away from the greens in favour of darker guns and darker sub sections of the suit. Yellow was now also a key colour that stood
out amongst the red and orange. The biggest change was the new large rounded
shoulders, which I will dive into more into a moment. In game, Samus’ sprite is a tremendous leap
forward from what was presented in the previous game, featuring a taller, less compacted sprite
that included the finer details of the character. When compared side by side, this is an incredibly
accurate scaling down of how Samus had looked in the previous game. But while this was more advanced, the colour
limitations of the Gameboy left a problem� How would the varia suit upgrade be noticeable
without a pink colour swap? The answer was an overhaul of the design entirely,
with the new larger shoulders becoming a staple of Samus’s design going forward. The games ending again showed off Samus out
of her suit, though this time around she had a face that featured a few more pixels. Appearing in her vest and underwear, this
was a clear nod to the ending of the first Alien movie and the iconic look of Ellen Ripley,
it’s a really cool inclusion in my eyes that symbolises the inspiration the series had
on the game. In 1994 Samus made her next appearance on
the Super Nintendo in the aptly named Super Metroid. The artwork featured here is very similar
to Metroid 2, though the game manual and box art focuses more on the varia suit. The design looks a bit bulkier to me, with
the large frame and shoulders especially looking like a broad muscular body type, perhaps again
to throw off newcomers into thinking she was man. Samus’s sprite saw a clear upgrade yet again,
with the level of detail now really reflecting her look in the promotional artwork. The in-game differences between the original
power suit and the varia suit were really apparent here, as the colour palettes had
so much more to them. Samus’ death animation in this game saw her
power suit fade away and give a glimpse of the female form within. In fact, in japan, they saw a bit more than
just a glimpse! And thus emerging teenagers would choose to
die intentionally over and over again. This inclusion was a constant reminder that
Samus was not who you might think she was at first glance and the death animation would
become a staple for the series going forward. The end screen of course, again gave the world
another look at her out of the suit. Here you could really see a lot more detail
to Samus than you had done before, she was clearly in great shape, with ripped abs and
a muscular frame, which would make sense given the adventure she’s been on and the power
suit she’s been carrying around. She’s got a bit of a grungy style to her,
with the frizzy hair and the black bangle. It’s been said on record that this rendition
of Samus was based on actor Kim Basinger, it’s not a half bad depiction of her either. While there was no Metroid game officially
released for the Nintendo 64, 1999 did see Samus debut in the first ever Super Smash
Bros game. The fighting game didn’t really make any changes
to Samus’ design, but the model that was presented was a clear attempt at bringing the previous
design from Super Metroid into the new era of polygons and blocky 3D Graphics. I think they did a good job of translating
this look over. The more interesting note from this game for
me was in the promotional art. Smash Bros 64 featured a unique series of
cartoon-like depictions of many famous Nintendo characters. In Samus’ case, this largely meant her features
were exaggerated and her proportions made less realistic. I guess this is as close as we’ll come to
getting a Toon Samus! Excluding federation force of course� I
still refuse to mention it� Though I guess I’m technically mentioning it now. Samus returned to handhelds in 2002, making
her debut on the Gameboy Advance with Metroid Fusion, and the title was a clue to the drastic
change her design would go through this time. The prologue to Fusion saw Samus combine with
the X Parasite, an alien lifeform which infected both her and her power suit. The result to this combination leaves Samus
in a hospital bed with the infected parts of her suit forcibly removed. The orange colours, large shoulder pads and
exterior sections are all removed, leaving behind a smoother looking blue material. The excess of blue, the curved features and
the new fin like spikes on Samus’ arms really hammer in the new Alien presence in this design. In the gameplay itself, Samus’ original sprite
shares a lot of similarities with her Super Metroid Design, though like the games artwork,
once the X parasite has its way, parts of this original sprite are stripped away to
make this new look for Samus. I like drastic change a lot in series like
this and it’s nice to see experimentation with established designs. I think Fusion does a very good job of throwing
a new coat of paint at Samus and this really helps this game stand apart with its own unique
identity. Out of her power suit, Samus would also forego
a massive change from the previous game. In a major departure from the previous Kim
Basinger inspired look, Samus’ death animation gives a preview of the new design we will
find featured in the games ending. Samus now had long, bleach blonde hair and
went through a noticeable body change, looking slimmer as opposed to ripped. She basically went from being inspired by
an actor and action films to being a fully-fledged anime waifu. This may have just been them going with trends
and moving away from what was popular in the 90’s, but it felt like a distinct choice to
make the Samus underneath the suit look as feminine as possible. In 2004, Nintendo decided to revisit the original
Metroid, creating a fully-fledged remake, again for the GBA. The original Metroid had been quite limited
in terms of graphic style and the follow up games had moved quite far away from Samus’
original look, Metroid: Zero Mission feels like an attempt to give the game a more appropriate
place within the rest of the series. The new design retains some traits from the
original, the main artwork for example features a similar pose and shoulder shape as well
as featuring a simple colour palette, the design also featured a thicker line style
and excessive use of shading, a much modern take in regards to art style. Personally I think that the shading is there
to hone in the sense of mystery that surrounded the original title and it does a good job
presenting this on the cover of the game. During gameplay, the sprite is an authentic
reimagining of the original as well, feeling like a mixture of Metroid and Super Metroid. As alluded to before, the power suit is now
more of a yellow rather than orange, but there is a specific reason for this. The varia suit power up now turns Samus into
a shade of orange that better reflects her designs in later games, which is a nice little
retcon that I can get behind. The game’s title, Zero Mission, didn’t just
apply to the fact that this was an origin story, this game also featured the first appearance
of Zero Suit Samus. This was a new design reserved for the rare
moments where she would step outside of the power suit. Of course this is notably present in Samus’
death animation, as well as the end screens that we’ve also come to expect… Much like in Fusion, she also can be found
in her hot pants. This blue skin tight outfit with the newly
established ponytail represented the new design of Samus on the GBA and it felt like this
game was the testing ground as to whether we’d see more of Samus out of her power armour. A pixelated version of this form would also
appear in the game as a playable character, going far beyond the Justin Bailey cheat code
of the original, Zero Suit Samus would be playable in a section of the games story itself. Now we’ve already mentioned 2002, but this
year also featured the debut entry in Nintendo’s 3D Metroid series, Metroid Prime. While these games would still feature a heavy
focus on action and exploration, it was now in the form of a first person shooter. This meant that Samus tended to only appear
in cut scenes, the games artwork, and occasionally in the reflection of her visor. Samus actually starts this game off in her
varia suit and this does look similar to previous depictions but with a number of slight changes. The Gamecube was a much more powerful system
so finer details were added, this included further development of Samus’ shoulders, which
were even bigger, with extended ridges and small panels of LED lighting visible between
surfaces. Her chest piece also featured lighting which
omitted a similar green to the jewel like spheres that could previously be found on
her hands and legs. After the games prologue Samus loses the varia
suit, and we’re given a look at her power suit once again. This design feels like a throwback to the
designs from previous games, it’s a slimmer design with less weight to it. The shoulders combine with the chest plate
to create armour that to me at least is very reminiscent of some of the Saiyan looks from
the Dragonball series. I’m probably the only one who thinks that. As the series developed, Samus would retain
much of this design, though the shape of her visor would rotate inwards, creating a somewhat
more aggressive expression for the suit. The design also appeared to get a bit cleaner
over time as well, with the main renders of Samus looking a bit sleeker. Out of this suit though, the changes to Samus
were really quite drastic. Prime 1 saw a face reveal similar to the classic
games, which showed off a realistic looking Samus that reflected the art design of the
games world. However following the release of GBA titles,
Samus took on a look that was clearly inspired by the anime style and Zero Suit Samus. This is especially jarring in Prime 2, but
by the time 3 came around, the look was a bit more established and fitted in with the
games aesthetic a bit better. *Deep breath* Now for the one everyone hates. Metroid: Other M hit the Nintendo Wii in 2010
and tried to take the series in a new direction. Featuring a mixture of 2D and 3D action as
well as being one of the most plot heavy games cutscene wise. Samus went through quite a lot of changes
in this game, though they might not be immediately noticeable to those that aren’t massive fans
of the franchise. Her abilities were no longer found in the
world, instead unlocking as the plot progressed and more importantly, Samus’ characterisation
felt a little bit… Off. But design wise? The power suit in this game in its basic form
was yellow from top to bottom, it kind of feels like some of the previous varia suits
from past titles as it features the large rounded shoulders and the same abdominal style
patterns. Well, there’s a reason for that, the varia
suit actually IS this suit, unlocking itself as the plot progresses� And when Samus is
told that she is allowed to use it. While previous games featured the suit as
a bulky and advanced battle armour. Other M represents it in a simpler and much
thinner fashion, it’s far pointier and her chest plate protrudes in a triangular style
shape. Personally I think this change largely comes
from them trying to make a fast paced game, and wanting a power suit that reflects that,
but I don’t think it’s necessary. In an odd way it feels like they tried to
make the suit itself more feminine, much like Zero Suit Samus in the past. Speaking of Zero Suit Samus, she’s here too,
more than ever in fact as her suit can now revert to its Zero Suit form at will, and
it seems to do so during Samus’ weaker moments in the story. Notably, her feminine features have seen some
significant upgrades … Her face for example! It now features a beauty spot or a beauty
mark, dependent on what you want to call it. Clearly a feature intended to emphasise her
beauty. Other changes to this design include Samus’
shorter hair bangs and her platform style heels, a stark difference from the characters
original concept art. Speaking of the heels, Samus seems to need
them here, as the character appears to be much shorter than she had been previously. Now, earlier on I addressed Super Smash Bros
64 and Samus’ appearance in that title. She of course has continued to stay on in
that series and her designs have had some changes made to them along the way, often
using a modified design from a recently released game. Super Smash Brothers Melee on the Gamecube,
similar to the N64 version featured Samus in her Super Metroid power suit, it’s a bit
strange that they didn’t try to bring in the Prime design here, but I guess they focussed
on building on the original and what they already had. Brawl went on to feature a similar design
that would include some of the details of the suit that were present in Metroid Zero
Mission and Fusion. Later entries, Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate,
both use a modified version of the Other M design, it’s still sleek in places, but generally
speaking it feels a bit bulkier and more like Samus’ classic varia suit. Brawl would also introduce Zero Suit Samus
as a new playable character with her design and costume based off of Zero Mission. As the series would develop she would gain
her Other M outfit and beauty spot, whilst retaining the classic ponytail design. As alternate outfits she also had her ending
costumes from Fusion and Zero Mission. The biggest difference with these designs
was the decision to give her stiletto style high heels, a feature that has never been
present in any of the other games. In 2017, Nintendo Released Return of Samus
for the 3DS and that’s right, it was a remake of the original Metroid 2 that I discussed
earlier in this video. Check out the box art for the original vs
this new version of the classic design and the changes are massively apparent. Samus’ varia suit got a modern overhaul to
better reflect her appearances across the Metroid titles, with some key differences
that I think really benefit this design. One big change lies with the lighting present
in her visor, shoulders and suit, omitting an almost nuclear level of brightness. The suit also looks a bit more tin-man like,
it’s covered with a steel like shiny texture, moving parts of the suit appear to now work
on hinges, her shoes look more like armour and the shoulders look like they now feature
large engines powering them. Before obtaining this suit in-game, Samus
does rock her power suit which looks very similar to the design that was established
in Prime. Zero Suit Samus makes her presence known again
in this title, though death animations and the games endings reveal that while she has
retained a similar outfit to Other M, she is now is back to her trademark hairstyle. There’s a throwback to numerous other versions
of Samus in these endings, which even include the Justin Bailey cheat code Samus from the
original game. It doesn’t look any more right on a more powerful
platform. That’s all of the designs I’m going to look
at today and it’s a really tough choice as to which one I think is the best. If I was going to go purely from a power suit
perspective, I think I’d go with Prime, it’s a physically imposing design that presents
Samus with a serious level of realism that I think compliments these series of games
perfectly. Outside of the armour though I think this
is where the design falls short. As a full package, I think that the Samus
from Super Metroid is the definitive Samus design, I’m a big fan of the sprite work present
in the game and considering the year it released in, it still does a great job putting me into
the shoes of a space warrior on an interesting alien planet. This design looks even better in other games
such as Smash Bros 64 and Melee with the changes made to the varia suit having a clear impact
on the designs evolution, with many signature features becoming mainstays in Samus’ look. While I don’t hate the Zero Suit Samus design
that was established later in the series, I think that Samus works best as a kick ass
woman underneath the suit. Though we don’t see as much of her as we would
in later titles, I absolutely love the Kim Basinger inspired look. It makes perfect sense for her to be a tall,
muscular woman and I think this is a look that could’ve been explored much more in future
games. Given that retro aesthetics are really in
at the moment, I’d love to see a new 2D Metroid that really did draw on the look and feel
of ALIEN, I think incorporating elements of this design into Zero Suit Samus could lead
to a truly memorable Metroid experience. Of course as ever, this is just my opinion. Let me know what you think below in the comments
section and tell me which design you like best too. Tell me how wrong I am as well of course and
let me know which characters you’d like to see covered next. At this time, I want to say a massive thank
you to my first set of Patrons who are now supporting the channel on a monthly basis. With a special thanks to Top Hat Gaming Man
who is supporting me in the highest tier of donations. If you would like to see your name in the
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100 thoughts on “Which Metroid has the BEST Samus Character Design?

  1. You do such an incredible job with this series! Be proud because this is work worth sharing. I'm a pleb who has only played Prime and Fusion (so by nature, I'm drawn to the Prime design).. I enjoyed the games but was never swept off my feet to the point that I wanted to revisit older released. Anyways, keep rocking it my friend, and thank you for your hard tireless work in producing content for the masses.

  2. Honestly, despite the high heels, I feel like Smash Ultimate's slight redesign for Zero Suit Samus is the best of her "outside of armor" designs. She maintains all of the advancements made in the past twenty years, while finally giving her back some muscle. She actually feels like someone who is at the peak of human athleticism.

  3. First of all, this was an amazing video, I loved it!

    Now to my favorite designs, I really like the Varia Suit from Samus Returns, all the detail it has on the cannons and shoulders are amazing. My only problem with it is that the visor is a little too thin, but I do like the glow.

    For the Zero Suit… I feel like some people are gonna disagree with me, but the design from Smash Bros. (Sm4sh and Ultimate) are my favorite ones. Many people dislike the jet boots but I like them a lot, I just feel like they fit with the character really well, it's something that she can carry around with her without noticeable problems. She's always equipped with various different power-ups, ready for each scenario, and the Jet Boots just fit perfectly as an aid for the Zero Suit, when she has less equipment.

  4. I like almost all the powersuit designs a lot. Favorite is probably Prime if we only count the standard power/varia suit. I probably prefer the Echoes and Corruption variant a bit more since they look slightly more refined.
    The only powersuit designs I don't like very much are the Other M one and the Samus Returns one. The Other M one looks too feminine and the Samus Returns one went a bit too far when it comes to shoulder size imo.

    As for Samus without a suit… tbh I don't care for any of them all that much. I was never the biggest fan of the zero suit as I think it just amounts to fanservice (it looks more like bodypaint than a suit). If I had to choose one, probably either the one from Return of Samus (for the Alien reference), Super Metroid (for the muscle) or the first Prime (for the realism). The one from Corruption also doesn't look that bad despite being more anime-inspired.
    Most of the other zero suit designs I really don't like though, especially the ones from Other M and Smash 4 who look more like dominatrices than soldiers imo.

  5. Smash ultimate ZSS really sells the look of a physically fit an strong woman. The heels aren't practical by any means and aren't my favorite design choice, but they're incorporated in her moveset well.

  6. My favorite design is probably the Prime-2-3 design. The design of the suit is decently bulky but doesn't look too top heavy like Samus returns or Prime 1. The green lines and more angled visor helps the suit feel more dynamic than Prime 1. While Samus's arm cannon may seem oversized compared to other versions of the suit, its size does help emphasize the importance of the arm cannon in these games with all the different weapon modes and combos. Overall I like the Prime 2-3 suit since it looks like a suit that is a walking arsenal of weapons, yet it's proportions are balanced enough were Samus can still believably be shown performing dynamic acrobatics when needed.

  7. I think Nintendo finally gets the samus should be muscular thing, look at her change from smash 4 to ultimate. Thicc thighs that save lives.

    But great video man!

  8. It seems you lacked mentioning the SA-X in fusion, and the Ancient Power Suit from Zero Mission, which both resemble the Varia suit in Super.

    Not a huge deal, though.

  9. As someone who's a huge fan of the series, my favorite design surprisingly lined up exactly with your final decision. The Super Varia suit is great, though I do find myself leaning more towards the Prime 2-3 design honestly. I love the Zero Suit in Zero Mission and Prime 3, but I wish she appeared more muscular like in Super Metroid. I still wish Smash would go back to the Samus and ZSS designs from Brawl, honestly.
    Some other points I'd like to bring up:
    >In Samus Returns, Samus' suit still retains some design choices from Other M, such as the smoother waist and exaggerated chest armor size, and I'm personally not at all a fan of the much angrier visor she has. It reminds me of Dark Samus almost, and I feel this design comes from SR trying to be a much more action-focused game than the original Metroid II. In addition to this, you can also notice that Samus' Zero Suit retains the platform heels, and even the power suit has raised heels now (this is more easily visible in the concept art, but it is present on the models still).
    >Starting with Prime 2 (and also the same design is in Prime Hunters), the Varia suit also has some added large, green lights on the legs. Not very noticeable in promo art, but it is very visible ingame. Also, even though the visor is more angular starting here, I feel that it's still largely rectangular enough to appear both strong, but not necessarily completely aggressive yet, which I feel is a good design choice.

    Also while I know everybody hates Federation Force, I dunno, I still don't think it's got a "bad" artstyle. It came out at a terrible time yeah, but as a spinoff when we already had a pretty cartoony sprite in the first game, I think it's not exactly a hellspawn like everyone makes it out to be.
    …it's also a pretty fun game with friends when you take it as a spinoff… you guys are just mean…

  10. My opinion on "zero suit" hate the name btw… is just take ripped Samus' body from Super and place Prime 1 face on it. Boom Samus.

  11. I'm a pretty big fan of the PED suit. Aka the only major suit design you didn't cover XD Since Samus spends like 90% of that game in that suit I consider it more of a total redesign than just an upgrade.

  12. I agree with prime being the best power suit….but with smash 4/ultimate being the best zero suit. Smash 4 goes for sex appeal and ultimate makes her tone more.realistic…both work well…bit I love how she looks.

    Sexy and says afew lines with a deep voice yet still a alien slaying badass…that's how I depict samus aran

  13. I actually have a tie for both armored Samus and Zero Suit. My favorite armored is her Varia Suit from Prime 2 and her Fusion Suit. And as for her Zero Suit, it's between Smash Ultimate and her concept art for Metroid: Samus Returns. I think Smash Ultimate nailed her look by having her be fit af while also maintaining the sex appeal that she's been know for, but if that's not for you then her zero suit concept art for Samus Return resembles perfectly what I think a badass lone bounty hunter carrying around that huge armor should realistically look like.

  14. 16:52 "it's a bit strange that they didn't try to bring in the prime design" because sakurai hates prime. it just makes no sense to still use the bad other m design.

  15. I absolutely despise the newer Zero Suit look. Samus used to look like a real hero with more natural hair color and a body type that belonged to an Olympic athlete. Now she looks like a generic animé waif. Total disservice to the character.

  16. I prefer the Fusion suit. That might just be that the second game i played next to Super Metroid, but the suit also just looks beautiful and the game’s story is epic. The other ones are certainly cool, but the Fusion Suit sets apart from the others. Love the video!

  17. It’s so hard to choose…I like a bulkier design that gives off the idea that she is supposed to be an undercover woman, not a woman until revealed to be. So having a suit that looks more Manly and bulky is amazing, but I’m not a huge fan of those GIANT basketball shoulders either. Prime design has a weird helmet, an odd mix that doesn’t mesh well IMO, plus big shoulders :/ I Do like the other M design because, since the mystery of Samus being a female is out, it’s ok for her to still look agile and bad ass at the same time. It looks a bit too rounded and soft in some areas like the helmet, but besides that I feel it fits her well and still looks cool. Return of Samus (3DS) looks good and has plenty of cool new elements, but I’m still not a fan of how HUGE the shoulders are. Looks less feminine and I like that, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the other M design used in Smash Ultimate as well (refuse to say Other M Any more cuz that just leave a bad taste in the mouth) ZSS is another can of worms, in ultimate she is much more muscular than she was on SSB4, sadly a lot of thickness got removed
    (RIP Snake) but it works just as fine, and she still looks bad ass with or without her suit…maybe Prime 4 will have a new render I like a lot and gets a nice blend of sleek and manly design with broad shoulders that aren’t HUGE AF, maybe I contradicted myself -_-“ made sense when I thought about it…

  18. Man… the amount of views this video has compared to others really shows how much Metroid is known nowadays…

  19. I think the more feminine zero suit gives more of a distinction between her in the suit and out of it. It's like batman. The less like herself she seems out of the suit the more meaning the suit has. The suit is more than just armor it's an extension of herself. She needs it as a character.

  20. I think due to the sad fact that Metroid just isn't as popular compared to Mario, Zelda, and Sonic is why this vid wasn't as well-received. My favorite default design is the Prime 2-3 Varia suit; its just the perfect blend of sleekness and believability as far as armor goes. Regarding other designs, I really love the Gravity Fusion suit; (bet you couldn't tell lol) the look of the Fusion suit itself combined with the purple and green just always appealed to me. I've never cared for the Zero suit and always found it a bit ridiculous that Samus would wear a skin-tight body suit under an armored one; how does her skin breathe?? lol

  21. "I swear I used to be 6'3"" lol but REAL men can't have women taller than them!
    (I would love a woman taller than me irl, I'm tall as hell and it sucks)

  22. I'm quite fond of Smash 4 Samus when it comes to the Power Suit. It looks bulky enough while still also looking somewhat feminine. When it comes to ZSS I like the Ultimate one best. I've personally always known ZSS as the one in the blue suit, and I like how she actually looks fit in Ultimate unlike how she was in 4.

  23. The green hair is the Justin bailey code is from the Varia suit being collected. The normal sprite has more normal hair

  24. sorry the vid bombed a bit. just wanted to let you know you did a great job with it.
    I guess metroid is just kinda niche

  25. I don't know if I would say that Samus Returns's Samus has the best design overall, but it is sure the one I like the most. It just looks so cool to me. Sure, Prime / Super Metroid also do a great work, of course, but I think that in Samus Returns they wanted to make a powerful Samus, and the art for the game sure does reflect that.

  26. Samus' transformation into an anime waifu really saddens me. You can be a thin blondie and still be badass of course, but the media seems think that women with muscle are automaticly ugly and that's just not true. Besides they could have at least kept her six pack.

  27. I think you're right, it is difficult to tell which one of the two is better, between the Super Metroid and Metroid Prime designs. Giving the prize to the SM one because of how influencial it would become is probably the best route to take (Though in game I prefer the Metroid Prime one more because of the atmosphere it creates, but this is probably just because Metroid Prime was just too good a game.)

  28. This is a nice video! I'm a huge fan of the series and I've never noticed all of these small changes. I've always been disappointed by the out-of-suit designs, to be honest. I agree that it is strongest in super metroid but I've always disliked how cheese-cakey it's been from the beginning. I think it really suffers from a common issue with character designers focusing more on making female characters attractive rather than visually interesting or fitting, which is something male characters have to deal with less often. I'm sure the artists in the original game were looking to highlight the contrast between the suit and what players expected to see inside, but I would like to see an out-of-suit design that does just as much to convey samus's strength, adaptability, and athleticism as her in-suit design.

  29. I want to take a second to mention that if you were to go back to the title screen after the ending and started a new game, you would actually use the un-suited sprite, brown hair and all. The green hair is only due to the Justin Bailey code starting you off with the Varia Suit color pallet, so that little inconsistency might make more sense now.

  30. Nice work. You could consider game restrictions more. The GB grayscale limitation is one you did. The resolution of the platforms is one you didn't say much about. The other handheld ones are, whether using sprites or models, designed for smaller resolutions, which is why M:SR's has such large glowy bits. I'm sure there are other considerations to cover, like you did the pace of the games regarding M:OM.

  31. I'm really fond of the particularly angular and intimidating design of Samus Returns, though the semi-organic design of Fusion also appeals to me in its strangeness. Though it reminds me of how frustrating it is that Nintendo still hasn't made any chronological sequels to Fusion.

    Among many other things, I dislike Other M's designs for both armored and unarmored Samus. I wish Smash Ultimate had used a different design.

  32. I know you did just Mario not too far back, but I think a video on Bowser would be really neat, cause unlike Mario his designed didn't get really concrete till like 64

  33. Not gonna lie, the newest designs from Samus Returns are by far my favorites. The metallic sheen and green lighting is dope, and her shoulders actually give off a generator feel. Her suit is powerful, so it would make sense for it to have those big ol’ engines. Not to mention the Zero Suit, which looks as cool as ever. I hope they keep them for Metroid Prime 4.

  34. I will always love the Super Metroid design. I really think the tallness and bulkiness really fits Samus more and wish they still depicted her more today. I don’t really like the other M Samus suit as much, but I’m glad that smash made the suit looks more like Samus we all know and giving her that same feeling that the Super Metroid Samus has.

  35. Thank for pointing out that the brawl design Samus isn’t just the Super Metroid one. I believe that it’s based off the varia suit that shows up at the end of zero mission.

  36. I think it's easier to list samus designs I don't like, which would be prime power suit, samus returns varia suit and prime 2 zero suit. It's always nice to see the character represented in many different styles and I think Samus lends herself well to that, since I think everyone has a different interpretation of how she'd look in their mind. Tall or small Samus I don't think is something that really matters, depends on what sort relationship she has with her suit that the game wants to communicate.

    For Other M, big Suit but small Samus is a good metaphor to the "Cold, hard badass exterior. Conflicted and vulnerable human interior" theme that the game tried to use but didn't manage to do anything meanigful with, for example. Games where she has a similar height to her suit can communicate well that she feels comfortable in her role and is as one with her mission.

  37. Never really played any of the Metroid games before, but goddamn did this video make me love Samus. I’ve always held an appreciation for her, but she just looks so cool! Gym Samus is best Samus though. Girl needs some muscles on her.

  38. I agree about Super Metroid Samus too, I really like the more sporty design, and also the hair.
    The black suit also looks really nice and neutral, and the tall and muscular proportions give an emphasis to her prowess.
    It all fits the sort of realistic style for Metroid, I would like to see a new version of this Samus.
    It blends nicely between a bit of realism and stylization, it helps that it's pixel art too, which didn't age like the earlier 3D attempts and realistic humans tend to do.

    I like the blue in Zero Suit Samus, and I like the markings on the suit too, they're nice details and give off a sci-fi vibe.
    I would like to see some sort of mix between the Super Metroid design, and the modern design. With the colors and details, but less skin tight and more natural looking and sporty. I'm sure it would look really cool.
    Her design in Fusion looks like the closest to that so far, but it's still not the same, it's more like a in-between.

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