Who is the BEST Joker in the History?

Who is the BEST Joker in the History?

Joker with Joaquin Phoenix has just premiered
so we’re bringing you another Joker related video. Even before it was released, people commented
on everything from the cast to the idea for the movie. What does Joker, one of the most famous villains
and Batman’s enemy have in him that causes so much controversy? Why are many actors afraid to play this character? To find this out and much more about the phenomenon
of Joker, stay with me till the end! Did you know that Joker is almost 80 years
old?! This character first appeared in the comic
book “Batman vol. 1 # 1” published by Detective Comics in 1940. It was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger
and Bob Kane. Although the rumor had it that Joker was planned
to be killed off during his first appearance, he was saved and thanks to that he became
one of Batman’s main characters and a legendary villain. Who does Joker excite the readers and viewers
so much? Is it because not much is known about how
he became the villain? Has he become the way he is as a result of
trauma or a tragedy or has he always been like that? There are many theories and DC changed his
story a few times, but the most popular one is that he was a gangster who worked in the
circus as a poor comedian. To support his pregnant wife he decided to
rob the Monarch company. He didn’t change his plans about the robbery
even when his wife died. Disguised as The Red Hood, he was escaping
from Batman, who stopped the robbery and fell into a vat with chemicals. That’s why his skin became white and his
hair green and his mouth shaped into a characteristic, sinister smile. Although Joker can cause sympathy, he still
is a criminal and a serial killer. He doesn’t have supernatural skills but
is extremely dangerous. His insanity is mixed with intelligence and
his sense of humor with sadism. He is a very striking character and is one
of the cinema’s favorites. The first actor to play Joker was (Cesar Romero,
who appeared in the series “Batman” and in the movie “Batman saves the world” in the
1960s. But the movie that made Joker iconic was Tim
Burton’s Batman from 1989. Here Joker was played by Jack Nicholson, who
took the role despite hesitation. Later Nicholson said that it was his favorite
character he ever played because of his madness and complexity. The audience also fell in love with the exaggerated
movie, and Nicholson was recognized as the best Joker of all time. Did you know that the movie was the first
adaptation of the story, which showed the background of this character? Jack Nicholson was considered the best Joker
until Christopher Nolan made his Batman trilogy. In the second part “The Dark Knight,”
Heath Ledger played the part of Joker, who this time was a real psychopath. There had been doubts if the actor was the
right pick for the role and a lot was also said about his preparations for the movie. Apparently, Heath kept a diary in which he
noted down Joker’s traits and what annoyed him or made him laugh. Allegedly, he also locked himself in a hotel
room for six weeks, where he practiced Joker’s posture and voice. Unfortunately, the unexpected death of Heath
Ledger on January 22, 2008, caused many rumors suggesting that this role drained him mentally. The actor struggled with insomnia and depression,
but when he passed, he had already started working on another project. Despite this, it was Joker, his last and first
role of a villain in his career that brought him the posthumous Oscar. With that, the bar had been set high and for
many years Joker wouldn’t appear on the screen. But then, superhero movies became popular
and the Suicide Squad was made. In that movie, Joker isn’t the main character
and the part played by Jared Leto didn’t satisfy the viewers. Jared, just like the actors before him also
sacrificed himself for the role. He shaved his eyebrows and apparently, he
tested his Joker laugh at random people on the street in New York and Toronto. That must’ve been so creepy for them! Unfortunately for many, his role is one to
forget. So when it was announced that a movie with
Joker as the only main character was being made, the fans went crazy. Todd Phillips decided to take a completely
different approach and make Joker more modern. He offered the role to Joaquin Phoenix, who
didn’t want to take it because, as he said, sometimes he found it difficult to separate
himself from the characters he played. What convinced the actor was the fact that
the movie wasn’t a typical adaptation of the comic, but it really focused on the character. The new Joker is a story about a failed comedian
who is an unhappy and traumatized man. He kills to get even with those who made fun
of him. Phoenix played a role worth all the awards. Although the movie won the main award at the
Venice Festival and maybe the first story about a comic villain that could receive an
Oscar, it is a picture that makes Joker more human and explains the reasons behind his
madness. After the premiere, there have been many comments
that Joker pictured as a modern character may be seen as a justification of violence. The FBI was afraid of possible attacks and
movie theaters in the US hired policemen to the screenings of the movie. The Joker has once again caused controversy. But this time we are not talking about the
actor’s part, but about the message of the movie. So are the Joker fans satisfied with such
a story about his background? With all the buzz around Joker, we probably
won’t see any new stories about him soon. So, do you think that in the upcoming Batman
movie with Robert Pattinson, we will see his great enemy? And which actor will play him? Which version of Joker is your favorite? Let me know what you think in the comments
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  1. Duhhh!! Heath ledger. This ain't no damn contest. He wins. It was the way he delivered and received and did the whole adlibbing stuff with his line and gesturing. He was creepy and so damn good.

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