Who’s most likely to…? – Le Temps D’un Café

Who’s most likely to…? – Le Temps D’un Café

welcome back to my channel so today is a
very special day because I have a special guest with me my friend Jack is
here he lives in Toronto and he came for Christmas holidays he’s gonna tell you a
bit more about him and then we’re gonna start the most likely to so we just came
up with a few question and it’s gonna be funny
we’re gonna see it’s gonna be embarrassing and we’re gonna have fun so
just let’s yeah hi everyone my name is Jack Malcolm and I’m a publicist we’ve
known each other for I mean you know 15 years old in high school are you going I
don’t know why you would find but we just got in the same group yeah true he
was very nice so how old are you by the way I’m 27 I’m 28
August 11 you’re 26 I don’t move yeah I was gonna say like
August 21st but I know it’s like during that week I’m grandma you’re not
grandma just you know you just you just a year older yeah I’m a grandma so okay we’re gonna start it’s most likely to right I’ve never seen his question he’s never seen my question so
we’re just gonna oh my god is gonna be fun yeah discover everything together so
let’s start I made us a hot meals cappuccino latte I love it thank you so much yes Cheers cheers you’re literally the first person I
have on my channel really yeah Wow what an honor okay you know what will look like a very
good job it’ll be fine okay perfect so we’re gonna start in a way my name is
Nesrine I think so many people her name is not temps d’un café guys i think so many people don’t even know my real name but oh no cuz you never really say your name I know I never really say my name because you can’t really say in English up we’re just gonna say nes
it’s easier Jack for him right nes Jack perfect and I think ready oh wow
let’s I’m gonna bang okay so who’s most likely to embarrass themselves in front
of their crush OMG i think it’s me i said me ahaha why? cuz I’m like i don’t know i use to do weird things when I get nervous are you nervous I’m like whenever i’m nervous i turn my
hands a lot we’re just like wow yeah but for me it’s like embarrassing is like a
big thing like not I don’t know have you ever done something embarrassing in
front of your crush I mean I’m not doing embarrassing things in front of like
people a lot of people hmm I would say okay we’re gonna say it’s even okay yeah yeah more likely to skip their high
school reunion we literally give yeah but like you know we met some incredible
people in high school you know I didn’t I know yeah 5 years I didn’t go ten years your ten years was last year oh I didn’t go I
didn’t go either even the twenty years would you go no REALLY! oh yes you know what I would go it’s 20 years tho in 20 years you can see who did something if I’m you know the shit I’m going just because it was so ugly and I just feel
like people were laughing at me for all you were not ugly no one was laughing at you yes but yeah some people actually were very mean to me REALLY! yeah i would go back just to stare at them a little bit exactly yes yes so what are you doing now you
peasant you yes okay so we really we’re not good
because we’re just saying I know again okay I’m not looking I’m not looking
who’s most likely to get arrested arrested you know what um I’ll see you I’ll see you like Nes is SUPER SWEET SUPER NICE very kind but Nes is a little bit of a
savage you guys don’t know you are a SAVAGE a 100% savage this is me feel I would be the one getting arrested for sure absolutely no reason I don’t even know how the policeman like no officer I do not let me tell you what I
know this is yeah 100% i would get arrested no he’s like yeah very calm he’s like a normal person I can be a
savage yeah yeah yeah hardcore savage cause you would for sure get arrested
oh no it’s my turn it’s your turn okay true okay mom if you’re watching I think that you can stop now
most likely you know what do you think yeah okay me but I don’t think that he’s not a lazy person I’m not saying that because he’s a lazy person he’s not a lazy person yeah just I feel like he would be the kind of person to get a sugar daddy I wouldn’t i really you know what I don’t think I could I don’t think that you would be able to but I don’t think that I could
because what if you have to give the sugar back like you know but i mean there is a minimum honestly you’re
not gonna go with like a normal person but then ugly people don’t need beautiful
people don’t need to have a sugar baby that’s not true really yeah then I think
you should be maybe to like I’m like a handsome I feel like you could be a good sugar baby yeah yeah jack yeah a 100% him yeah you know what yes okay thank you very much okay your turn okay who’s most likely to cry while watching a movie uh yeah yeah me yeah sensitive I
mean I’m a savage But very sensitive you are a human you’re sensitive you have a good heart yeah true it does I can really I can cry movies I can one
movie i feel like i’m i cry all the time
i candle then ya know it’s your turn oh yeah true most likely to get mad if their
lover doesn’t send a good night/morning text like who are you thinking about at night or when you wake up because I should be the last person the last and the first let’s think about 100% like i mean you know you can
text your parents but then after that it’s me no last one like HELLO thank you very much don’t look okay i’m sorry there’s a question really exci.. who’s most likely to steal for a department store you know what I look I’m about to steal from no department store
No thank you madam no no like you would not steal from a department store
I would like I mean if we have to be in situation where we have to do it I feel
like it would be me yeah I DON’T STEAL THINGS!!! DON’T THINK I’M STEALING it’s just i’m saying if we have no choice i will probably be the one
yeah yeah I would have you like you can do it you wouldn’t do
it I would be like you know I would look for like people i would tackle people i would tackle people down most likely to spend all their
money on stupid thing yeah something stupid dude I feel like
we’re the same I feel like what I feel like we’re the same we’re gonna do it
5050 yeah look like we’re the same maybe we’re kind of the same people cuz we’re
just doing literally I see okay and we’re not I did a long question who’s
most likely to punch a judge during his or her court date okay you know what you
would kind of come to court looking like Rd being with like fur and your Birkin
and really not take any shit from anyone not the exact no you’re not
basically you guys today you all just learning that I’m a criminal
ow she is hot though but you know I’m really sweet guys just might feel like I
would be the kind of person to just lose their shit yeah because I’m a savage
that’s the thing you just sounded very sweet but just no I don’t want no I’m a
classy service very classy but ya don’t come for her don’t be me I’m really
money yeah yeah get arrested abroad you know what we get the rest I’ve got a
jacket like I think yeah cuz I must have it but I’m still quite scared but I
would be really really scared to get arrested somewhere else than my country
yeah I feel like I feel yeah I think you would be the kind of person to get
arrested and then you’re gonna be like shit whatever whatever I thought it
would be too late yeah so I feel like this is you because you know when on
vacation you like to change it already and I don’t drink I’m party that’s why
so I feel like I’m very calm more likely to get a tattoo when he’s she’s drunk no you you have any tattoos
no like Kim K said you don’t put a stick out and Bentley that’s it that’s it bye
bye no needles same but I mean you know with
a bit of an endo imagine like I would do something I feel like even if I would be
drunk I would do something very delicate like it’ll be like somehow smart about
my mistake like oh my god like a little drawing not
a death sentence or a quote no really but why don’t you just like why don’t
you just think in Arabic okay very dedicated very thin would be nice I
don’t know I can’t deal with people who like to write a bunch of stuff like on
their body or like a full scripture or full well it really depends who you are
and how are you doing it yeah some people they need to get that shit of
their skin removed that’s my turn yeah Oh who’s most likely to appear on a
reality TV show with I would say you really yeah not me it’s not my thing at
all you’re right yeah you’re right you I’d
do it yeah a hundred percent you I’m more like yeah it’s still a private
person very private person yeah no I feel like my dad’s an open book
you’re right you but what does Risa though mmm-hmm oh my gosh I don’t think
I ever told you what my dream is which one I want to be the first house has
been in the real housewife and time and he was wondering if he could be a sugar
baby baby yeah yeah but then she would be like who works did you not have my
own business I want to do mine well good thing is you made an event way true
Jerry said you guys from magical house of New Jersey see ya so no one like that
my god imagine that would be so proud of you
if anybody Andy Cohen if you listening come in Toronto lets you put a franchise
and then you could be my fan of different on the shelves yeah I think it
happened is it your turn yeah yeah to have a complicated Starbucks older a
hundred percent me this is me I’m like Starbucks order okay so I don’t go to
saw works anymore cuz I just don’t like it
true but when I go it’s really depends but usually it’s I don’t even take the
smaller size it’s like the other one they’re venting not even like Pecola
okay okay yeah so first thing first you need to explain that to them that you
don’t want a small one don’t mess of one then it’s usually coconut milk okay
that’s all they have coconut milk skim vanilla latte not really hot okay hop
sugar I feel like people need to understand when people order that I
don’t want it to really high so what are you supposed to do cuz it’s a machine
it’s just like no cuz you know sometimes with a meal meal yeah Ben yes so that’s
the reason why I say don’t make it too hot cuz they just burned the fucking
milk garlic real barista do not burn their milk if you do your shit like
you’re not good but Starbucks you need to understand see this is what
everybody’s establish do not burn them Wow so I’m just saying I’m gonna take
this moment for Starbucks today and just learn you need to like I don’t know
teach them teach one employee not to burn the milk please
it’s disgusting and it’s not good next let okay we close my eyes survival of it
yeah I got a wine oh wait wait wait I got to okay okay so who’s who’s most
likely to date a famous person that singing yeah I wish but I have only one
famous person who what do you mean who one famous person that I really want to
date I mean he’s the only one I love Jimmy I don’t understand that
fascination isn’t it Johnny that you’re obsessed with him in hi I have problem
with him but why I’m just you know seriously give
me explain to us exactly what that fascination about Johnny the most
amazing actor first of all again his style when he’s actually he looks
like a whole life battery you know Shane yeah I like that style really and he has
tattoo on his head well the son named Jack by the way
really oh okay the reason why I like it oh wow
okay okay end up homeless nobody know yeah no definitely I spend
too much but I agree with you you wouldn’t you would not I wouldn’t be
able to I would be if sugar baby before me home okay
so no no no I know homeless person I would not even give
you money give me like no I just wanna buy each
truffle please please no no no you will not be homeless true I like you answer
thanks okay who’s most likely to pick up the tab between you and I do pick up the
time after you the reason why it’s on I don’t want it cut at that I we always
get in a fight and then you always win oh no but I need to like you card you
know I just got low I can’t like no it’s fine like you get him next time there’s
no next time like mama sushi yeah these two make me next time yeah can I please
say next time thank you no I’m not looking before yes in movies yeah but
you’re not rich only happens with your rage by the way you know I’m gonna tell
you my dream my dream is to be out with my friends yes and then I stand up and I
want to pay and then the waitress is like this men paid for you yeah oh yeah
and then it’s like yeah someone like from a console going into
just like careers or glass okay a good dick over good credit
so what’s most likely to choose good Deepu a good credit wow I wonder who
like ruled that question yeah let’s do it
one three good dick which is good dick over good credit three two one ok let me
explain to you I he came up with an explanation yes no cuz I knew let me
tell you why because you can get good neck but you can also work to you know
build their credit so in like what the year or two you can get good dick and
have a guy who has good credit too we’re just gonna go to my vacation really yeah who’s most likely to get married first
yo mate hundred percent yeah just because of all still no ring mmm
that’s fine I mean you know I’m just putting it out there Murray what’s your
style what’s your main size like what’s your being side what’s yours over oh man
yeah oh very simple very simple very expensive as well
mm-hmm I want it to be like just the diamond that’s it but just a bit higher
up okay quick diamond under also you want the diamond to have like little
baby diamonds around it notice under it not around it you’re
welcome yeah it was that your question on all yellow that was my question that
was my question really yeah oh maybe is it me I’m sorry okay cause you took
quite a while listening to a song right cry like what hole do you cry too so you
know how songs remind you of a specific moment in your life mhm
okay I have this thing where for some reason sometimes I want to feel
depressed and I just I just put that sign I’m like let’s just
yeah just for no reason like I’m a really happy person but I feel like but
sometimes you need to release emotions stories so you didn’t you like what song
is it well I have so many so many some song you don’t even know them
I think songs are very emotional yeah cuz you guys really yeah we’re just like
very young people right it’s true yeah okay so who’s most likely to be a
bridezilla while planning their wedding you hundred percent yeah cuz you just
want everything to be perfect I’m insane then you away I’m insane I can be like
you know how he said I was a savage I am also insane I have a problem when
things are not my way I go not maybe that’s the reason why I don’t have a
ring on my finger no stop it but yeah it’s your time I
love this one that’s the one I was waiting for okay
most likely to hook up with a teacher for a good grade let’s do it
what okay three two one okay so you need to understand I’m a savage he’s a slot I
have not but hey because I I it almost happened by the way University I don’t
think I told you see what’s happened okay we’re gonna get back to it I’m just
saying I give no fuck about grades I give all the fucks of our grades exactly I give all the funds okay last question
is yours it’s your money it’s me your time go last question okay who’s most
likely to get married first oh so we got the same person again yeah
poodles I could have children first end I don’t want children
you don’t really yeah why I don’t know I just wonder what my son and daughter
would look like I’m like I’m curious you know like I wonder what my meaning you
would look like you know know like he or she would be so cute I already have this
some names I feel actually would be like a drama queen
hmm you’re not but for some reason I feel like my my daughter but you’re not
like them no but I feel like you’re me me you with me yeah no problem problem I
don’t want to see him anyway no no really you think you would have one have
you seen me would be the worst thing for the planet let’s just be honest she
would be the most fashionable the most fun and smart no girl ever some people
say I would be one of the best mother yeah I don’t know why because I don’t
even like kids when I see you probably like you would probably love your own
not probably you wouldn’t if you were to if you decide you don’t like children
except their own children because I want to travel the world yeah any loitered
2020 now so children exactly if you don’t that’s it so cheese cheese to the
first most likely to and my first guest on my channel my god come on I’m the
first guest did you look at me when you cheered can you do it again okay
I have no idea I can’t remember so we’re done
thank you guys so so much for watching please subscribe to my channel and thank
you my lovely good this was so much fun oh shit whoa okay

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