Why Are Big Accounts Viewing My Stories | THE TRUTH EXPOSED

Why Are Big Accounts Viewing My Stories | THE TRUTH EXPOSED

So, I got this message from
a friend the other day. Lately my Stories, um, have been watched by a number of people
that don’t follow me and they’re all, let’s call it big. Meaning like, outside all the normal
people that are watching. I’m having a lot of people who don’t
already follow me, who have 30, 50, 100, 200, 600,000 followers. Follow, who are watching my
Stories. So it’s, you know, an odd way to kind of, like, attract
followers. But I guess the theory is dropping in on people’s Stories…
I’m like, Wow, Oh my gosh, I’m gonna follow them. But I
don’t know, just seems like, I guess if you have a team
doing it or bots or something… Did you hear what he said
at the end? A Bot doing it? I did some sleuthing because to be
honest, when I heard about this, it wasn’t the first time. I’ve seen it with my own account and
I’ve seen a couple of my students come to me saying, Elise, why is like so and so famous person
looking at my stories but not actually following me? So I did some digging because
this automatically felt
fishy and this is what I found out. Instagram already knows that the people
behind these Story viewers are growth hackers, so they might be like kind of Russian
accounts or they might be really big names, but it’s basically a growth tactic similar
to follow/unfollow a couple of years ago. This is the 2019 version of it and this
is how people are seeing their accounts grow. The only thing is, is that the real person is not
actually viewing your Story. It’s a bot which is running their account
through to see thousands of stories a day. And the whole hope and the whole strategy
behind it is that if they can get your account to view a hundred
thousand stories a day, a small percentage of people are going
to notice that this big name viewed the account and they’re going
to want to follow back. And it seems like this growth tactic
has been working for people because I’ve noticed a whole surplus of it
in the last few months. But, guess what? Instagram already knows this is a growth
tactic and they’re already working on shutting it down. So if you have met an agency
that’s offering this as a service, if you’ve been curious about how you can
get your account to do the same thing, don’t do it because Instagram is
actively working to shut it down. Now, I was really curious about
who was behind all of this. And back in July I got an email to my
account from someone saying they’ve found a really good growth method and you
know, here’s their contact for it. So I reached out to Craig of
dazzlingsocial.com and I said, hey, fill me in on the details of what this
new growth tactic is and he says it’s a new service he’s offering
called bulk story viewing. They view up to 100,000 potentially
even millions of Stories a day to get people’s attention and to direct
them back to your account. The crazy part is even though your account
is going to be viewing like 100,000 plus Stories a day, Craig’s saying that you can expect only
between 50 and 300 followers from this growth hack. Here’s where
it gets interesting. Craig says there are some things
you need to be aware of though. Targeting is limited. “While we can try to target a bit and you
might get 70% of followers of what you want and 30% of what you’d
prefer not to have (thirsty boys, for example), we are working daily
at improving targeting. Second thing, it’s experimental. There will no
doubt be hiccups and flaws. Third, it requires access to
your account. Fourth, for your account safety, you can’t use
any other service while we’re doing this. This includes accounts
that use follow/unfollow, comment or like on your behalf”,
but Craig says, “Trust me though, you won’t need those services while
using this.” And then he says, “While unlikely to happen, there’s always the possibility
of Instagram plugging
this method of growth at some point. So while
incredibly beneficial, it may have a limited time use.” Craig
even says that this method will attract some bot accounts, but good news, he has a service to clean
up and remove Bot accounts. So cha-ching to Craig’s business,
if you know what I mean. So I replied to Craig’s email
and I needed some clarity. Was my account going to view 100,000
stories or were 100,000 accounts going to view my Stories, but the way he sets it up
is that my account is run
through this Bot program and I’m going to be the one that
viewing 100,000 Stories. Then I asked for a client example. He sent me a couple of links of client
accounts from igblade.com then I replied and said, well, what program or tool do
you use to access all of these Stories? And he didn’t reply. So I haven’t
heard from Craig since mid-July. Then I asked for the pricing of
his services and he has ghosted me. So I don’t know if Craig is
still offering this service, but he’s ignoring me and maybe
Instagram has already shut him down. So bottom line is Instagram’s already
said it’s aware of this growth hacking technique and it’s truly not the way
to build a community because I mean, maybe if it works for you
for like a couple of days, who are these people really? Like, are they actually going
to engage with your posts? Are they going to view
your sStories in return? Are they going to become leads and
buyers in your business? Chances are, not very likely. That’s why I really teach
quality over quantity. You really only need slow growth on
Instagram and as far as numbers you can do really well with a thousand followers. You need a thousand people
who care about your content. So using these growth strategies that
Instagram is going to shut down in any minute just isn’t a really
good long-term plan. I promise you that if you forget about
the vanity metrics and you really care about the people who are engaging,
the people who are DME you, that’s where you’re going to see
growth back to your business. If you’re interested to learn more
about this topic and how to grow your business on Instagram in 2019 without
any of these scammy techniques that require bots, I have a
free training for you. The link is right below this
video. Go ahead and check it out.

31 thoughts on “Why Are Big Accounts Viewing My Stories | THE TRUTH EXPOSED

  1. Thanks so much for investigating this subject, Elise. I saw this happening to my stories as well. Good to know what's up (or wrong!)

  2. Hi Elise, thank you so much for this info. Found this video via google and had been curious over the last few weeks why this had become a thing.

  3. yeah i haye those , i can tell story views are fake when you put a poll and you gwt 10 votes but 300 views 😀 haha

  4. For a few weeks I was getting two to three hundred and they're all people that I don't follow or people with big accounts… And then today all of a sudden on my stories just my regular people lol I knew there was something to it

  5. 04:57 "the same I did, I have messaged to all the celebrities and verified accounts who are watching my stories. About "which tool are you using" and didn't reply".

  6. and the bots vote on your polls too! ugh, I did realize this when I had 400-800 views for a few weeks, I thought that stories maybe had better reach but nope back down to 45-80 views lol once the bots died down

  7. I have a few really huge music producers that don’t follow me but “view” my Instagram story… however, I am already following them and am and active viewer and “liker” on their uploads… I’m sure it’s just a bot doing this but it’s still leaving me in question.

  8. Hey Elise, I have a question… I produce music and I post alot on my stories. I figured the views were probably falsely generated, but I sometimes get reactions from big name artists/producers or if I put one of those voting bars on my story, I will get responses on that too. I've also had an instance where a big artist commented on my post and reached out via DM.. I have under 1000 followers and its not I'm using some secret marketing techniques.

    My question would be is there fraudulent activity beyond just views?

  9. I'm so glad I watched your video before signing up to one of these growth hacks which may have got my account shut down!

  10. Will this is happening to me right now but a guy with with million followers did answer my poll on my story I screenshoted it and a bunch of others even a NBA player on my poll had a couple of rappers too

  11. Someone that looks in my story (one of the bots) has pictures and all of his pictures have his hair over his face and it’s horrifying

  12. The famous person that is always viewing my story is ryan hollins and i wondered what it was about thanks for explaining it.

  13. Craig is a punk bitch. Thank you for clarifying why talentless people with 100k followers are viewing my account. You're much appreciated.

  14. Thank you for this video! I recently made another page and started posting regularly in my story trying to gain followers. I soon realized so many people with lots of follower's were viewing my story but my followers and likes were stagnant so I decided to do some investigating lol Thanks again 🥰

  15. It just happened to me and I looked up this video. I’m a beginner photographer and a man who takes pictures of fucking Boston Celtic players…. in like wtf ima follow this man and even dm him. My dumb ass…

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