WHY MEN?! What boy behavior do Japanese girls not understand.

WHY MEN?! What boy behavior do Japanese girls not understand.

I can’t even think of that. I don’t see girls doing that at all. WHY MEN?!?! Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today we will go and Ask Japanese girls which things they do not understand that boys do. So let’s go and Ask Japanese. What habits of boys do you not understand? Spending a lot of money on one single item. The gadgets they buy can each be so expensive. Guys that constantly play with their hair. – What?
– You know like this… I can’t comprehend that. Cheating. Playing around with girls. Playing with his hair as soon as he sees a mirror. – All the time?
– Yes. How long are they allowed to play with it in your opinion? Checking a bit, sorting it out and finish. Making it quick. Especially those who fix their hair in the reflection on the train window. No good at all. – So you mean, they should finish it at home?
– Yeah. Boys who have that chain at the side of their trousers that pokes out. I don’t really understand that style. Joking around about something really tedious. They might be really into that topic but… they might make jokes about underwear but then they keep laughing about the same joke for over an hour. That makes me go like “WHY?!” Boys who keep making dirty jokes. At university there are some boys who say stuff like that in loud voices. WHY MEN?! I think it’s games for me. Why can they just keep playing them for so long? – for many hours.
– Even when you are together, he games… And paying real money for online app games. I can’t really comprehend that. I think games are definitely a problem. Playing too many games on their smart phones… Or spending real money on app games! I can’t really comprehend that. You don’t really see girls do that. Boys here do collect a lot. Like try and collect everything of one series. And they are very picky about what they collect. I don’t really understand that! I don’t understand the need to spend that much money! Thanks a lot! Why men?! Seem that there are a couple of things that girls don’t understand that guys do! Like spending a lot of money on gaming, collecting stuff or playing with their hair too much. Which things do you not understand about men? And even if you are a boy, what do you not understand that other boys do. When you’re like “Why are you doing that?!” Looking forward to reading your comments. There are more videos in the top right of the screen, don’t forget to click them. Catch you soon for another video on Ask Japanese!

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  1. i don't understand this generation (both boys and girls) taking so many selfies from different selfie apps!

  2. I spend quite a lot of time playing mobile games, that apparently makes me a tomboy then… ? Xp

  3. the game part is really surprising to me since I thought more females were becoming hardcore gamers

  4. Hey Cathy Cat I think it would be fun to do a Why Women? one it would be interesting to hear different perspectives.

  5. I think boys/men buying collectibles is just the same as girls/women who buy/collect cute things. Some do it, some don't, sometimes it's expensive, sometimes it isn't. To each his (her) own.

  6. how can these chicks talk about spending money on games…
    women spend waaaay more money on clothes and shoes they'll wear two times and ridiculous amounts of make-up. hair cuts, nail polish….the list goes on. a videogame you spend money then don't have to spend more.

  7. I don't understand why many guys lie about their height. I wouldn't think this is prominent in Japan though, but looks like in most western countries it's a common thing. I'm a guy and I don't see the point of it

  8. I think I dislike the hair primping cause I see it as feminine. I'm used to gals fiddling with their hair all day. When guys do it, I think: feminine.

  9. How does one live in Japan and still find it odd for guys to fix their hair?
    Seems to me like guys in Japan pay more attention to their appearance than in most places around the world so shouldn't they be used to it by now.

  10. Just gotta let it out the resume: if you don't like games, anime, cosplay, Lolita fashion, Kawaii stuff, Babymetal, figures, Japanese swords, Japan culture, just don't bother with me. Kk thanks.

  11. Who doesn't love dirty jokes? It's quite a staple among men, both young and old. We laugh about the same one for hours because it's simple but effective. And we spend more because male oriented goods are pricier than it's female counterparts. Clothing/footwear etc.

  12. I can see the spending money on app games (ew) and gaming while supposed to be spending time with people, but otherwise idk. xD

    Gaming is a thing everyone does. To my knowledge, there are actually more girl gamers than guys? Or at least it's that way worldwide, not sure about just Japan.

  13. Hahaha! I am a girl, but I spend most of my extra money on games, I spend hours playing games, and I like collecting stuff. The same applies to many of my closest female friends as well. 🙂

  14. From what I experienced it's the girls who actually spend more money than guys sooo XD since they need to buy make up and skin care products. To escape from eye of judgement.

  15. Being insensitive to girls then telling them to be less sensitive until it backfires on the guys and they ask them "why arent you more sensitive? girls are supposed to be sensitive." so its like being selfishly stupid. i dont get why guys do that. i get that its b/c they are afraid of feeling how they feel, and so they cant even begin to handle how others, especially how girls feel, but then they want to be around the girls b/c they are seen as sensitive. so its like they want something of value but dont want to respect the value and make it out to be the girls fault when its the boys fault b/c they dont want to take responsibility for that, or dont know how to b/c they are afraid. when if they were just honest about it with girls, the girls would like them better and even try to help them. or they could just get therapy but they dont b/c they are afraid its seen as weak to be open and honest about it. but the real weakness is NOT being able or willing to do so.
    i just dont get why they dont get that. if your with a girl and she doesnt get that, then just leave her and find a girl who does…same thing with if the guy doesnt get that, girls need to leave them and find a better guy, but thats a bit harder. and whats worse is when the guys dont even recognize when they are being that selfish kinda guy and they convince themselves that they are not. >.< its soooo frustrating!!!

  16. I'm a guy yet I do not understand why other men stroke their hair in one motion from the front all the way to the back.
    it one of my pet peeves that really irritate me.

  17. Chain i can explain. It's not only style. I started to wearing mine when i dropped my home keys to elevator shaft. Wearing chain ever since.

  18. Really? spending money on games? I don't understand how girls can spend so much money on shoes… or clothes?! I don't understando also the importance some boys/men give to cars…

  19. I know now that Cathy Cat is German, but I could have sworn she was Irish. I thought her accent had just got a little messed up from travelling so much (like mine did when I travelled).

  20. Building familiarity/strengthening friendship through insults. That's pretty common among boys, and paradoxically odd.

  21. The hair is is definitely a Japanese young boys thing because a portion them like doing those Final Fantasy style hairs. Basically something that you won't typically find anywhere else or at other ages.
    Exceptions are man children like Onision.

  22. i am a boy on my sister's account i live in America idk why other boys in school like to hit their negative part

  23. Girls: guys gaming and spending money on games

    Me, an Asian girl: can spend 10 hours straight playing rhythm games and has spent thousands of dollars on getting cards of cute girls.


  24. misuse of cheating aside…because being in a relationship does not mean you're a slave. you have no obligation to 1 person.

    they should look at themselves when asking how someone can do stuff for a long period of time.
    they might use phones or go shopping for extended periods of time. it's the same thing.

  25. So the point is, the opposite gender has the same curiosity to other gender..

    Girls be like " fix ur hair at home "
    Boys be like " put ur make up at home "

    Girls be like " stop spent a large mount of money at gadjet "
    Boys be like " stop spent a large mount of money at clothing"

    Its how life is..

  26. The hair thing, I love it. I often just binge watch videos – and there's LOTS of them! – of cuteJapanese boys doing their hair in all those elaborate, fancy styles currently in fashion. But hey, I have a hair fetish when it comes to guys, lol… Japan is heaven for somebody like me! Japanese guys have such great hair, too Let them obsess over it, I say =D

  27. i don't understand why guys flip their hair, whenever i see that, they do it but their hair doesn't change or anything, it actually sometimes gets worse and then they realize "oh wait i should use my hand to get my hair out of my face"
    but before they decided to flip it, their hair looked perfectly fine the way it was >.>

  28. Interesting. Here in germany girls play way more this crappy f2p phone games and uff they really like spending money in this games.

  29. I actually wish I can put some money on my iPad, so I can spend some on games…I can't though cause I'm using either my mom's or uncles Apple ID n they'll know if I do,n I don't want my mom to scold me saying why spend money on games

  30. lol I do all those things the girls don't understand and it's hilarious xD
    To be honest, understanding a guy is a lot easier than understanding a girl. They're just more straightforward than a girl is xD
    And being specific when you collect things is very crucial >:D
    Also spending a lot of money on one thing is fine~ I do that all the time with games and consoles cause I get my moneys worth.

  31. Holy shiet! 0:59 the girl walking behind them in the pink is so pretty!

    And I'll always be a sad, lonely potato oh well

  32. lol all the weebs in the comment section are salty that just like everywhere also girls in japan dont understand games LOL

  33. Boys don't get most things girls do lol… Which is why I prefer anime men who don't question what I do(bcuz they don't exist ;-;)

  34. Yeah…hair…While i was talking with a boy in my school even without hands he flipped his hair with blowing air i was like stahb it!

  35. One thing I don't get about guys is that when they argue they get real close like what if someone pushes them and they accidently kiss? XD

  36. Haha, I'm a girl and I spend hours playing games and I have probably spent over $50 this week on hourglasses in Mystic Messenger. Not that it matters though. :p

  37. For me, gaming is currently a waste of time . You have to be like all day long using a computer if you work in an office, so when I'm out of work i just want to make some exercise or talk with friend, having a cup of wine o beer, etc.

  38. I don't understand how guys can be OK doing something gross in public or around their friends, or just generally being vulgar all the time. I mean, girls occasionally do a rare nasty joke but it packs a punch because its like a comedy atom bomb that never gets used and we don't want the radiation sticking to us.

    I mean, if a guy's sense of humor is being gross all the time, why is he not afraid of that becoming his image and making people think of him as "the guy who burps all the time and laughs about it"? Especially when wanting to seem attractive to other people.

  39. Im not Japanese but its pretty abvious that guys love gaming because it looks like super cool and also like if you like samurai than you would for sure buy a game about samurai s because it makes you feel like its real or somthing sort of

  40. Siempre hago bromas de doble sentido, me rio como foca retrasada, y me gustaría comprar Monumet Valley si pudiera, aunque gastara dinero real

    Es decir que creo que soy lo opuesto xd

  41. Well…about the gaming thing. Im a girl and i cash games especially dating sim games HAHAHAHA not ashamed at all cuz im forever alone T_T

  42. aah, i think i'd get well along with japanese boys i do almost all of these… :'DDD
    but i can't relate to those things that girls do and boys can't understand. am i a man after all!? XD

  43. My friends boyfriend one time played some pc games for like 5 hours straight,,,tHat shit’s wild I cant even play one game without getting dizzy or nauseous

  44. They spend money on gaming that because lots of men ,not grown up yet and not very developed human yet and that's because they never been around masculine mentor to teach them a manhood

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