Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Unattractive Women

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Unattractive Women

Why do rich attractive men end up going sometimes
for plain looking women. Now I’m going to really investigate this mystery
and really find out exactly how it works and why these men end up choosing these women. But on top of it the big question will still
remain. Should we as aspiring women who want to level
up. Should we just put the whole level up on hold
because clearly plain women also have a chance? Let’s find out in today’s video. Welcome to the school of affluence. My name is Anna and I run an online finishing
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lifestyle and levelling up as a woman. First things first, girls. Why do rich men choose plain looking
women? Now we first have to understand that this
is not the most common practice. Majority of the times rich men afford to be
selective so they usually end up going for more beautiful women. That is usually the norm. However you do have a smaller group of rich
attractive men who do go for and more plain looking, more simple women. In some cases even unattractive women. Now unattractiveness is of course related. There are no women who are actually ugly. It’s just that we have particular beauty standards
set and I am generalizing it and talking about what’s conventional beauty. And when people
go against the conventional beauty norm, then that’s kinda what we’re investigating here. Now secondly, you all know that I always say
that the world is very multifaceted, three dimensional, people are different. There isn’t one-size-fits-all approach and
that is exactly the case in this situation as well. So there isn’t just one reason to why rich
attractive men choose a plain looking woman. There are many reasons to that. And you have to look at the man in deeper
picture. You have to look at his character, his current
situation, his age, his culture, his upbringing. So the first thing that comes to my mind and
actually other people’s minds as well when we discuss this topic, is how insecure the
man is. You see many men just as women can be insecure
and I think it’s a little bit of a myth that women are more insecure than men. Actually if you look around you will see that
many men have a lot of insecurities. It’s just that they don’t really express these
insecurities verbally as much as women do. So these insecurities often go unnoticed but
they still exist. Now in this case a man’s insecurities can
affect this case in two different ways. Now the first way, a man who is very insecure
about himself might not realize actually what a catch he is. He might think that he’s not attractive, although
he’s handsome, he’s rich, and all woman will die to be with him but he just doesn’t know
it. He can’t see it. He devalues himself meaning he also devalues
kind of his criteria is for one he’s looking for a partner. Usually when we search for a partner we search
for somebody who is kind of within our own league. So in this case a man would go below his league
because he thinks that he belongs in the lower leagues. Now the different parts of an insecure man
choosing a less attractive partner can actually be for something that is more have to do with
control. A man who is very insecure with himself feels
that he doesn’t want to have a very attractive partner because that makes him feel even more
insecure. So for him to be in control over his partner,
he chooses a partner who is less attractive, so that he feels more safe with her like this. He knows that men are not going to be approaching
her. She’s not going to cheat on him. She’s not going to just run off, so he can
just relax and have a peace of mind. You see a lot of people actually prefer this. That is also a separate reason to why some
men end up going for less attractive women because they just want to play it safe. As we’re speaking about this whole control
and insecurity issue that men have there is actually a third very common reason. Now some
insecure men have jealousy issues. They might really feel like they have to have a woman
who for sure is not going to run off, for sure they have full control of, so that they can
feel less jealous. Basically that controls their own jealousy if they control the woman. Now that start on insecurities we also have
to understand that not everybody finds beauty the same way. There’s actually been research done on this
when they have showed all kinds of different women two different men. Men really disagree when it comes to beauty
and looks of women. Some men can rate a women, only give her one point, while another
one will give her a five points. And it does happen all the time. Even the girls that are perhaps not conventionally
beautiful, men would still rate them as like ten out of ten. You have to understand that not everybody
thinks that Angelina Jolie is beautiful. It’s really just an individual preference
and choice. Some like oranges, some like apples. So a girl
that is perhaps playing looking or unattractive in some people’s eyes, might be actually very
attractive in this man’s eye. So if a man is with a plain Jane, he might
not be seeing her as a plain Jane because her appearance to him is very very attractive
while to the rest of the world. Nobody’s understanding it. And I think that in today’s society with all
beauty norms we have it’s so hard to understand and accept that this is how it is. We really think that there is just one way
and no other way. And that’s also what’s causing us a lot of
anxiety and why everybody ends up looking the same way, which is a bit of a shame actually
because there is something for everyone out there and people do like it differently. Even the rich men. Now putting beauty a little
bit aside. We also have to understand that people have different preferences when they’re
looking for a partner, they might not be valuing beauty as the number one. You might know that
I speak quite a lot about the fact that, which is a biological fact, that men tend to value
beauty as their number one preference when choosing a mate. And women value all the financial material
and status side of a man as the number one. And those are usually our differences. However, we have to also accept the fact that
not all men are equally made in terms of testosterone in terms of how they are choosing a mate. Not all men are obsessed about beauty and
looks. Majority of men are but not all of them. So when we’re seeing these couples, there are
perhaps other things that this man finds sexy, or turns him on, or he values, or he prefers
in a partner. Those things can be maybe assertiveness, or
wisdom in a person, or intelligence, or how she is as a caregiver, or how she’s in bed. I mean there are many reasons that make a
person. It’s not only beauty and looks ,even though
beauty and looks are important obviously because humans are quite visual, but it’s not everything. And humans are multifaceted. So there are so many sides to us that play
an important role. And some men just end up choosing those other
sides and valued them higher than the actual looks. Another thing to think about, this is very
common with the high society especially in the old money or family money category of
rich people. I and many times have witnessed average women
like plain Jane deluxe, you know, very unattractive perhaps, is with a handsome man who comes
from a very nice background, very rich and very respected in the social scene. And you’re like sitting there wondering: “What
went wrong here?!” In the high society especially with family money, old money families, the man
of such upbringing would really value other assets of a woman than necessarily her
beauty. His family might have educated as he was growing
up that he has to find the woman for him obviously who makes him happy and blah blah blah. But a woman who comes from a well educated
background perhaps, who comes from the perhaps right family, or has a particular path in life. So a wealthy man of that kind will put that as his top preference when
he’s looking for a partner. And the beauty aspect of it will come secondary. I think all of you have heard about how timing
is everything when it comes to finding a mate. Did you know that actually to nail down a
guy for a serious relationship or marriage is usually just bound to timing? Yeah. Some people call it pure luck but its timing,
really. It’s hard especially these days to nail down the guy and you know, to secure a
guy. Because men have become extremely spoiled. Men have many many options and women give
it up too easy for men. The roles have shifted dramatically in our
modern society. However, if you manage to catch a man in the
moment where he’s weak or vulnerable and you manage especially to reach his heart during
this time that’s usually when you are securing the guy. So sometimes when these plain looking women. They might have just secured the guy by timing
because they were there at the right time in the right moment. Maybe being his friend. Maybe dating him casually, and he was vulnerable. He was weak. Maybe there were things going on in his life.
These women could have just been very lucky that they caught him in that moment and they
managed to hook him. Regardless of how she looks like. There is
one particular type of guy. I know for a fact they are very common like
in the model industry but you also have them in the high society. A guy who is obviously very good looking
but who is tired of the superficiality around his looks and maybe also tired about being
a little bit objectified for his looks. All the attention can sometimes drive a person
sick of it and they want to do the opposite, which is why I tend to call this guy ‘the rebel
of the looks’. So he decides to find a partner based on other
criteria is totally different from everything that he has experience. Now that goes a little bit hand in hand when
you have the type who is just tired of shallowness in general They might not be so tired about
all the fixation about their own looks but they just want to have more depth into their
life. A lot of the times these guys have already
dated like models, I don’t know, celebrities, they tried it all,
and they realized that actually a lot of the times all these beautiful girls are perhaps
very self obsessed, very shallow, not very intelligent, and just really obsessed about wealth
and status. So they end up wanting to have somebody who
is more down to earth for that reason these guys seek out women who are just a little
bit less attractive, so that they feel they are able to find that depth. So lastly, there is one more category type
of man that I’ve come across. And this type of category I usually tend to stay away from
it because I find them a little bit odd. The guy who wants all the limelight on himself.
Now this is usually the more narcissistic personality. The guy who wants to be the center
of attention. Even in the relationship. Now in most relationships we do understand
that the woman is usually the center of attention. The woman is the queen. The woman is the one who carries the beauty. That’s why I find this category of man to
be a little bit disturbing because he wants to be the center of attention. He’s a proper attention seeker who either
is so insecure that that’s how he feels appreciated and loved and he cannot share that spotlight
with anybody else but himself. That reason he chooses to get a less attractive
woman so that all eyes can be on him. Now I’m very curious girls sharing the common
section let me know exactly what you think around this topic. Why do you think rich handsome men go for
the plain looking woman. Now I promise you to answer the very important
question that I know a lot of ladies especially in my own life finishing school are dying
to find out. So if I’m trying to level up should I just
not bother? If plain looking women can do it then why
should I personally obsess so much about leveling up. Clearly you can get by regardless. My answer to this ladies is, the more you level
up, the more opportunities you will have. Yes, you should bother because the better your
looks are, the more assets you will have. Meaning that the more opportunities will land
in your lap you will have a bigger selection of men to choose from and you will have more
benefits in the society because society tend to be more rewarding to beautiful people. That’s just how it works. I don’t know why I did not create this rules
but this is how it is. So let’s play by the rules in our benefit. And that’s basically what this is all about. So I don’t want you to take a step back now
and relax with your looks. I still want you to nurture yourself look
your best especially so you can feel your best. But most importantly, don’t forget to level
up all layers of yourself. Not only the looks and if you’re interested
in levelling up and really have guidance and direct coaching from my hand then join school
of affluence dot com. This was the end now of the video. I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to like this video, if you enjoyed
it, and to comment. And of course to subscribe. If you still haven’t done so. Girls I will see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Unattractive Women

  1. We are focused on business and do not have time for the hassle that goes sometimes with a beautiful woman. Sometimes they cheat. Sometimes they don't love you. Show loyalty and a past of loyalty. Show you can really love and are trustworthy. Its not a mystery its just logic. If he wants you to look better he can get you 100k of plastic surgery. Looks are not the issue. Speaking from personal experience when i did the plastic surgery for her. She stole a lot and left. So there you go. loyalty.

  2. Listen girls rich men knowns that youth and beauty is temporary that's why they give more priority to the other qualities of women. And self made rich generally marry later in life just like bill gates.

  3. in my 20s one of my friends.. (whos a total dick), started dating this plane, kinda heavy girl.. but she was, and probably still is such a sweetheart.. ive been jealous of their relationship for 15 years.. she broke all other women for me.. we are not friends anymore since my "friend" think me and his gf "clicked" way to much, actually, no one of his old friends are there anymore probably for the same reason…… oh what my life could have been like if i met her first… my point is.. personality always win in the long run…….. maybe i should call her………

  4. Most rich men end up marrying their high school sweet hearts it doesn't matter if she is a plane jane. When you know someone for 10-15 years their could be an emotional attachment… Yes men and women have different types…

  5. I dont blame them. When I get married again it will be to the most unattractive man I can find. With my previous marriage my husband's looks caused a wide range of problems. Even other men were attracted to him. Then the compliments about how good-looking he was, from both men and women, went straight to his head. It was a nightmare. No more good-looking men for me. Never.

  6. Like in the "my big fat greek wedding" movie; the guy was so bored with all the shallow rich women who all looked the same to him. He wanted a woman who was different, who had strong values.

  7. I'm currently engaged to a very wealthy man, very classy family, they dont expect much of me as far as his family goes… but I'm taking it upon myself to learn how to look the part and be the part. Trust me, I'm not as attractive as most women. We met thru a friend of his.

  8. I have a chance lol but honestly I don’t care if he is rich or a middle class as long as he treats me right and is a good father type.

    When you are done reading books and face reality, you realize that love isn’t real it’s just about not being alone, being accepted, being appreciated and taken care of OR that is the definition of love.

    I just think people stay together for couple reasons:
    1. Mutual respect and codependency
    2. For the kids
    3. Financial dependency
    4. You think you can’t live without them when you have been before meetings him/her, so basically codependency
    5. Confused
    6. Scared to move on or have change

    I not sure why I do this to myself smh
    18 year old reading romance books but not really believing in love.

  9. The main reason is because they tend to think about more in and affectionate aspect Rich men love affection for that reason some men go for a mediocre normal girl It makes them feel more wanted and that it make them feel the need to provide them with needs like a supporter

  10. Well maybe what makes her plain jane is that she invest her time on developing her mind and personality more than making her body look attractive and stupid
    To be honest men who grow up in healthy environment and have enough self confidence will never be attracted to empty girls who spend hours in front of the mirror instead of doing more creative activities

  11. It's TRUE I'm ugly bald and short. I also have one of the hottest gf in the city. I can see the jealously/hate in everyone's eyes. I love it so much

  12. I don't think that a lot of the plain janes are all that plain look at Kate Middleton she's gorgeous but very simple looking and not at all flashy very plain Jane. I think they are most likely trying for substance.

  13. It takes couple of months to help someone to improve their looks (ie food, exercise etc). It takes forever (if ever) to drastically improve her personality to something sweet, nice to be around and caring

  14. Many good looking girls/women are so shallow and superficial.
    The same with very good looking boys/men. They know they look hot, but when they open their mouths, it’s 🤢

  15. My x ‘$ boyfriend s.. from a Artist very wealthy to a king..they are very jealous.they skip trace .. n still I have been hacked from many women whom wanted them so desperately. I just got tired . I felted very fortunate.

  16. I'm a woman and I'm considered attractive but I have dated all types of guys ranging from unattractive to super hot. If I were to line up all my exes they would literally look nothing alike. But for me it is the personality that I'm attracted to. If I have that emotional connection with a man, I'm putty in his hands. So I can imagine. It's like that with the attractive men who date women who are less attractive.

  17. Hailey Bieber plain Jane caught justin in a vulnerable time and hooked him right after his breakup and during his drug addictions. He also seems insecure

  18. As Dita Von Teese says: "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches."

  19. Or maybe…just maybe….HE LOVES the Plain Jane. I think beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. This reminds me of that Ronnie White "You Can't Fix Stupid" routine. If a woman gets old, gains weight…he can always fix it. He can take her to a plastic surgeon… But you can't fix stupid. Stupid is faw-evva!

  20. Because this man only need sex. He fall in love with a woman that provide free room and sex for him while he is working abroad to collect money. So sex and free cost is his priority in his world

  21. I feel like i could never "level up" 😞😞💔
    Being 31, curvy and other stuff i feel like i could never achieve any of what she's saying.

    Is there any hope for me??
    I feel hopeless 😞😞💔

  22. Those “plain women” are incredibly intelligent, well versed in many areas and can hold a conversation that doesn’t include the kardashians oh and they are also successful in their careers.

  23. men are genetically wired to care more about waist to hip ratio more than beauty. I understand when they end up with someone less attractive. Explain when they end up with someone with no body shape, intelligence, sex skills, home making skills or mothering skills.

  24. Tbh Most rich men are insecure with themselves, that's why they chose a wife that is simple and will not out shadow them, Rich men are egoistic and thats been proven ages ago….especially now adays most women are not just beauty and brain but also with wealth and power.

  25. People get partners based on their parents. Most men would end up with a women who remind them of their mother.

  26. This comment section was supposed to be loving about different types of women and their personality,looks,choices etc… or at least i thought it would be. You guys are bashing beautiful women for no reason here. Being beautiful doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain or you are shallow and being a plain Jane doesn’t mean you are smart and interesting. It’s all about personality not your looks,I’m sorry. Just because you are a plain Jane it doesn’t mean you are more interesting if you don’t have a sophisticated mind;and just because you are beautiful it doesn’t mean you are stupid. I think you didn’t get the point of this video.

  27. I met an handsome ex NFL football player..he told me that he wanted a halfway attractive woman….I think I am some what attractive…all his exes were plain…I think he did not want me to take attention from him and he was a Leo

  28. He don't want be a guard cos attractive women are attract to everyone also she is know anyone like so she doesn't behave in right way and she make he life crisis so he don't want married beautiful women.

  29. I know a few couples where the woman is not as good looking, but I think the guy chose her because she has a lovely, warm, positive and kind personality and brought a ray of sunshine into his and his wider family's life.

  30. The thing about beauty is that everybody overestimates it's power. Beauty is only good for looking, you can't do anything else with it other than just show it. And relationship is about what a person feels. So a man may like to look at beautiful woman, but he'll stay and live with the one that makes him feel good.

  31. The older you get, Kindness is Hotter than looks.. Girls that arent considered Hot appreciate way more. The odd ones Rock.. Nerd Girls Forever!

  32. Some men who want to play around will marry a plain woman because she will stay with him. He is her trophy, and putting up with his cheating is the price she pays to keep him.

  33. because he had enough with the shallow lifestyle.. and wanted a real connection.. he could have a real connection with a good looking woman.. but most good looking women are shallow.. unattractive are shallow too, but, over time… they have gained more humility, due to being rejected their whole lives.. so that added humility has made them a more decent overall person.. blessings..

  34. im a 6 on a scale of 1-10 which is cute but not greatlooking im a little above average looking if 5 is average 7 and above is goodlooking. in the past i would pay money for 8's and 9's but most of them wanted to be with an 8 and 9 for free because people should be with people in their league, so i should be actually dating 5's and 6's and 7's for free.

  35. I don’t know… Just sort of uncomfortable with the idea that an “attractive” guy picks a “plain Jane” because he is insecure. Or that a plain Jane, or any woman for that matter, would accept an insecure man just because he is wealthy and good looking.

  36. If a rich man has any common sense he'd not get married at all , it never works out in modern times and morals are in the toilet now . I've had enough of it personally I don't even bother trying to meet women anymore .

  37. Looks might attract a man but her past choices and if she has poor morals will send most men running for the hills , but I haven't even met a plain Jane who doesn't have a checked past .

  38. Women with substantial conversations are next to impossible to find in USA, shallowness and lack of general or specific knowledge is abyssal in us, people know nothing

  39. Some men just want to fall in love organically without some preconceived notions and generally speaking these are the men that end up happy.. The rest will turn 70 and notice that everyone they partnered with was just that a "ad oration followed by partnership" not really emotional connection!

  40. Disagree, in general women just like men they put looks over status, power and money. That’s why you have hot women with broke good looking bad boys over the rich average joe looking man.

  41. This is an awesome, awesome video. I notice that a lot of men at my church (usually pastors who are attractive) tend to marry these plain Jane women that wear zero makeup and wear nothing but dark colors and Jean's. Some of these women tend to be closed off, boring and are cold too..and that throws me off the most. Sometimes I just sit and wonder " why did he choose her" especially if he's kind & has a great personality. I assumed that it was for some of the reasons that you mentioned, but I also think that these men go for these types of women b/c she's low maintenance, not only physically, but she's submissive as well. The plain Jane doesn't require much BUT she tends to treat women like myself, who embrace their femininity and beauty while being modest and humble, like a threat because she's insecure. I'm dealing with something like this right now and it's soooo annoying. I'm like" lady, it's not my fault that I'm feminine and I don't want your man!". I've never even had a full conversation with this woman but you would think I've offended her entire existence just based on the way that she looks at me. She's insecure and is taking it out on other women. It's pathetic

  42. I know, it's because the men have total control in this scenario. Since he's top of the food chain, he understands that prettier girls are after his wallet whereas the plain girl is just happy to be loved..

  43. Because those women appreciate everything that men provides on a daily basis. Those women do w.e it takes to keep their men happy.

  44. I think a man no matter how handsome , rich or successful he is , is not as smart as a determined and calculating woman. So called "plain Janes "are very deliberate and can be very cunning. Behind that plain veneer is a very shrewd mind and they can be predators. They will play up to a man and quickly study and understand his insecurities and pander to them but knowledge is also power. that same information, is what she is also going to keep him with. Plain Janes know and understand survival coping methods. they can appreciate their limitations and do not see the world through colored lenses unlike their prettier counterparts, who get male attention all the time and take it for granted and perpetually live in an unreal romantic haze. Plain Janes are almost like army generals in a battle field. They spot who they like (usually pretty boys), seek them out , study them and marshall out plans to capture and secure them. They are matter of fact and very basic animal instinct of survival drives their vehicle! This is my opinion 🙂

  45. That's bcoz they hv the experience of meeting…which means…they know enaf to select with whom they connect! Those woman are not unattractive…they are really attractive in the inside! In the end..beauty fades…so those men are wise…they know what real connection is!! They are not dumb! After all there is somethg called SOUL to SOUL connection!!

  46. Maybe he does not wish to deal with a jealous Mother? It took years to be accepted by my Mother in Law and it was Hell for both of us!

  47. when I was in the military , an Iraqi man used to trail a squadroon of us marching . A very obese young woman was his focus he purseued her in a new convertable sports car full of roses.
    He said he was lonely. And thats the old fashioned standard he wanted to fullfill.

  48. Disclaimer: All women ARE beautiful." I disagree, but rich men probably marry plain women due to their humility.

  49. Its ok to marry any human being wether she or he is not good looking or too beautiful as long as you understand each other.♥️♥️ they deserve to be happy

  50. In my opinion as you actually say isn't always about beauty, appearance or clothes.
    A Male can be attracted to the women about her character, attitude, simple or crazy things that she can do, so she do unconsciously or consciously do( for example, because she is bored to see the same think always) the difference from other women.

  51. That whole thing where insecure men go for the most attractive woman.. I'm a woman and I was guilty of going for only good looking guys until last year when I started thinking seriously about my future. I have so much more confidence now and I'm grateful for this video coming into my life at just the right time.

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