Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

100 thoughts on “Will Ryan Leave His GF for Another Model? Guy Gold Digger Exposed?

  1. That's BS, dangle a steak in front of an carnivore and it will eat. This is entrapment lol! And why did he do it? "Just a squirrel trying to get a nut!"🥜🐿

  2. They’d be single the minute they agreed to watch the costume try on. You wanna act single, be single. I’m never sitting in a randoms house and entertaining them while I’m with someone. If theirs were me, they wouldn’t have a video to post.

  3. Out of all guys, he is only one who actually admitted his mistake and tried to make things right. Actually felt bad for him.

  4. i feel like the female gold diggers are just much more defensive stupid and sassy. both male and female gold diggers are no good, but at least this guy recognized that he had f-ed up bad, unlike some stupid delusional female gold diggers that have been on the channel.

  5. I feel bad for the guy even though i shouldnt but he came back just to be confronted and admit defeat truthfully or not i cant help but feel bad

  6. I guarantee that if you switched the positions and put the gold digger test on that girl, she would’ve been THE BIGGEST HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  7. I think I’m the only one here who feels bad for Ryan, be honest if a girl asks you to rate her fashion show and you say yes there’s nothing wrong with that, and then she comes out half naked like a slut asking him on a date to a Halloween party which would obviously be quite intimidating with an attractive girl who’s half naked asking you out somewhere, I’m not saying he was a good person but its like you guys pretty much made him say yes to the date and let’s be honest he didn’t deny any thing he said/did

  8. Who are your favorite characters?
    Laras or

    mine is jay and yokes 🙂

    Comment below who yours is!

  9. How big is your apartment? He couldn’t hear you talking loudly or clapping? If this was her apartment she would be the only one home right? Sometimes this isn’t all the way believable

  10. I just want to say in a way it wasn't fair for the guy Ryan (not that he wasn't wrong for what he did) but he's guy and has a penis also hormones. If you leave an attractive girl with him it's not like he's thinking with his head( although he should've), it just seem a bit extreme for the guys literally, but for the girls that get caught it's mostly for the money not really attraction(they really don't care). Look all I'm saying is that it's way harder for the guys in a way. Ryan was wrong though.

  11. Have you ever watched some of these videos and just lost trust for every other human to exist.. because same 😭😂

  12. Bruh he should’ve known from the beginning of the confrontation that she was gonna break up with him, he shoulda been like” lemme stop you right there, we’re done”
    She woulda got so mad lol

  13. hey can you do me a favor and tell madeline that my girlfriend has the same filas lol. i love those shoes too. and sorry if i spelt her name wrong

  14. Driving a Tesla isnt much better in saving the world than driving a diesel or gas… ever thought about the production costs etc. for a Tesla? One Tesla is about 180.000km to 200.000km (somewhat 112.000 miles to 125.000 miles) for a Euro6 Diesel Engine in CO2. Euro6 is pretty standard nowadays for new cars

    And yeah, he aint a Gold Digger. Hes a Cheater. But he is also the FIRST Person I see in this Show that acknowledges what he did.. all the girls I saw always denied they did anything wrong

  15. He gave her a half a hug. That was a red flag there. Any man or woman who hugs a person that way is not interested in you. Run for the hills. Block them. Cut ties immediately.

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