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  1. Barf. sorry, but the girls saying this movie made them cry, bc there's finally a "strong, female SHEro" they can relate to, are SO full of shit. They just want the attention of saying, "see? I'm oppressed, too! Notice me!", while also getting those sweet, sweet virtue-points. Not once, growing-up, did I ever long to see someone "like me" onscreen (I was a major tomboy, too, &hated princess-y stuff) You know what I liked &wanted to see? Good movies &animals. I don't need to be pandered to, &fed some "I'm female, hear me roar" BS . It's the "soft bigotry of low-expectations" &really fxcking insulting. I guess that's just my "internalized misogyny" talking, tho.😒

  2. They should have made her A sexual using it as a weapon only. Like a sexual sociopath forgiven because her power goes towards the greater good.

  3. I love this channel but why do you keep cutting to perfectly serviceable scenes that don't really have any problems to prove the movie's bad?

  4. I always found it to be such a betrayal to its own message about humanity just being naturally violent and then Diana just kills Ares and the sun comes out and the soldiers on both sides stop fighting each other. Like okay I guess Chris Pine’s speech meant nothing okay.

  5. Could somebody explain me why Catwoman is considered a bad movie? I watched it a couple of times at my teen years and it seemd like a kinda ok movie, not a masterpiece but just normal superhero movie. I also enjoyed the actress, who played Catwoman; and her cat-like moves seemed interesting to me.

  6. "She fought for two years in the Israeli army" I love how people used that to explain why she was such a "basass woman" when it's literally the minimum conscription for Israel. I'm not saying she's not tough, or that it's not worth pointing out, but the fact that so many people pushed that as "why she deserves to be respected" is kinda bs

  7. Unlike Ralph I kinda liked the movie, but for the life of me I can't even start to comprehend why people CRIED at the end! There's nothing truly sad because nothing is especially well acted. Not badly acted either but that's my main critique of the film. For example Chris Pine is sacrificing himself and no tears rolls down his cheek when he's about to Crash that plane. I'm aware it sounds like nitpicking but I really thought I would see this character being torn apart about the very fact that he's about to kill himself for a good cause…

    Also Wonderwoman doesn't have a single scratch on her when she fights Aries so nothing there to worry about either. No real strain is happening and I can't even explain why they filmed it that way!

    But at least some scenes are so ridiculously cheesy that I had fun watching them. The downside is that at times the dialogues was so corny I just couldn't take it seriously.

    Gal Gadot is not a good actress but at least she has enough presence to pull it off. If she had better dialogues and let her character have real flaws it would really be better! It's sad because I really enjoyed the action scenes but I couldn't feel invested because I never felt that the main characters were in true danger…

    Oh! And this movie is too long. I had to watch it in two sitting because the first hour and an half I unexpectedly ended up too drunk to finish it. But hey it's wasn't that bad, just not exceptional and I 100% expected that the movie would be like that!

  8. So much like the first capt america movie they should be ashamed. Which is why its probably its the best dceu movie. To me at least.

  9. I never understood how these women were supposed to protect the world from aries liiving on a little island,should they have agents off the island looking out for the god of war.

  10. Children are annoying and they suck at everything, looking at them makes me angry and they shouldn't be in movies. I fucking hate kids.

  11. I couldent find a single negative review for this movie until i typed "wonder woman is a bad movie" into the search bar. Thank you for reviewing this movie. It would be even better if you were more visceral as I find these movies to be so shamelessly bad and lacking talent. But this scratched the itch. Thanks!

  12. I loved the movie but why the fk did people cry i don't get it. Cuz of trevor boowhoo it ain't like we saw much of a love story. Those females are idiots in sorry. You must be a marvel fan. MoS BvS and wonder were great. Everyone saying just look at the box office. Well yall take a fkn look. Compare first 4-5 movies of marvel/dc. Dc completely destroys marvel on how much money they made. Fake fans supporting fake comic book movies. Marvel has 💩 to do with comics.

  13. Literally the only good DCEU movie and the most successful.. that probably saved the dceu..
    "i wasnt planning on seeing this at all.. because girls wont have sex with me and im mad mad mad mad women are baddddd!"

    Dont worry lil dude. there are people who will have sex with you for cash..

  14. Obviously, 10/10 movie, love the cameo that the Kar89k made(even though it was made until 1935 if this is set in a WW1 environment) I feel the the actor portraying the Kar98k is a great actor and deserves to be in more movies. Also, love the explosions, Gal Gadot is okay…. but the one scene when she's walking through No Man's Land was pretty stupid, so that drops the movie -15 on the rating scale. Also, Zack Snyder will be a great replacement for Tod Howard at Bethesda, that's also a -69000 on the rating. Overall -69005/10 gud muvie.

  15. You should do a review of a really great superhero movie starting a woman; Captain Marvel, and compare the two. I promise you will be very popular if you do…

  16. Does anybody know the music that plays when the light starts flickering as Zach Snyder is reviewing Justice League?

  17. His sub-stories are so goddamn entertaining. That shit with Zach Snyder—especially that final clip of him leaving Zach on the phone smiling—wasn’t just funny, but had like, emotional weight to it. Ralph is an exceptionally gifted film maker and story teller for sure.

  18. What if Ares was still present in the film but he wasn't responsible for the war? Dianna discovers that Ares is there and immediately starts attacking him, holding onto the idea that one big bad guy can be responsible for everything that's happening. But as they fight- perhaps even as he's dying- she learns that he had nothing to do with starting the war. Perhaps he'd even become a somewhat good person, helping defeat the germans just using his talent as a general since he's the god of war. Then it a) follows up on the hints about Ares earlier in the film while subverting expectations b) keeps the film's message of life not being as simple as having one villain responsible for everything c)also keeps the film's message of there being both good and bad in everyone and d) provides a stronger motivating incident for Dianna, both teaching her a lesson and darkening her perspective on the world, and providing a source of guilt in that she killed a more morally ambiguous person under mistaken assumptions. This, in the future, will explain her retreat from the world better and also motivate her to be more thoughtful in her heroics when she returns.

  19. Hilarious when everyone speaks the same mother tongue but they speak English with an accent to each other instead… Presumably you speak with a thick accent because English isn't your language. Do they think in Italy we all sound like super Mario talking to each other?

  20. "They feel more like nazi's then they do ww1 era germans". Well the real Ludendorff was a legendary ww1 hero plus an early backer of the NSDAP but more importantly he was the architect of the "knife in the back" conspiracy theory that brainwashed the Germans into thinking it was the "Marxist Jew" who betrayed the German government into surrendering just to cover his ass. He bears major responsibility for the rise of the nazi's.

  21. Wonder Woman should've actually been an awesome, compelling and fullfilling story not feminist/SJW pandering to the spoon-fed masses of mindless fans. It's ok to like art and spectacle but not being able to think critically about plots, character arcs and the nature of the world around the characters and how it shapes them to do benevolent, malevolent or self interested deeds then I'm sorry because well structured storylines are rare nowadays

  22. Kion from the Lion Guard: I'm the most flawless and boring character of all time

    Wonder Woman:
    I think it's time I introduce myself

  23. I just started watching your videos and I have to say, you are an excellent content creator! You are very funny and your videos and made very well. Please continue making these epic videos.

  24. so this is gonna sound weird but………………i legit have been thinking that movies like this are some way to launder dirty money…..like there is no fuckin way that this movie needed that much money and there is no fuckin way they used all of it for this movie.

  25. This is one of my favorite videos of yours because I don't really like this movie but usually when I bring it up people just accuse me of hating women. Like yeah that's it

  26. Can we. Just. Fucking. Stop. with the god damn slow motion. I know it was cool in The Matrix, but it got old really fast. Bad V effects too. I mean gd.

    Movie would be so much better….at least the terrible story wouldn't also look terrible.

  27. 6:56 what's wrong? this is so minor, i couldn't care less
    8:03 i guess it's to show what kind of a person diana is, even since she's a kid
    9:11 where's that from? Lucky guess? And did you watch the movie solely focused on predicting the plot?
    10:30 if this part reallyreally matters (which is not), i suppose that greek mythology doesn't take place away from europe. If it's really in, like, indian ocean, it's impossible for steve to meet diana (that would be literally a plot hole), hence, the movie wouldn't happen at all
    12:14 how is it all bad? It may not be great, but it's definitely not bad
    14:40 why not? he's a villain of act, he's just under-utilized, that's better than a villain of all-talk-no-act, like syndrome (even better than CGI ares)
    15:45 bc she's compassionate. maybe a bit cheesy, but you should know this trait of hers, don't you?
    20:45 this guy nailed the issues in wonder woman well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWGbEuSfTWw
    21:25 the amazons don't leave the island. they never have.

    do you watch the movie or not? she should indeed know about "marriage" i agree on that. but she acted goofy bc the world is nothing like the island. it's distantly different.
    i don't know which movie it is from (22:02) but that would mean she lived in the world long enough to understand stuff. if she was from a remote island suddenly to the world, she would act just as goofy

    24:24 ah, you acknowledged that the ending was a downgrade now? but you said every single thing in this movie is bad (2:01) so by that standard, the meaning should not exist/exist in bad manner in the first place, right?
    26:06 i guessed she actually rescued a village of americans, huh
    29:23 this is not about sexism in the society, don't drag that topic into the movie any further, when it's just a side-feature in the first place, it's never the intent of the movie. it's never even marketed that way, unlike captain marvel
    30:50 no. she's naive and still foolish, not understanding the world. at the end of the movie, she became mature, even more compassionate, and more understanding, she accepted humanity the way it is, when she previously rejected it. mark walhberg character in transformers movie has no character
    33:31 you seriously think every single one in the world is a dumbass for praising the movie? you think 95% of us is SJWs?
    33:37 i like how you show only parts of wonder woman comic where she's chained, as if it's intentional. this shows that you haven't read many DC comics. i haven't read any, and even i wouldn't claim that
    33:47 why don't you show comic version of gamora as well?
    38:22 i don't know… maybe warn early for potential epilepsy?

    this feels like silly intentional nitpicking. i don't see you nitpick this much in other reviews. this movie could, and should have been better, there are some flaws, alright. i'm aware of that. it's definitely not to a point where one would cry by watching it. but in overall, this is still a good movie (and a refreshing breath too) after suicide squad and BvS. you make it like this is just as good as transformers the last knight, and that's just retarded

    what's going on? this is half-assed review done in half-assed manner

  28. When me and my dad was at the theaters. We had to decide between Emoji Movie and Wonder Woman. We might as well pick the lesser evil am i right.

  29. Why is she so clueless in this movie about basic behavior? In the shows and comics, she does take some time to adjust but not about stuff like holding hands. Hell, one time Superman (I think it was him) asked her if Amazons had issue with gay marriage and she's all "My island is full of women, it's just marriage there." and she clearly understand and accepts this concepts openly. But in this movie it's like "She skipped every class in school except combat training and we sent her to Europe to fight nazis!" like…what? It seems like they went a little to far out of their way to make her a fish out of water and it comes across awkwardly.

  30. 4 out of the 5 reviewers you showed at the beginning who said they "cried" were women. And I get it. I too felt emotional at times to see Wonder Woman on the big screen, her walking towards No Man's Land and being a badass on screen, simply because yes, I'm a woman. Best way to explain it is if you only see Ironwoman, Batwoman, Superwoman, Spiderwoman all the time and finally you get to see Wonder Man. Still doesn't make it a great film, though.

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