Worst Traits of Each Myers Briggs Type

Worst Traits of Each Myers Briggs Type

Worst Traits of Each Myers Briggs Type There is no perfect human being in the world. There is always a trait that makes you feel
sick or annoyed. However, there is a consistency of worst trait
if we look it at it from personality angle. Yes, according to Myers and Briggs, we have
16 types of personality, while each personality have their own good traits, they also have
their worst. Check if these worst traits are true for you. However, keep in mind that you need to know
what your type is before you check all these worst traits. #1 – INTP They usually ignore feelings. They also do not like working on routine basis. They get bored quickly. They really seem not having a feeling towards
others. However, they still think whether their actions
hurt others or not. #2 – ISTJ Extremely judgmental is what the worst trait
of ISTJ. Additionally, they also can be super stingy
as they cannot cope with other people’s feeling due to their thinking function. The thinking function really makes person
with ISTJ like robot. #3 – ESTJ They tend to believe that they are always
right. They also cannot understand other people well,
making them bossy, insensitive, zero tolerance, and demanding. We can say them as annoying perfectionist,
but they usually get what they want. #4 – ISFJ Frequently frustrated because of being unable
to express feeling. They also tend to neglect their own feeling
since they prefer saying yes to help other people. #5 – ESFJ As extroverts, they have tendency to expect
positive affirmation too much. They also do not like criticism and conflicts. #6 – ISTP They like ignoring problems, and they also
do not like long-term commitment. Moreover, ISTP also struggles with personal
space which is frequently invaded. #7 – ESTP If you know the annoying extrovert, ESTP should
be one of them. They don’t think about words that come from
their mouth. They really don’t feel guilty even though
it may hurt someone. #8 – ESFP This type of extroversion actually is funny
because they sometimes look like immature children. They also frequent neglect their health and
well-being. #9 – ISFP They cancel their thoughts just because they
cannot express them. Moreover, they also do not give themselves
enough credit for good deeds. #10 – ENTJ Challenging, intimidating, and confrontational. They are quite brave type, and they always
want to be in charge. #11 – INTJ They see things in a big picture which makes
them overlooking details. They also quick to judge others. This is the worst trait because they frequently
miss the most important things from people. That is the true nature of themselves that
they hide from others. #12 – ENTP They are insensitive and they hurt others
easily even though they don’t mean to do so. This is because of their outgoing nature which
also makes them risk taker. #13 – ENFJ Though they are introvert, they are highly
sensitive. They also like to avoid conflict. #14 – INFJ They are not good with money, and they can
be extremely stubborn. #15 – ENFP They don’t pay attention to what they need. Yes, they tend to ignore themselves and they
are very impulsive. #16 – INFP It is unfortunate that they cannot leave unhealthy
relationship especially because they are usually irrational and illogical because of Fe function
there. Well, that’s some of the worst traits of each
Myers Briggs type. Keep in mind that those traits can also be
an advantage too. So, really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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23 thoughts on “Worst Traits of Each Myers Briggs Type

  1. Believe me, INTPs worse trait is not our not that we aren't emotionally connected to people, it's the fact that we are so forgetful and we can't get normal jobs because we would hate them, so we are now the lowest average earning type (or one of the lowest earning).

  2. Look at how many comments, and views! Not many! Not surprising, since people usually only like to hear the good things about themselves instead of hearing the bad, and then working on it to become a better person. Another reason the short list of comments and views isn't surprising is the fact that narcissistic traits have risen greatly from 2000 to 2017 outgrowing the obesity epidemic. That's why we have all this political correctness, and my way, my way, my way crap. Generations of emotional cripples who don't want to better themselves. In their mind it's everyone else's falt, because there "isn't anything wrong with them" in their minds. If so, they would a actually have to work on themselves instead of externalizing internal problems.

  3. im an isfj and my worst trait is frustration bc cannot express emotion and ignore my own feelings to help others wow my personality is a saint but to be frank im a people pleaser and a covert narcsist im polite but far from being this good

  4. Would explain why I'm always broke …but I have shitloads in my IRA and 401k at 30% per payroll deduction. I absolutely refuse to live like a king and homeless later

  5. I am an ISTJ.

    You claim we act robotic, yet you use a robotic voice in your video to tell us this.

    Go fuck yourself.

  6. I'm INFP and it's not wrong lol I had so many terrible relationships but didn't leave because I felt they needed me
    My current boyfriend is an INFJ so things are much better now

  7. I expected INFJ details would be untrue and offensive. Not so. Not good with money and stubborn. I cannot argue with this though I am not proud.

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