You Know You Are Dating a FILIPINA When…

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  1. Looks its fun to have a fillipino women….but they won't date any man other than white guy….and i m brown

  2. You know you are dating a Philippina women when . . . . . . shes bat shit crazy, insanely jealous of EVERY woman you know, you had to call the police on her TWICE and she lied through her frigging teeth about her qualifications . . . . . . . . Is that a stereotype?

  3. You guys had me cracking up, vary good stuff, that's the only reason i subscribered, i hope there is more like this.

  4. I have heard few things about the Philippines and much of that information is based on stereotypes. But many of those are good things about the people of the Philippines. And this makes one want to belong to a Filipino family. In fact, the culture is so rich that it already makes you want to marry a Filipino woman. ^ _ ^

  5. yes im very lucky with my filipina wife . She pamper me and spoils me . GREAT VIDEO AND VERY INFORMATIVE

  6. As a Honduran we do those gestures too even our Central American counterparts think that we're trying kiss them! 😂😂

  7. What's with the cold reception from the guy's parents?  The girl's family was much more warm, friendly, and fun. Then again, when I visited the Philippines last year with a friend who's wife was Filipina, her family welcomed me with open arms like I was one of them.  Maybe its more of a Filipino thing.Anyway, they are spot on about dating Filipinas.  They are the prettiest, sweetest, most caring women on the planet.  And Filipinos do love their karaoke.

  8. If indian use a head to point something filipino uses the lips to point at something. Its rude to point so we use lips lol.

  9. Filipino here. I laughed so hard watching this 😂 All so true! I hope there's a part 2 to this. I was just bothered by the accents. Filipinos have a very flexible tongue and could pronounce english well. 😊

  10. Oh super cute , proud to be a Filipina here ,tampo is the best scene you feel upset ,mad or angry hahaha but not all the time …but can't relate cuz i don't have a boyfriend hehehe

  11. Yeah, the white family stuff…😂😂
    Thank God im half black… we get to play hip-hop music and actually hage fun.

  12. Yes I want a Filipino girlfriend wife fiance where can I meet her dating sites are too hard for me but where is a dating site or a place to meet a Filipino in America help me I love her and I have not met her yet 🙁 🙂

  13. Forget that. I have known so many American men who marry these women. They have to send money home all of the time. Send their wives home every year. They are jealous with other women. The food is mushy and bland. I have a Lao wife and it’s awesome 😎

  14. Entertaining!
    Marry a foreigner too!. Watch, like and subscribe. Click the link below:

  15. I’m laughing so hard cuz this is exactly what my aunts and ate’s are like when I visit my Filipino dad’s side of the family for the holidays 😂

  16. i find the diction and accent very offensive, well i know this video is supposed to be entertaining and informative in a way but no need to exaggerate it.

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  18. I am an American currently living in China in search of my beautiful Oriental wife. I am very interested in Filipinos.
    My question for you is , how difficult is the language barrier to overcome?

  19. You dont need to force that accent though… its plain stupid… thats why foreigners think filipinos are stupid cause of dumb shit like this

  20. Phenomenal until; "Mum's coming to visit" "Mum needs a room to stay" "Mum is staying" "Cousin Raf is visiting" "Cousin Raf needs a Job". And just for fun we'll chuck in emotional ransom over a haircut. WTF

    Then it's all going very south.

  21. Giving a massage and cooking pancit when you are sad? Hahaha inaccurate! no filipina ever does that. 🤣 You guys Should have included "ligaw" (courting) stage. Coz u do "ligaw" or courting not only to her but to her family.

  22. You know you are married to a Filipina when she often mixes up the gender-specific pronouns(He/She) and when telling a story, would end up referring to her mom "he" and then changes back to "she" aaaaand then back again. -pfff happens to me on a daily basis

  23. realtalk.
    …you know you are dating a Filipina when she asks you for money, want you to buy her stuffs and sees you as a walking Atm machine.
    ..and if you run out of money they'll surely leave you.
    note: not all. but majority of filipina women looks at a foreigner as an opportunity to get rich.

  24. You know you are married to a Filipina when you are asked to help your sisters and nieces find good men to marry! Hehehe….

  25. Foods you will find in party by Filipinos.
    1. Menudo
    2. Kaldereta
    3. Pancit (bihon, canton or combination of both)
    4. Grilled pork belly
    5. Lumpiang shanghai

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