Y&R Comings & Goings: Characters start returning to GC for the holidays amidst Cane Ashby’s exit

Y&R Comings & Goings: Characters start returning to GC for the holidays amidst Cane Ashby’s exit

With November sweeps coming to an end on The
Young and the Restless, the storylines of the soap is taking a wild turn. One of the major characters is leaving this
week while a few are returning to the canvas for the holidays. You might have already guessed who is leaving… Let’s see who else is being shipped off
and who is coming back. Cane Ashby and Colin Atkinson
While Cane Ashby’s final airdate is a big question right now, actor Daniel Goddard cryptically
answered his fans on social media recently. He did not exactly state his final airdate
but shared a picture of him with his co-stars Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers and stated
that it was “2nd to the last episode on Y&R.” The final airdate has still not been confirmed
but official reports state that he will exit sometime between November 25 to 29. According to spoilers, Colin Atkinson steals
all the money that Devon gave Cane. It will be revealed that the pages of Katherine
Chancellor’s will are legit but they did not say that Cane will get the money. Perhaps Colin changed what was on the original
papers which is why Colin will be shipped off with handcuffs. Spoilers state that it will be Chance Chancellor
who will slap the handcuffs on Colin but before he is taken, he throws his son under the bus
saying that he was involved in the ploy. This leads to a Devon-Cane showdown, following
which Cane says goodbye to all. Simon Black
General Hospital star Jeffrey Vincent Parise debuted as Simon Black on Y&R on November
1, 2019. He recently had his final scenes on Y&R with
Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Viewers had high hopes from Simon thinking
that he could be the next villain on an otherwise dull GC canvas right now but it looks like
the writers have other plans in mind. Ashley Abbott
Ashley is back in town for Thanksgiving and she is going to be here for quite some time. Spoilers suggest during her time in GC, she
will connect with her newly found nephew Theo Vanderway. Faith Newman
Nick Newman and Sharon get an early gift for this Christmas as their youngest daughter
Faith Newman returns home from boarding school. Faith was last seen on Y&R in July 2019. Faith’s portrayer Alyvia Alyn Lind was recently
seen playing the role of Angelica Green in the Netflix original series, Daybreak. Lind’s first airdate on Y&R has not been
confirmed yet. Fenmore Baldwin
Another character who’s returning for the holidays is Fenmore Baldwin (Zach Tinker). Viewers had been expecting Fen to return on
the canvas for some time now as his name dropped for a reason. When Fen was first mentioned it was revealed
that he was having issues with drugs. Next, Fen’s mom Lauren revealed she put
him into rehab. Y&R comings and goings report state that Fenmore
could return a sober.

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  1. Why do they still have the same girl playing Faith and she hasn't been replaced? What makes her so special that she hasn't aged. Get a new Faith already I'm sick of this one. She should be an adult by now! Y&R writers sucks!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Producers you are just keep on crushing The Young and Restless I'm getting my own team or watching anymore because why y'all do her fans taking Kane aspie off The Young and Restless that's why you losing your ratings take something good then you turn it into bad

  3. Don’t bring Faith back unless she is grown! She should be aged to college grad by now! Send her to visit her brother Noah!

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